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Consistency is king on the course, especially from the tee. This is why the pros are pros, and you are an amateur. Playing with the same clubs as the professionals could be hurting your game more than it helps. Because the pros swing with such consistency, they are able to play with clubs designed for higher swing speeds and consistent club face contact.

This is exactly what the GX-7 metal promises. More consistency.

Perhaps you’ve seen the commercial on the Golf Channel.

A shorter shaft, more weight around the edges of the club head and a little extra loft helps those double-digit handicappers get the ball in the air from the tee or “off-the-deck” and keeps the ball closer to the target line. Not to mention, the makers of the GX-7 metal report

Not to mention, the makers of the GX-7 metal report an extra 15-25 yards off the tee.

Where does that put you on your nemesis par-5 at the local country club? Within wedge range? Putting for birdie? Shoot, maybe even on the green in two?

Thats not all… The GX-7 metal has a sole and center of gravity similar to a 7-iron. Combine that with a shorter shaft and one that is designed for slower swing speeds and you have a lethal combination for consistency and distance for the amateur golfer.

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US GOLF TV says:

Read our companion article on the GX-7 here:

Bill Walsh says:

why not have average or senior golfers review the club. Who cares how a pro hits it?

Cole Trussler says:

get sheilsy and potter to give it a go!

BuckNel says:

Just received GX7 & went to the range to try it out. It’s not anything special. Initially, I thought it might be an improvement over my 3 wood; but it’s not. Off the fairway, I couldn’t get it up in the air; I tried moving the ball up and back in my stance, but I couldn’t find the right combination. It was actually worse than my 3 wood. Off a tee, you’ve got to split a lot of hairs to notice any difference. Can’t see keeping this club; it has nothing to offer over my current club configuration in my bag.

Emilio Figueroa Jr. says:

So is it like a mini driver with offset. I already have the sldr and Aero burner mini with a 43 inch shaft.

David Roberts says:

Strike is still king!! ….i’m sure off centre hits will still affect the dispersion of your shots with this club!!…. its more or less a 3 wood no with 3 wood length!!

1976axerhand says:

vn. I have one love it. do u have a review on the voice caddy launch monitor?

Stephen Hall says:

I had a taylormade R15 10.5 degree driver and was struggling to hit it consistently. I received my GX-7 about 3 weeks ago and have played about 5 rounds with it now. If I compare it to my R15 on average I am actually hitting the GX-7 further. Occasionally I would hit the R15 farther but I think because of the wider sweet spot and the shorter shaft length I hit the GX-7 more consistently. I am very happy with this club. I did not try hitting off the fairway yet.

David Bozic says:

Great review! David

Dark Helmet says:

This seems like the perfect fathers day gift.

Paul Scattolini says:

OK, my 81 year old father in law ordered this club. I was considering getting a driver with a smaller head. He ordered a regular shaft. My driver is stiff but I asked to try it. I’m 57 with a handicap of 13. All I can say after using this club in three rounds is it does all the things this video says. The ball jumps off the face. It does have a different sound but that’s ok.  I have tried it off the deck a few times with great results. I find that I am slowing down my swing but am getting the same if not more distance than my driver but with much less dispersion. The biggest thing  like about the club is that even on mishits the ball runs out. It is extremely straight off the tee. I have a tendency to spray at times and this seems to correct that. It is now in my bag. Sorry dad!

Tele Caster says:

Due to some recent health Changes, occurring like clockwork weeks after I hit 60, lol, CHS is down 12 to 15 MPH  into the High 80s to mid, occasionally high 90s. I always used Stiff in my woods and Driver, which was supposedly borderline for me even by the time I got down to my most recent prior 100 to 110  CHS .  I even switched from regular steel shaft irons  to stiff a couple years ago.  With my now greatly reduced CHS,  I recently tried Regular shaft woods and Driver (but Driver had slightly  longer shaft). Woods were OK, but nothing better, and was hitting  Driver all over the place. Tried also reverting back to the Regular  irons and felt like I had much greater dispersion and much less natural control  and feeling.  Regular just  feels all over the place and kind of clunky, and I don’t really see any increase in CHS.  I know “they”  say to increase the flex in your shafts as you get older and lose CHS, but I  don’t feel that it helps me, and may actually hurt.   I  was down to about a 10 HC before all the issues, but have probably crept back up to 13 or 14 since. I was actually working on getting below 10, and I think I can get it back down, at least TO 10 anyway, if not below,  and I  would really like to try one of these clubs. But I hate that I  don’t get to swing a couple different flexes first.  I am thinking with the much shorter shaft, and given the club’s design, I should accept my age and CHS and order Regular.  But given my apparent better feeling when using Stiff shafts in normal drivers , and my general sense that I just do better with Stiff shafts, I am torn.  Any recommendation based on all above ?????  THX !!

