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Dillon West says:

could you do this vs the 815

Les Blair says:

Sounds good. looks good. Performance is good. Head cover is bad. Looks like some manufacturers are trying to go “old school” with the head covers like back in the ’60’s.

op3l says:

Gees. He’s hitting a 3 wood almost 300 yards and here I am hitting same club about 200 -_-

Thomas says:

Thanks for the video Rick!! Since I started playing again I’ve noticed with my XR driver that I’m not getting nearly high enough ball flight, I assume my launch angle is low(loft is at 10.0 @ 103 mph swing speed). Do you or Peter have a video on coming up into the ball for better flight? +Rick Shiels Golf Channel

Ian Shepherd says:

Will you address the lie angle adjustment too? If you look at the specs on callaway website the D is 1° upright and the N is flat lie and I play an x hot original 5 wood and love it and I looked up the lie angles on my big berthas and they are different and only get closer when you adjust the lie 1° upright…other than that great video as always thanks. (Just think it’s important for people to know since you said the other “cog” didn’t do anything in your last video)

Brad Hilditch says:

Like the vids but you say golf shot too many times

Rob Potter says:

Looks nice BUT waaaaaay too much adjustability for my liking. Too much tinkering.

Dale Hillman says:

Rick. Great review and thanks for adding comments about Great Big Bertha being more forgiving than the alpha. Please continue to rate foregiveness on every club. Most of us don’t hit the ball like you so that bit of information is crucial.

Matt White says:

I think 915 fd is longer

Dustin Balcaen says:

Solid offering Rick,great review. I picked up the Alpha 815,how would you compare the two besides the look? Is there much difference in hight or direction tendency? I am digging these for sure they are beautiful

Orie Emery says:

anyone else notice that the video was 8 minutes and 16 seconds long?

Paul Field says:

just got the 816 3 wood as the price has dropped since launch of the Epic range…Absolutely love it…very solid feel in the club and I concur with Rick on weight movement. Accurate review, cheers Rick.

Rich M says:

+Rick Shiels Golf Channel Rick, do you use those Vice balls for on-course play or just for these review vids? What’s your opinion of them for general play?

Cace Smith says:

I’ve been playing the Alpha 815 3 wood for the past year or so and it has produced very similar results to what you saw +Rick Shiels Golf Channel.  Callaway has really nailed these fairway woods.  Very solid off the tee and off the deck.

Ian Walters says:

Haha look at the length of the video!!! Very clever Rick.

cj pagano says:

He hits it further than I hit my driver 🙁

Ian Shepherd says:

im looking for the most shallow 3 wood what would that be? i love my x hot 5 wood but my 915F 3 wood is good of the tee but not getting along with the not as shallow face…i guess i need to go try them al but any shallow recomendations? (xr-16?…not pro)

Jens Johansson says:

You havent posted a review of the vice golfballs, I´m gaming them as well and love them. for the price. I would love to see your thoughts and feelings about that brand and their balls. From a swedish viking.

Sean Delaney says:

Can you do this club versus the XR?

karl kaspian says:

It looks smaaaart! – Could not have sounded anymore manc, Rick! +Rick Shiels PGA Golf Professional Manchester 

Club looks great and you are hitting it a mile! Great review.

Patrick W says:

Would you please consider reviewing the Krank Formula 6 driver and hybrids?

Clay Fleming says:

After buying these I can say the weights change the flight a lot. I have the 18* set to 19 with the heavy weight forward and it is perfect. With the weight back it launches too high, spins too much, and balloons.

Rick Shiels Golf says:


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