Wilson Staff Cortex Driver Review

My review of the new Wilson Staff Cortex Driver which was the winning driver in the TV series Driver VS Driver 2. This driver is packed with loads of adjustability and looks stunning! I provide a full review of the driver with launch monitor data of it’s performance along with my personal feedback on the looks and feel.

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kimchicracka says:

Interesting stuff. It does sound a little bit plasticy somehow but yeah looks like a nice driver otherwise.

Jesse Waddell says:

Would love to see if you could dial it in even that much more with a fee tweaks and a different shaft.

Luke DeVos says:

Hit against my Ping LST and against TS3 in Simulator 15 balls each – nothing in them – Cortex spin equal to Ping TS3 lowest. Absolutely beautiful I pulled trigger but am Wilson fan more and this driver performs and it’s absolutely gorgeous over the ball. Great video!

Don Harrold says:

Too expensive for Wilson’s place in the market unfortunately.

MBrAce82 says:

Strike is king mike. You know that. You’ll be lucky to get 200 Revs off with the black. People have to stop complaining about price. They drool over pxg who haven’t earned their stripes yet this brand has been around for how long…

Luke DeVos says:

How about a compare Video? With Atmos Black Shaft? Maybe against new Callaway or Taylor Made Driver in January!!!

TZOID08 says:

I’ve looked at several reviews and even saw the driver at Golf Galaxy…. Wilson failed to put a proper ferule on this club and my OCD is kicking in. It looks goofy without it and at $ 499.00 that’s a 10 cent item that would make it look better.

Justin Graham says:

Bought it on launch day after hitting it. Incredible driver, especially once I got my shaft in it (TPT 17 MKP). Consistently 1.47 – 1.51 smash factor on Trackman. Hanging up the Rogue for this.

That said, talked to my guy at my LGS and he said they’ve only sold 2 total since launch (mine + 1 other). Everyone comes in, loves hitting it, but won’t pay $499 for a Wilson.

walter a heller says:

I own the Wilson Triton driver winner of Driver vs Driver 1st season and love it! You should compare the two!

MercMan82 says:

I’ve hit one on a few different occasions. It looks great, feels fantastic and provides nice numbers. That being said, I have a hard time swallowing the price point. Had they listed it at $350 or $399 they would be selling really well.

Marc Tebo says:

Everyone complaining about the price. Yes it’s too much, but they all are. But, this one has a much better stock shaft. Go look up how much that Atmos costs alone.

allo cromeau says:

probably cracked the carbon fiber like in any other brand after a couple year

ken mack says:

Want to see you hit it with the atmos black shaft, your numbers will be much better.

Brandon Jones says:

Thanks for another great video!

James Jordan says:

I watched the series, I cannot see any innovation In the driver at all!

Matthew J says:

The price is in the shaft. That’s a 300.00 shaft. If you could just buy the head and find a cheaper shaft then not so bad.

mcwtoyz says:

I hit this exact driver on a whim just to see what it felt like and all I can say is wow. At address it looks awesome and the feel is outstanding. Bombs away. Might be in the bag after my fitting in a couple of weeks.

The Callaway Kid says:

I watched the show, the technology is nothing new or a USP. Looks brand…

Heath Latour says:

Great review, thanks! I agree with MercMan82 about the price point. Too expensive.

Simon Hobbs says:

Agree with previous comment, too expensive and second hand value for Wilson drivers likely to be poor. All drivers are getting too expensive, just watched a G10 v G400 driver comparison on another channel and very little in it. Secret has got to be get fitted now and then wait a couple of years and buy second hand.

Jeff Keim says:

I’m hitting a G5 ping driver and it’s still one if the best feeling, distance, control drivers that is out there to date. I’m still waiting to upgrade

Tom Meyers says:

Looking forward to the next video with the black shaft in x flex.

Bob Kuralowicz says:

So much of it is about Branding. If you slap a TaylorMade logo on the Cortex, no one would bat and eyelash at $500 price tag. That’s unfortunate for Wilson. They’re in a tough position. Too low a price and people won’t buy it because “it’s cheap”. That could change if it wins a few PGA events.

mike best says:

Looks a great driver , look forward to seeing the shaft difference videos , but you do realise shafts make no difference ,it’s true , because Crossfield says it is .

ripyerballs says:

Would love to see a different video with a better shaft in

Stephen DiBari says:

Great review! From what it appears having the carbon fiber it “sounds” similar to the Callaway Epic driver (which I used to have) on impact. Looking forward to seeing you hit this with the Black Atmos shaft.

Watched most of the Driver vs. Driver 2 series, nice to see Wilson putting out a high quality driver but honestly will it sell in big quantities at $499 ? Understand pricing it too low ($299 – $350) would make it appear to be cheap quality but it’s not.

I have a Ping G400 Max which I’ve yet to hit (I had the LST head, only played about 6 rounds with it and didn’t like the forgiveness nor distance I was getting)

This driver or Titleist TS2 might be a possibility next year, I’ll see how I get on with G400 Max.

thomas ross says:

To fair to Wilson, the shaft is a tour spec. shaft. With other companies that would be at least $200 upgrade. Example: Titleist driver $500 plus $200 upgrade charge. The total would be $700. They could sell at $400 with cheaper stock shaft. The Fujikura tour spec. shafts are lower torque made for aggressive swing speeds. The club has not been proven yet over time, new price point to high, they should lower price until proven.

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