Callaway Epic Sub Zero Fairway

Callaway Epic Sub Zero Fairway reviewed and tested on and off the golf course by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the new Epic Sub Zero fairway wood and talks about who might get the most from such a golf club. I you are looking for a new golf club check out Marks independent reviews for the best in buying advice.


Danny Macpherson says:

the prices on these clubs are terrifying

Milton Taylor says:

Mark I love the oncourse stuff you’re doing. Good stuff brother. I would absolutely game it.

spocktra50 says:

Devils Avocate alert.Would a DD Black diamond 3 wood cranked to 13.5 do the same job for a lot less shilling ?

Bcfc26 says:

where’s the daily vlog I need it

Stu Dunn says:

It seems like you might agree with the type of testing that MyGolfSpy does Mark.

Allan Crowder says:

great video and interesting club. isn’t 13.5 loft a 2 wood? getting old I guess.

Jake Johnston says:

The callaway epic 3 wood is completely screwing up my game. For whatever reason I hit this club better than any wood I’ve ever owned. So now when I should hit my driver, I reach for the 3 wood just because I like it so much and not because it’s the right number.

Mike Reiter says:

Nice looking club but not forgiving enough for it presume

hawkey100 says:

Very nice review. Perhaps the Sub 0 vs the 2016 M2 fairway

Cory Armstrong says:

How did you have the weights set up? Heavy weight forward or back? Thanks.

Hacker golf says:

it’s interesting that you had issues with this going left on the vlog, you hit this great other than the toe strike.

Chewy V says:

I was hoping you would give us real world data too, distances, carry, roll. I know it’s not going to be the same for everyone but just seeing the differences would be nice

bob j says:

Like the new look, may try a compare with another club.

Dawn Davie says:

great review mark
can’t beat the on course testing you do especially with the top end products crucial to us who are asked to cough up a small fortune to bag them ,

Station 2Station says:

2:23 what a shot and camera angle.

Ben Lucas says:


Nathan Price says:

Would it not be beneficial for the toed miss hit to drop out of the sky? If that second shot off the tee went as far as your first hit, with that draw shape, you would be miles further in the rubbish.

Vici Martynov says:

Having drawn a line under the dreadful tech mumbo jumbo surrounding this range of clubs it is desirable to put that out of my mind to asses these clubs on a level playing field. Remember I am a Callaway fan. Well I have to say that I really dislike these clubs. For a start I hate the colour, its bringing back painful memories of Vapor which ended my relationship with Nike. So these clubs wouldnt fit in my bag which is predominately black red and chrome. And the underneath, like all this range, is plug ugly to my eye, these are not elegant. I wouldnt buy anything with movable weights in any case. This would never replace my gorgeous Nike VRs Covert 3 wood or my lovely Callaway Bertha 1.5 wood. This whole range gets the thumbs down from me.

dcx45 says:

“monster I’ve created” 🙂

Alan Bonner says:

Only thing epic about this is the price!

Will Blackman says:

Hey Mark – do you play your typical gamer shafts when doing your testing, or are you taking the stock shaft in whatever flex you play? Would love to hear your response

fullwerkes says:

If its forgiveness matched with distance why wouldnt you bag a strong lofted ping g fairway or the stretch? Seems to fit your requirements. #requiremyfit

Robb Finkey says:

can you show what happens when move the weight configuration?

Pro Zone says:

Thanks Mark. was the weight back?…I would like to see this with a shootout against the new Tour Edge Exotics EX10 Beta 3 wood… IMO EX10 would be the winner…Vs made in Mexico!

BF golf says:

look forward to getting it in 2018

Phil T says:

How hard was it to get the 13.5* airborne off the fairway?

TheGulbisfan says:

Really love these format of reviews now, much more realistic and interesting. Have to say though really not a fan of the looks of this thing.

Ove Berthling says:

wow, stenson-driver ?

maxxc4thewin says:

Love the BB-8 on your desk.

Nate Leyland says:

Loving these reviews…I will be really curious to see what happens when you game these(Driver/fairway) in the course vlogs. I remember when the XR made its first appearances…”knuckleballlll!!” What do you yell when you pop one of these guys?

Adam Johnson says:

would a custom fit with adjusting the weights to increase the spin help your poor struck one’s your worried about

GNet Vids says:

What about epic irons are they coming will we see them this year?

Golf Buddy says:

These are the best reviews on YouTube by miles.

golfninja says:

Great video MC with both ‘raw data’ and real play testing.
Am thinking with the swing speeds and the problem shot being low left the 3 metal might be better set to higher loft.

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