Hinekura Edwards says:

Will I brought one and waiting for its arrival into New Zealand will let you all know how it goes Chur Rich

Admiral Vger says:

Fortunately, I play golf on a course, not in an airplane hanger. I want to know how it hits the ball in the real world, not the virtual one. It’s gonna sound different outside than it does inside. Don’t you have a cow pasture around somewhere?

Marjo Reitsma says:

Have a Ping G25 driver which I rarely hit straight. Have used the GX-7 for over a dozen rounds and find that it goes straighter and sometimes farther that my Ping. You have to remember to set up like an iron and not a driver which I sometimes do off the tee. Since I’m 75 years old I think the advantage has more to do with the reduced resistance of the smaller clubhead.

thetimster66 says:

I had heard of the GX-7 through the infomercials and wondered
about it. I had not given it much thought though except on days when my
driver misbehaves. In a serendipitous coincidence, I played golf with my
uncle few days ago and noticed he was playing with a funny looking
driver… and it was the GX-7! I hit his regular shaft GX-7 off the tee
twice. (I use regular shaft in my clubs as well.) Both times the ball
went straight and high and landed in the middle of the fairway. My
driver miss is a pull/hook/duck and on the two tees I tried the GX-7, I
pulled my driver left side of the fairway. I would say that I hit the
driver and the GX-7 pretty good on both those tees. And on both holes I
hit the driver farther than the GX-7 by around 10-15 yards. I was
surprised it went that far as I was somewhat skeptical that it
would/could. In the infomercials they touted the ease in which one can
hit it off the deck so I tried to hit it off the fairway. I found it
difficult and the two times I tried it, I ended up hitting a low
fade/slice that didn’t seem to go very far. But I was using the 14
degree club. I didn’t know there was an 18 and 21 degree version until i
found this page (which by the way came up on my search because I now
wanted more information on the club after having hit it). I assume that
they would be easier to hit off of the fairway than the 14 degree
The shorter shaft makes the club easier to hit square and in the
sweet spot. I didn’t notice the offset mentioned in the video review. It
did not seem to cause me to draw the ball. The weight felt good and it
was easy to accelerate through the ball. So all in all it seemed like
the club did what the infomercials said it would. I had wondered whether
the club was a conforming one or not. Good to know from the video
review that it is.
If I had space in my bag for one more club, I may seriously consider
getting this club particularly for the shorter par 4s and the tighter
fairways. I may likewise consider swapping out the 3 and 5 wood for the
18 and 21 assuming they are as easy to hit. But I think the goal of most
golfers is to hit the driver as far and as straight as possible. And
for now I think that would still be my goal. However, if it comes to the
point where I have already given up on the driver, then I would have no
problem grabbing this club as the next logical fallback.

Ecclesiastes 3:18 says:

Where is the data? Launch monitor? carry distance? total distance? ball speeds? club-head speeds? Backspin?…etc

Dean Harting says:

Interesting Im thinking about getting back into golfing and might get this

Eklypised says:

My dad has one…I hit it a few times but have yet to take it to the course. What’s the avg distance for this club?

ColtDeltaElite10mm says:

I tried this driver. Then I tried a friend’s My Callaway X2. Callaway felt much nicer, so I bought one instead.

Yvan Cote says:

Driver Swing speed……. 80 mph and 75 years old..!!
Regular shaft or senior….???

David Forde says:

So like the Calloway Fusion

Mike Ford says:

Well I received my GX-7 metal and will try it Tuesday, we’ll see. I’ll be back with the first time results

James Sheridan says:

This is one ugly looking golf club! There is nothing attractive about that flat black”” …A Golf Club should look as good as it plays!!!

priushater says:

Thats Crushed!!

jack pulliam says:

Have used this club twice (received 2 weeks ago, rain in st. Louis) 84 years young and could not get around with my driver; been using 15 degree off the tee…. This club is 20 yards longer and most down the middle…… Korean War Vet GOD Bess

Gary Shull says:

10:55 to give 5:00 worth of information. Ugh.

BF golf says:

Pow!! Oh wait

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