Max Imilian says:

Like the live videos, but you need to invest in some wireless mics for you and “Get Up” Dan.

Keith Katz says:

Cheers guys great review as usual
One point not discussed is that with Epic you can adjust the head Rogue is fixed.
Might that come into play for some people looking at both.
Does the non adjustability of the rouge help with weight distribution and forgiveness
WouLd love to hear your thoughts
Keep up the great content

Vergu Rogue says:

I know you are not a shaft guy but did they send you the new synergy shaft with the graphene? only golf equipment this season with graphene is the synergy shaft and the new chrome soft ball. Like to hear your thoughts.

Fisher says:

Very interesting as always you two thanks

Ryan Barnett says:

If you are sub zero in the driver would you expect that you should be sub zero in the fairway woods as well or could it vary?

Station 2Station says:

Prefer outdoors.  But I understand “weather permitting”.  Last year I was intending to game the SZ fairway, but the standard was an absolute bat, moving the ball out there a country mile.  Eager to see this years non.  One thing I will miss is the adjustable hosel because it was easier to swap shafts (not for adjustability)

Giebs n Stuff says:

30 yards short? That’s embarrassing

Bruce Chiu says:

Mark, your club testing vids are the best. Your discussion with Dan answers all the questions I have in my mind. Thks!

JustSleepin61 says:

Very interesting & informative .. I’ve just pulled the trigger on the rogue 3 sub zero and trading in my epic 3 sub zero .. I like new toys lol

Bcfc26 says:

Good thorough review

viperr007 says:

Get up dan

Andy Barton says:

Please do the hybrids – does it make a difference at all too?

Preston Bonner says:

I use my 3 wood off the tee often. From the fairway, I don’t play the 3 wood to a specific distance, just trying to hit it as close as I can to the green. I use a hybrid for specific distances…. for the way I play, I’d game the sub zero in 15*. Good review! love the sound of the rogue.

Ryan Fraser says:

Love this more of it ! Huge fan of this new club

Tom Pope says:


Scott DeGeer says:

I carried a “strong” 3 wood when I was a member at a course that had 2 par 5’s that I could only reach with a longer rolling 3 wood. The course also had par 4s with tight driving areas or lay ups to 260 yds. Thanks Mark for the videos. Always informational and entertaining.

dodgydave75 says:

the audio not the best need a better mic

David Marchant says:

Very informative review . 4 Titleist bags in view too. Is this not so subliminal advertising ?

Turner Humphrey says:

Revisit the Cleveland Launcher Drive and fairway woods.

david martin says:

Great review and very honest about how often you would look to upgrade your clubs

Vergu Rogue says:

You guys are like Batman and Robin! I will leave you to chooses the who is who. Get up Dan!

Payton Miller says:

Low spin fairway because I can get some really high ones off the tee, where I play my 3 wood over half the time.

Stephen DiBari says:

Interesting take on the epic subzero 3+ wood. I just sold mine, couldn’t hit it consistently well. Knuckleballs off the turf. If I go for the Rouge it’ll be the standard 15 deg.

Michael Coviello says:

Serious Question: How would new clubs help me – scenario….my irons are off the rack – non fitted – slightly below average cost from 2002. My driver is a 1995 Warbird with original shaft. How much would new clubs help?

Philip Palmer says:

Not quite as entertaining as dancing with James.

frederico lima says:

Where is Lockey?

James Harrison says:

Could you get some more titleist bags in shot please x

philip sawyers says:

Get up get down dan.

Neil Mitchell says:

I had a fitting at callaway chessington. Was best with standard model but tip-stiff shaft to stop me hitting so many spinney puff balls. Fear the knuckle over draw with the sub zero.

Todd Sincock says:

Nice commercial…

Bill Stanisci says:

I really do not like the like the “live” format. You get 10 minutes of content in 20 minutes.

Luke Jones says:

I still use the original Callaway XR pro, love the smaller head from all types of lies

Curtis Polysou says:

Loved this video! Great discussion and golf flavored banter.

AirbusMark says:

Audio is full of echo, just awful. Sounds like an area microphone, with playback in the same room.

danthemanwhocancan says:

Jailbreak!! In a 3 wood!!

jarrod calloway says:

My X2Hot is longer by 10 yards than Epic and Rogue and that’s depressing frankly

Nate Gage says:

Bought an epic sub zero 3 wood last year. I went for 13.5 degrees. I can get some spinny shots with 3 woods and I wanted something I can reach out there to the numbers I want from the fairway and the tee. Love it bruh

Dana Patelzick says:

What I like is the strategy, have clubs that move the ball a known distance and avoid those that have a lot of variation on distance. Quite the opposite of golf club marketing people who seem to have not played golf to win.

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