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In this video PGA Professional and American Golf custom fitter Nick Taylor compares the top 5 drivers from, Taylormade, Callaway, Cobra, Ping and Titleist.

Taylormade M1 review:


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ibass2 says:

Good job…. just curious how you felt about the standard Epic, as a good amount of golfers feel it,s a more comfortable driver to hit. Good ball speeds, adjustment, and forgiveness. Thanks for the unbiased test… so many good drivers on the market

john nuttall says:

Well done . . . a cracking test ! Keep ’em coming.

Bryan H says:

Id give your review more credit, but too say the m1 black and white is best looking is kinda funny in my mind thats the ugliest and part of reason taylormade is going down to the shitter last 5 years

grumpy2159 says:

surely the dispersion is mostly down to you not the club so should that score count? But if you had to buy one would it be the T/M or Epic?

Bobby Parson says:

Back spin was crazy on the cobra

Bryan H says:

M-1 is the ugliest driver out there maybe your color blind? Lol

mike hunt says:

I’m not one that likes to pick or be critical on a review video but your score of the Epic in adjustability is perplexing. You can adjust the loft open or close the face and move a weight to the back to change the moi but you give it a 2?? Doesn’t make much sense to me. other than that a great vid.

Scott Brady says:

The Ping was last year

adri vreeke says:

What a horrible swing you have

CG Mat says:

Can you knock points off for any club costing over £300?? Ridiculous prices who on earth is paying for these, our pro has sold none yet…

john sneade says:

would be a better head review if the shafts were the same

Rich Diorio says:

I watch a lot of these videos and i like the way you break it down the best. Great job!!!

normand gravel says:

did you bin fit for all this driver???
I had bin fit for all these 5 drivers and more exactly bin fit for 9 of them, if I tell you my result for the 5 same driver as you and +, The winner is, Ping G LST (1), Callaway epic sub zero (2), Talormade M1(3) Titleist D3 (4), Cobra F7 (4), Callaway epic (6), Talormade M2 (7), Titleist D2 (8), Ping G (9).

RyanADillon says:

Forgiveness is a myth – all down to strike and how you deliver the club. The D3 did worst as you put the two worst swings of the segment on it. That destroyed Titleist’s chances on your ball speed AND forgiveness tests.

Sebastian Nachilly says:

The only thing is if ur a traditionalist then ull obviously like the titleist. If u dont care and u like new looks then u like tm or epic

DoctorJedi says:

f7+ might spin less for you. thanks for your video and work.

สุรพล ศรียางคุย says:

K4crasher says:

Really good review. Looks, in the eye of the beholder. Overall distance might be worth another division.

RohanS800 says:

carry distances were wrong, he trying to look like he drives it further

Dylan Davies says:

This test wasnt fair because u didnt use the same shaft. Not enough value is put on shaft these days, when I got fit for my driver it was spinning at 3500 and going like 250 and when he put in the correct shaft it knocked the soon down to 2200 and was going like 295

Charles Farley says:

One of the best reviews I have ever seen.

Lu Wagner says:

this is a great review. .. ESPECIALLY because there were 6 categories.
1. This was a none biased review because he uses the D3.
2. These all had their factory specs no shaft changes to match his swing.
3. All had a chance to shine and he chose the M1 because it came out on top based off a point system not longest drive!!!
Very helpful to us beginners and anyone looking for the next best thing. if you gave or give a thumbs down after such a informed review, you probably own one or two of the losers.
4. He had birds chirping and cheering him on lol… cheerioooo

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