Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Woods Review | Standard & Sub Zero

Join our new community on Patreon! – Reviewing the new Callaway Epic Flash and Sub Zero fairway woods! Are these some of the best fairway woods ever made? Find out in our in-depth test!

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois


David Lambert says:

I agree with,Ian!! 300 yard carry 3 wood,we are all against it. Unless,Matty is our best ball partner.

Timothy Daniels says:

Sorry to stray off topic but, I noticed today that TXG gets some nice props on Mizuno Europe’s website. Much deserved, now back to Epic…

Josh Heiden says:

What are the criteria you typically look for when deciding to put a player in a 4 wood loft (16.5-17) vs 3 wood loft (14.5-16)?

Bandit Baker says:

OMG, is that thing Legal! That’s it I’m going on Matty’s BigMac Diet Plan!!!!!!!

Fred List says:

Thursday’s fairway wood fitting is going to be a workout! So many options! Thanks guys!

Austin Lauer says:

I really like the flash sz. I’m gaming it right now. You guys are right that it’s easy to hit off the deck. I decided to put the 14g in the back to get a little more dialed in distance wise.

Paul Sholtis says:

Got fit for the Sub Zero on Friday with Chris at TXG. This video is making it really hard to wait for it to be built…can’t wait to swing it. Another great video from you all. Thanks for the information and education you provide

Dave Hanstein says:

I think we need Matt to pee in a bottle?! 300+ 3 wood?!?

Justin Stephenson says:

170mph ball speed, 11-12 degree launch, 2500 rpm spin – that is a driver.

We now have the odd situation where irons are getting stronger in loft and what is now a 7i is really a 6i and we woods going the other way where a 3w is producing the ball flight, spin and launch characteristics of a driver. What next a 5w that plays like a 3w? A 19 degree hybrid that plays like a 5w (actually I think we already have that!)

Ted Becker says:

Glad to see Matty crushing the ball properly and also love seeing him tee the ball up for that performance. Everyone should hit their 3 wood 330. Good lord man stay out of the gym!

Beto Mireles says:

How is Matt getting faster? Is it with super speed training ??

Lefty Spicerab says:

How does the “Flash” compare to the prior EPIC version? The paintwork on my “old” EPIC drivers and 3 wood are barely dry, and here is the next generation that go further and straighter and sounds better and and and… Am I wasting time and money (fitting) and money purchasing the new generation, or should I look to get a Rogue version at now discounted prices (here in the UK)? I hear you gentlemen mention suiting the “better” player, and I certainly don’t live on Mount Olympus or inhabit anything like it’s rarefied atmosphere. Then I hear mention of the ST190 Mizuno the M5 and Titleist and I’m going round and round in ever decreasing circles. How much better really is Flash over the current model/s?. A recent very candid review of CF 16 to CF 19, agreed improvements exist, but were marginal over current (my CF16 are barely 18 months old,) and a golfer rationalising a 20% price hike, for the marginal improvement would or should struggle. Help please!

Ian Nicol says:

Great video again guys.
Have U tried the cobra tour head 3 wood yet.
Can’t recall seeing it if you have.

Juan Rodriguez says:

Great video guys! How do these distances translate to the course for you during testing? For me i find that i am not as aggressive with my swing on the course when the shot matters and i lose a bit of distance. Do you see similar results not only with your own testing but with fitting others?

Eric Herring says:

Great Content again boys!

ksillin says:

Do you think the g410 or sub zero fairway sits flatter on lie angle

Eric Son says:

Can you guys please do a video where you compare different models for a brand golf manufacturer? 

Example:  Test Callaway Epic Sub Zero 3 wood, Callaway Roge Sub zero 3 wood, and Callaway Epic Flash Sub zero 3 wood!

Steve Vetovich says:

Another great, “high IQ” club breakdown. In your testing did you prefer this to the Cobra F9 fairway ?? I’m interested in these 2 but my main concern is ease of launch and forgiveness. I watch all of your videos, truly top-shelf.

Jonathan Balangon says:

Did Matt have the heavy weight in the back or front of the sz? Thanks

Troy Paradiso says:

I just got fitted for G410 LST 14.5 3 wood… w/ a hybrid shaft. =) picked up 7 yds of carry and dispersion was INSANELY tight over the 3 wood shaft from the same mfctr’ as the hybrid shaft i went with in the end. Finished length was 40.5″! I talked the fitter into trying it and she was blown away with the results hahaha !

qnpmh says:


Rick Peters says:

I tried m6, epic flash, cobra f9, Titleist TS2, Ping g410 3 wood, all very good. For me I hit the Ping the best and I liked the feeling of the Ping better out of all of them. So the G410 is what I went with.

Matthew Priestley says:

I wouldn’t have expected Matty to like a 65g shaft but it looks like those who don’t struggle with over the top can go light as you like 😉

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