Callaway XR Fairway Wood + XR Pro Review

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Wm. Sturman says:

Rick- excellent reviews across the whole spectrum of new XR irons, hybrids, woods, and Driver. Watch 90% of your reviews, and you’re hitting these number wise, especially just carry distance, better than almost any other clubs I can recall you hitting? Nice swing with great numbers, you should be Giddy! Cheers on a job well done!
Wm. ~⛳️

Mikey Mike says:

Dude in the background want to be a Callaway Fairway Wood so bad! Dressed the part in his colors and everything

Sebastian Karim says:

+Rick Shiels PGA  which one is more forgiving?

Gerhard Brauckmann says:

Rick, what kind of tracking system do use in this video? 

Wz Tr says:

what’s with all the virgins commenting on the woman? get over it

Tony Rock says:

You always come off your Callaway reviews being mega impressed, but what does it take to put one in the bag? Just saying, great review. Thanks Rick

Broady 43 says:

I noticed Pete was watching the girl hitting balls next to you!

nigel Turner says:

why was pete take photos of the woman golfer 🙂

Clay Fleming says:

Rick, you mention they were 14* but the video shows a 4 wood and a 16*. We’re you hitting different models than pictured?

Andy GolfFather Phillips says:

Sorry Rick, did you say something?? I was distracted there for a while! LOL!! 😉

In the Jonzone says:

+Rick Shiels PGA Definitely not the right shaft for you…24 yards right with a fairway metal is awful dispersion. Quite long though!

TheCodejuice says:

Interesting to note, the XHOT2 Pro is even more shalow than new XR Pro. I cracked my face on my XHOT2 Pro on the range the other week and callaway (amazing customer service) sent me the new one free of charge. When I compared them though, I didn’t like the design of the new face. Although gorgeous, it is almost 1/4 in deeper than the XHOT2. I ended up switching out for an XHOT2 head at a golf shop and gave them the XR pro. I’m sure its an amazing club as you stated, I just prefer the XHOT2 still.

Bigcitytileandstone says:

Rick great video. Would love to see big bertha 815 alpha vs. XR drivers, 3 wood. PLEASE

Elliott Thompson says:

Please tell me you went out for a drink with the lady golfer in the purple top. 

wharffratt says:

Hey Rick, what flex shafts are you using here?  great review!

Pastor Chris Stewart says:

Is it me or is Finch in the back sitting down?

iain macfarlane says:

Good to see your mate, Mr Finch, was keeping a look out Rick. :-)))

Get Back To Golf says:

at 0:54 you almost hit that chick with the nice legs =)

sean mann says:

who was the hottie in the mini skirt

TXchadTX says:

hit the xr fairway today……Really nice club. Kinda reminds me a callaway shape with a ping feel sound and color. I liked it a lot considering purchasing it. 

Justin Bushell says:

Haha I see pete watching in the corner Rick 😀

niwacompaq124 says:

You should’ve got Peter to help – you guys are awesome together. 

Ross Van Nairn says:

Is that Finch eyeing up that girl next to you?

Shivas Dhuna says:

Pete standing in the backround is so funny

Golf Squad says:

amazing videos rick really helpful, keep up the good work.

matt dan107 says:

Good video as usual rick. Only thing was couldn’t stop wondering when u would hit the girl in bay beside u. Think Pete in background was thinking same

Kai Dunn says:

pete looks like the supportive girlfriend that you’ve dragged to the range haha

Spencer Mulcahy says:

There was only one figure i was looking at Rick lol

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