CALLAWAY EPIC FLASH FAIRWAYS, reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield golf professional. Mark and Dan hit the Epic Flash Callaway fairway and the Sub Zero Epic Flash Fairway. See what these two fairways could do for your golf and if they can help you improve your golf with new tech and face designs. Making sure you have the best fairway in your golf bag is key ho helping your have the lowest scores possible.

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Isabelle Blank says:

just got a new cobra F8 a few months ago and use it very often

bigdog33bad says:

Coach and Dan don’t know Tron? How can I take them seriously now??

Iain Russell says:

How could you not know Tron…. Its a classic cult film…. Then there is Tron Legacy.

Aaron Younger says:

Tron was a video game before a film

Les Blair says:

Always love the honesty

AndyGee says:

How the hell has Gramps Dan not heard of Tron?

Randy Recollet says:

Come on now it’s Tron lol

Aussie Mike says:

Jeff Bridges is culture – disappointed, Dan is usually the history geek.

NWP4440 says:

These kids are making me feel old. Tron? Really lads?

Anthony Todd says:

seems to me it’s circular VFT

Stephen Martin says:

the reason Callaway cant tell you about the face is that the supercomputer aka Terminator wouldn’t tell them how it did it.

slange2scott says:

How do you think it competes to the rogue , I play a 4 wood 17* due too my swing as I can’t loft a 3 wood 15*

M G says:

can we have a „dan & matt watch TRON“ video please?

Preston Carroll says:

Thanks for sharing the video and the “chatting” makes it more of a real-feel  & honest review.  I was in the market for new woods last year and had a chance to try several options.  I ended up with the Callaway XR’s, 5W & 3W, for various options but i love the way feel, sound and more importantly how i can make shots that i never could before. I looked at a lot more expensive and popular models and leaned that i could not play them any better than the ones i purchased.   After reviewing this video, it has me thinking of the new technology Callaway has implemented in their new clubs but not sure i can be sold something even the manufacture can’t explain how it works.. lol

Eric Sheldon says:

“Probably some Star Wars thing” Omg Coach! I’m glad you guys chat more about random stuff mixed in with the golf talk!

Doug Birch says:

Doesn’t know what Tron is? I even played the video game in the arcade back in the day!! Lol

Ian Long says:

I am the only person who had the urge to shout “Arghar” after Dan’s first swing? ( A la Flash Gordon)

Eric Jackson says:

omg this is the best video ever. “sand hill crane”, “culture is a real thing” “why do i surround myself with golfers” my dream 4 some is you 3. cheers!

JoeSlay61 says:

The tech discussion reminds me of a comment I heard about fishing lures. Some lures are meant to catch fish, others are meant to catch fisherman. I think that a lot of the tech claims are simply designed to increase sales. They have to find some way to convince you that their new club is better than your old club. While there have certainly been massive improvements in club technology over the last 20 years, it makes you wonder why all of a sudden from one year to the next a club that looks essentially the same as last year is supposed to be much better. I’m actually with Mark on this one. If you can’t explain to me in a simple fashion why it’s better, I think it’s just marketing.

Eric Jackson says:

“No negative comments please” Coach is the best!!!

Matthew Croad says:

Looks always works for me. Whether it gains or looses me five yards is irrelevant with my  15 handicap. Brilliant as always guys

Scott Manthey says:

Loved this but don’t you guys own a ruler? I mean, you spent 10 minutes talking about how one face seemed taller than the other and no one thought to actually measure it? 🙂

Duffy Moon says:

Flynn’s Arcade

Matt Aamold says:

The original Tron was great. I didn’t mind the second. Also, the 2nd one was not a remake, it was a continuation of the original.

Ivor Smith says:

Original Tron for me brah

MrWojtok says:

Last time I bought a 3-wood was back in 2015 and it was a 2014 club which is Callaway X2Hot. Since then nothing come close to it in distance and playability (and I tested everything every year)

Matt Whitehead says:

Applying Mark’s thoughts here. He couldn’t explain how a rocket blasts off into space, therefore it’s not a real thing.

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