Callaway Rogue Fairway Review – We tested the new Callaway Rogue fairway wood to see if the jailbreak technology actually helps maintain ball speed on off center hits. Our review includes thoughts on forgiveness, distance, feel, looks, and ability to hit off the tee and fairway.

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser, Master Clubfitter


danthemanwhocancan says:

Awesome! Think this could be my new 3 wood. Need one that’s 2 degrees open though.

Neil Stableford says:

Like to use 3 wood off the tee a lot (Callaway XR stock Project X 6,0)which I like,but this looks a real bomber!!Like to hit a variety of clubs off the tee,to leave the shot/distance I want into the greens (in theory,not always in practice) what is your opinion of this as a course management tacti Guys?
Thanks a million for a great,impartial and fair Review.

Craig wall says:

just got fitted for a 4 wood rogue, hit it just as far if not farther as my old r15 3 wood and much more accurate

Anthony Jones says:

I have purchased this 3+ wood and the driver. Crazy how out the toe or heel it still feels like you hit it out of the middle. So much better feel than anything else out there in my opinion!

hawkey100 says:

Can you tell me what the shaft is in this video ? Thanks. Btw, another great review.

Frank Stover says:

Any social media we can follow?

Wrobs01 says:

I choose the sub zero solely off the flatter lie angle making it sit that much nicer on the ground. Just that alone gives me more confidence that I’m not going to miss it left!

James Wilson says:

How do the adjustable adapters work? All I see is 2 cogs on the Callaway shafts, do they actually work?

keithdziak says:

stop hitting it so good. 1 ball off the toe and thats it!!

Martin Ritchie says:

Loving the content on the channel. Can you do a video on wedge shafts? In particular using a stiffer flex 8 iron shaft in the lob wedge to create more spin.

Gary Thompson says:

Once again an awesome review gents…Has Callaway offered any reason(s) for going back to the bonded head/shaft? I know there’s a weighting influence with the cog assembly – curious if there’s a correlation with the jailbreak tech and lighter hosel weight that’s providing the crazy distance numbers.

Heating World says:

I know SZ is obviously lower spin but in your testing did you notice huge difference between rogue fwy and sz or was it minimal? Also love the few with old school hosel (-:

Dr. Helmut Queckenstedt says:

great video again. Would it be a good idea, to compare different fwy woods directly to each other with the same shafts? Or does it make no sense?

popaabert says:

That is the ticket , on the first of the month I am going to buy this club. Your videos have that effect on people, Don’t change your format, it is all most perfect.

KrunkStack says:

Love the vids guys. Are you only in Canada? U.S. locations would be awesome!

Cole M says:

Hey TXG, love the channel thanks for all the excellent content, I’m just looking for some advice, I’m located in Hamilton, would you recommend any instructors or coaches in the area or with your team, in 2015 played an 8 handicap out of Mystic Golf Club, average 23 yr old weekend warrior, current driver swing speed 110-115 thanks!

Doba says:

Funny I went back to my old R9 3 wood last year because it had the adjustable neck, was just over drawing my 3 wood, I’m surprised they eliminated that

Peter Gilcoine says:

I was just fit by my local GolfTec for a Rogue SubZero 3 wood. Both versions out did the competition and felt amazing, but subzero got my spin down to mid 3000s and perfect gapping between 2H and Driver. Dispersion was tight and hope to be a fairway finder once the snow melts and spring finally gets to Massachusetts lol

Landon Maunula says:

Love your videos! I’m coming to get fit at the end of the month and I can’t wait to try all the new gear

D.J. says:

Any chance of doing some mini driver testing? thankyou for your content 🙂

Jerry Lebeau says:

I tried this the other day and was getting better ball speeds, spin rates and distance than my driver. It was amazing.

Joe Lucarelli says:

Would love you see you do some videos on the Cobra offerings. They don’t have the brand power of Callaway and TaylorMade but their F8 and F8+ Drivers and woods are incredible this year

Paul Hartmann says:

This would have been much more informative if you compared the off center performance to 1 or 2 other model’s.

Eric Jackson says:

Great video guys! Could this club, or the sub zero, be a good driver replacement for club golfers with a moderate or slower swing speed? thx

Ben Harris says:

That’s like a mini driver with that distance, But Matt does crush it. I personally just purchased the cobra f7 3-4 wood and love it.

WhiskerRub says:

I’ve been impressed with Ian’s Gear Effect kicking in when he is looking at the numbers, I can see why Matt pays close attention. Is TXG on the stock exchange yet gotta buy a few of them shares. Who was the supplier of hitting surfaces/mats I know it’s perfect lie conditions just curious if surface type has an effect on the ball as GC Quad reads it.

Thomas Barker says:

Another great video! Could you make a video on how to choose the right golf ball for your game?

James Wilson says:

For matts second shot can you explain how the path was 5.7 from the inside and face angle was closed and he hit it just toe side of centre but the side angle was 1.4 to the right?

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