Callaway XR Fairway Wood

Callaway XR Fairway Wood reviewed and tested by one of youtubes only independent and honest reviewers. See what the new XR16 fairway has to offer and if it could help your golf game and you lower your golf scores. Featuring new lower and fast technology the XR 16 fairway is made for all levels of golfer.


drwalton says:

No aerodynamics on the top?

Lee (formerly Cahnt) says:

Still the best reviewer on the net, tells it like it is for the consumer even when at the brand’s facility.
And listen to Mark, Callaway – the length of your shafts are too long. You have to know that vast majority of us can’t control them and would need them cut down to optimise performance by improved strike. Don’t pander to the ego golfers who are seduced by the odd long ball, cater for the guys & gals who know what’s more important, please! Can’t blame you i suppose, it’s all about market appeal. But it’s a shame.

Michael Heathfield says:

Love the honesty. The biggest inconsistency in all of these clubs is going to be my strike. Are the new ones really going to benefit me if I can’t strike on the face? #SameOldStory

Musicmaster6921 says:

Will definitely be trying this and am already considering a 4w, 7w set up.

Adam Flynn says:

Yes an awful lot of people would benefit from a shorter shaft..on my cobra driver ( replaced it now) I had the shaft shortened by 3/4 inch ( even though I’m 6 foot 2) and gained 6 yards because I was hitting it more consistently near the sweetspot) and that wasn’t a longer shafted driver to begin with. In my new driver I’ve gone with standard length as I hit the different head shape well enough without shortening the shaft so it is a funny old game!

Jacob Streiff says:

was the 1mph from a 56 inch shaft or a 140mph swinging robot? lol

Brian Coghill says:

Like the amazing skill of the human trackman. How does he do it? Mystic Mark!

NOT FAKE says:

nice vid

Jon Trail says:


Paul Brunt says:

Y do u even bother using GC2 lol…….I’m also using GBB driver and 3w and would take something extremely special to get them out of my bag

Mark Hoary says:

ur like ur very own trackman..

Vici Martynov says:

My 3 wood seems to be suffering from a dark moment of the soul right now and has largely been replaced by a combination of the Bertha mini knocked back to 13deg into the 2 wood slot and by my Mizuno H5 1 iron filling the gap just below the 3 wood but with more accuracy. Yeh, like you I prefer the Bertha range. Heaven knows why my “Tammy” covert 3 hybrid refuses to leave the bag but I just cant bear to be without it for reasons that are beyond me, it doesnt seem to fill any particular gap that wouldn’t be better filled by my H5 3 iron but then, I cant see you losing your rinky dinks so its not just me 😉

Luis Pereira says:

Are the Callaway guys South African?

Scott Vincent says:

Mark – How would you change the length of an existing club in your bag? is it a case of chopping a few inches off the (grip) end?

Kevin Sheriff says:

Love callaway woods r&d

PkGam says:

Hmmm…. looks’ a bit too large of a head for a fairway wood to me. I mean I guess that would have the same forgiving nature as a large headed driver would, but wouldn’t that impact turf versatility? Like say… if a ball ends up sitting in a depression/ divot, sitting down in rough, etc… I’d think it would be harder to get behind the ball.

JAG sixtyfive says:

Quite right about the length of the shaft. Only problem is when shortening the length, Callaway are reluctant to add weight to get the Swing weight up to were it may need to be. So unless you like a ladies C8 swingweight, be careful about blindly asking Callaway to shorten the shaft. Ask them first if they will adjust the Swing weight and if they say ‘no’, then be aware of the lighter swing weight you’ll be playing, particularly with the very light shafts that come as standard in this range.

MrWojtok says:

What about XR Pro and XR 3+ ?

brown55061 says:

What does everyone think of these big wide 3 woods, not just Callaway? If I’m in deep rough I’d rather have a smaller footprint so I can attack steeper and chop it out easier. These big soled clubs just want to bounce off deep grass rather than dig it out. I don’t care how far a 3W flies as long as it gets me out of a tight lie. I’d sacrifice 5-10 yards for 25% more ease digging a ball out of rough.

Cornwall1888 says:

Mark crossfield; half human, half trackman.

Dave Holloway says:

Watch if you’re doing a DIY job on cutting the shaft yourself.. Can sometimes play havoc with the Swing weight

John Mackman says:

Wouldn’t trade my second hand Sreelhead 3 metal shafted 3 wood for anything, one of the best £50 investments in my bag and staying there. Your review proves, New doesn’t necessarily mean better…but it’s a personal decision based on affordability, skill, current equipment and fitting.

Vincent Sandford says:

Great review. I game a big bertha 3 wood that is 20 years old. I should take your advice and try this XR 3 wood as you say its so similar to big bertha. Great stuff. Keep them coming. PS where were you testing the Clubs?

francesco di nardi says:

Mark cg2field lol

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