Best Fairway Woods 2019 – A Surprising Winner! Golf Monthly

► Golf Monthly’s Joel Tadman talks you through the best fairway woods of 2019 to help you choose the best model for your game.

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Lefty SoCal Golfer says:

Never given a thumbs down before. But I’ve never seen anyone declare a winner from a club that wasn’t in the test before either!

ajh21313 says:

You’re very thorough with your reviews, I like that!

Mike Cook says:

Al these results and you don’t factor in the difference in the shafts? Seems incomplete and useless to me!

David Fletcher says:

Good choice for the win, though there’s a lot of great fairways this year. Shame they get overlooked because all the noise is around drivers.

Jonathan Balangon says:

Please get us the m6 data

Tom Cafferky says:


Norman Dowd says:

How often have I hit a club and loved it, then got it on a launch monitor and I suddenly changed my mind!!!

Simon Hirst says:

Mizuno drivers spinning up? Obviously too young to have sported the MP650, MP001 or even the original low spin driver T Zoid T3. So you go and pick the ugliest wood on the market – the TM that wasn’t in the test.

Howie Land says:

Thx for the thorough testing, Joel! It’s fascinating that viewers won’t let you pick a winner unless you use a launch monitor. To me, there’s more to choosing clubs than what a launch monitor says.

Mark Pogson says:

“Of these six, I would pick the seventh.” Why did I watch this?

mike best says:

Titleist Ts3 again ! strange how most tests and testers always use Ts3 in driver and fairway woods ,for most golfers the Ts2 range is a better choice .If you’re picking the easiest club to hit in a test use the Ts2 .M5 gets in the test and the M6 wins very strange .I’m not too bad at golf but when I went for a fitting last year I ended up with Ts2 in Driver and fairway ,Ts3 was harder to hit more consistently but it was still ok .Golfs a hard game so I can’t see the point in using a club that makes it harder .

Peter E says:

Seemed like a TM advert, credibility 0

Shiraz Cassim says:

Joel are you sponsored by Taylormade that you contrive the results to pick a taylormade winner that was not in the original options which were all “pro” options, why didn’t you to the same for the other manufaturers

DocWilly77 says:

If you’re going to include the m6 you should include the more forgiving models for mizuno, cobra and titleist.

Brandon Goose1122 says:

Very interestingly iv only tried the new ping 3 wood and was hitting it over 310yards,havent tried the others,but i almost feel like i cant get much better then that..unfortunately with that distance, i almost never could use it on my second shot on a par 5 because i would hit it too hard

Mike Austin Fan says:

Just based on the prices alone, they are all losers.

Paul Stanton says:

You carry out a test using the ‘better player’ model and give us all the relevant data and the winner was… not a better player model and wasn’t in the test group. Sorry but that’s it is just wrong. As reviews go that has to go down as one of the most pointless and most questionable in terms of outcome. Really poor showing.

HSTGR says:

all of that data and you pick the club that you don’t have data for? *scratches head*

Sweswio says:

Ping for the win for me

Seve Sellors says:

The winner is Cobra out of these unless you want a hefty bank loan. The prices for golf equipment are now crazy.

Glenn Turner says:

No Scrixon?

Jamie Robertson says:

Check out Alex etches from Golfbox on YouTube hitting the epic Haha wow.

Station 2Station says:

I have the LST PING 14.5 with Tensei orange. It’s a weapon.

atomant830 says:

Golf Monthly is totally in the tank for TM. Spoiler alert: he picked a the TM M6 as the best. Taylormade is the only manufacturer with more than one club being considered. Totally bogus. Side note there’s nothing in the data that shows that any of these clubs are better than the others. Another test would probably yield different results because strike is the top factor in data numbers.

Mohi Kamira says:


Ciaran Cummins says:

Dude, so wrong to pick a club you didn’t include in the test…

Jean Ferret says:

And tell me once again…how much advertising revenue do TM pay you each year?

Bandit Baker says:

Sorry, Joel that has to be the oddest conclusion ever. Not sure how you can choose a club as your favourite that wasn’t in the test?

Matt Chrich says:

Not sure why all the negative comments. Personally found it a well rounded review considering there were numerous clubs to get through and the characteristics of each club. Put it this way, this review didn’t steer me down the TM route at all, this has opened my eyes to the Cobra offering, good value for money, good option from the fairway with the rails etc. and I don’t want the high flight window that TM offers.

Still Ill says:

Very interesting test, but you cant pick one thats not in the test. Its like all the data doesnt matter as long as the M6 is the easiest to hit, cause no data from the M6. But all that aside, very interesting test.

Paul Bissonnette says:

Funny conclusion. I guest there all good. Your winner is the one you like the looks the best.

chgoalie31 says:

great review, but a strange ending ahaha

Evan DeVine says:


Robert Salazar says:

Love the M6!

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