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CALLAWAY XR STEELHEAD FAIRWAY reviewed and tested on and off the golf course with PGA professional AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield. The new version of a old classic in the steeelhead XR fairway might appeal to golfers looking to improve tee shots and fairway long shots.


Bob Pfaff says:

One from a tee and one from the ground after I have manipulated my lie on the tee box.

Justin Bordwell says:

My old steelhead was a pile of junk. The shaft felt so bad.

Niall Graham says:

I still play the old 3 & 5 wood 🙂

c davis says:

Been waiting for this review, I’m still gaming the original 4+ and considering the new one.

adritch says:

There is 3+ (13.5) 3 (15) 4+ (16) 5 (18) 7 (21) 9 (24) and “Heavenwood” (21.5) The + models aimed at “better players” smaller heads, flatter lie angle and 65g shaft instead of 55g lower launching, lower spin.

Jornsen says:

still playing the steelhead plus 3+ with a steelshaft 🙂

Logan Kelch says:

Love the video. Don’t like dry ball data. You showing me what shots on course are possible with the club is much more interesting and helpful.

chenhouse says:

Still rocking a steelhead pro 3 wood.

John Grimes says:

I had the Steelhead Plus 4+ wood in my bag for years. It was an amazing club.

Michael Pasvantis says:

That Hawkeye sole…

Michael VLOGS says:

Thanks, Mark. A fair review. I thought this was more of a “trouble” club that benefits all players. The choice depends on the loft you want and your game. I need distance, so I start the fairways with an Epic 5 turned to 17. Would like a trouble club from the rough or bunker, so I am considering the Steelhead in either a 7 or 9 wd and possibly deleting a hybrid. Thx.

Philip Smith says:

Mark please review this club with the GBB fairway, which is easier to use from different lies Thanks

MrJoshthenosh says:

i still use the TM V steel best fairway woods ever

Ky Kicks says:

I have the old one and just got the new one. On way to course now!!

Fairway First Golf says:

Got the head of my steelhead 5 wood on my desk. Shaft snapped but loved it and really should get it reshafted.

Alan Waterworth says:

I have the old Steelhead Plus 3 & 5 woods, love it, love the sound! like hitting a milk bottle with a steel nut 🙂

Aussie Taffia says:

doesn’t look much different to the xr-15 other than the carbon top.. the line up line is also not in the middle of the head which is taking a while for me to get used to on the XR..

Cam Thurlow says:

ive just started to be friends with my 3 wood again. i might cheat it it this weekend and go have a SMASH with one of these. 🙂

Christian Comeau says:

do that club vs cobra f7 that would be a great review

Geoff Coombs says:

a 5 wood review would be nice

jamie browne says:

I remember them years ago, great club. But I think I will stick with my titleist 917 3 wood. I think it maybe has the feeling of being versatile same as the new steel head.

Paul O'Neil says:

As an aside, and to prove this point, I just today, took my Taylormade R7 13 Degree ‘3wood / Tour Spoon’ to a professional club fitting, with a Fujikura Tour Preferred (TP) Stiff Shaft, and we tried it against every single modern 13 Degree (or very close) fairway wood (Callaway / Taylormade / etc) and I could not come close to the numbers, for my swing. I have a 100 – 103 mph club head speed swing and I would hit my R7 at 235-240 carry / 245-255 distance – and all the modern clubs were at least, on average, 10 yards behind. I know my Fujikura TP shafts were state of the art 10 years ago, but even the club fitter told me that nothing they sell today matches what I was swinging (and I was ready to spend money and he said don’t do it)

Justin Stephenson says:

I haven’t used a 3w off the fairway for years, 5w even my old 7w/rescue is good enough for me off the fairway. If I have a need to hit it 240 yrds off a flat fairway that is 2 shots for me.

But i have regularly used a 3w off the tee, just more controllable for tight par 4s. The new Epic and M2 woods though have confused me a bit. The driver goes 20 yrds further than my very old (20 yrs+) Yonex. When I tested the 5w they went as far as my current 3w and the Epic & M2 3w went lower than I want even though same loft as my Yonex. I am questioning whether I should even carry a 3w any more (which would save some money on new clubs!). Off tee my 7w goes 215-220, my 5w barely 10 yrds more. If a new 5w goes 230-240 off the tee (likely for me basing on some testing at a fitting day) that is good enough for me because I know I should get about 220 off the fairway

Mark Blair says:

Still got a Steelhead 3 wood.

Mark Kirk says:

More on course testing please

Eddie Pabon says:

I love referring to your reviews as field testing. It’s a game changer seeing the clubs in action. Outside of a bay and mats. Thanks for all the time spent Mark. Great stuff.

Matt Washbrook says:

On course testing so much more helpful and relevant Mark – cheers brah

Ternoy Alexis says:

Like on course review! That’s the way it should be done, not (only) dry data in a garage where the matt is perfect flat with no “real golf” challenges. I would never thought about using a fairway on some of the rough you show, now .. I just want to go on course and try 😀

david lockyer says:

hi mark i still have the old steelhead strong 3 wood and its my safe club off the tee

c davis says:

I wish they had kept the grey colour

Eagle Jim says:

You are my go to guy for club reviews. The most honest. Keep it up. Thanks.

Nic Mansfield says:

Is the club “toed in” as much as other reviewers have suggested? as someone with a natural draw that feels me with fear…

Ken Royal says:

Played with a guy today that had the original. He hit it once really well, and twice we had to yell fore! He did hit a green, but unfortunately it was a floating push right to an adjacent hole. This new one looks like it has a bit more real estate to it.

Zekester says:

I hated old Callaway fairway woods. Taylormade made better ones back in the day which were the burner bubbles.

Stephen DiBari says:

Awesome review Mark. I still have the 3, 5 and 7 Steelhead Plus in my collection of old clubs. Love the versatility of the sole playing out of the rough. Something I need to consider about changing from my current Epic subzero 3 and 5 metals. The flatter sole of the subzeros makes it a little tougher hitting out of the light rough.

Jose Juan Boissier Domínguez says:

Still using my old 3+ steelhead.

Ross Murray says:

Still got mine, s300 shaft in it.

Donny Wilcox says:

looking for new woods driver / 3 wood . current set up sldr 9.5 set neutral reg flex and r 11 s tour 13.5 (which I like 13.5) but looking for little more forgiveness in the driver area …..any suggestions on which ones to test ?

Dennison Marzocco says:

I like the way it looks. That’s a club that I could look at and mentally think I can hit it

Alistair Gillin says:

I am still gaming the old 3+ Warbird. Never gonna give it up.

MotoMorton says:

I think people want to see a shot dead out the toe, or heel. They want to see a club that will be more forgiving out of those extreme areas of the face than their club now. Problem is, no club will give good results out extreme toe or heel. The problem remains with STRIKE. Has been, is now, and always will be …. KING.

Jeff Shawver says:

Thank you Mr. Crossfield for your videos….Love’em! I still use the old 7 wood version. Been in the bag since the late 90’s.

Col Br says:

A really good design just updated…can’t see anything wrong with that. Sure the original designers would be chuffed that we are still acknowledging what a great design they created the first time round.

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