Top 5 Drivers 2018

What driver should you be using in 2018? How do the major manufacturers compare to each other – PING v Callaway v TaylorMade v COBRA. Find out as Owen Davies counts down his Top 5 drivers for 2018.


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Nathan Riggle says:

Get fitted! All drivers will give you different results. I wanted the new M3 or 4 but ended up with a Ping G400 LST cause my backspin was at a nice 2100rpm and carried 280!

mark hodgson says:

Agree epic long but wayward . Went for g400

Ric Henriquez says:

People keep telling me I need a new Driver. I’m 52 years old and play to a 5 Handicap. I’ve been playing my current Driver for 8 years. It’s a Cobra S2, Fitted with 3 degree Draw Offset. I still hit it an average of 280 yards total and keep it in the Fairway 9/10 times. Why in the HELL would I want to spend $500-$700 on a new Driver?…LMAO.

TBAG AfraidGaming says:

Style doesn’t matter but skill does matter.

Stephen DiBari says:

Great review Owen. I agree with the forgiveness on the Epic Subzero Driver, especially on strikes toward the Toe. That is my only negative of the Epic Subzero.

For me, the slight improvements in the Rouge Subzero Driver and another $500 doesn’t justify me making a change.

Now the Ping G400 Max is definitely a Driver I would change into, after seeing your review and others it’s looks awesome. Highest MOI in the market (most forgiving) and low spin is an awesome combination.

The only thing holding me back would be the lie angle. Ping’s website says 58 deg. (For the 9 deg. Model) which is an average of the 5 settings. I emailed Ping to see if I can get a custom order at 56 degrees, I’m sure they can bend it.

Subzero comes in at 56 deg. And that’s what I need

Matt Holbrook Golf says:

Nice jumper.

Gordon Parker says:

Tested M4 against Rogue and Ping G400 and Ping G400 max in Golf galaxy and M4 came out on top for me for distance, control, consistency and feel so M4 is going in my bag

Stewart Scannell says:

I’ve recently purchased the cobra f8 and it’s brilliant!! I put the 12g weight in the draw position as I tend to fade a little and I also hit high. So that’s optimal for me and I also set it at 9.5 dog loft. I’m now driving the greens at the 300 mark. Highly recommend it!

Phil Snelman says:

I think I’ll stick with my Ping G2

Organic Pleasures says:

Love it, thank you!!!!
I’m a 350 yd average drive player,any advice?

No Here Kruger says:

I still smoke people on the tee box with my 2009 Cleveland Hibore. I actually used it as a practice club in my back yard smashing walnuts (big green balls, whatever they are) in my back yard for two years. Threw it back in the bag for shits and giggles and destroy EVERY ONE with the newest, latest and greatest drivers and just laugh my ass off.

Billy Bumbalough says:

Have you tested any Tour Edge Exotic clubs an all American manufacturer who’s clubs are winning on tour and champions tour the only manufacturer who does not pay pro’s to play they play because of the finest equipment available to date.

Jimmy Lim says:

Hi Owen and all, any reason why titleist drivers didn’t make the top 5? Are they really that lacking behind from these drivers? I am just curious and have been playing titleist drivers since their 900 series. Stick to recent revolutions as the catridges are the same in the last 8 years…hence my reluctance to change…tq if you could share reasons or your opinion of what is off with titleist drivers. Tq

William Russell says:

Would you consider the Max the best version of the G400 series? Spin numbers have it as low as the LST in all reviews.

Thomas says:

i need that rogue!

Darrell Williams says:

How stupid , 2018 hasn’t even begun for a top 5 driver list as several companies produce 3 -5 drivers in a year .

William james Hines says:

Very good intuition for learners

Neil Amalfitano says:

Thanks for making this video I was torn between ping and callaway I’m going with ping max

Elijah Cawthon says:

I like m2 drivers sososososoososoosososososososososososososososossosososososososososososo much.

14goldmedals says:

I wonder if BMW cares that Taylormade basically stole their M-Series car badge design including the colours?

J Bringas says:

Hi Owen. Of these drivers, which has the loudest sound?

William Russell says:

G400 Max vs Rogue SZ?

simmi352 says:

Is there a way to get around COR limit? perhaps the current testing method for COR isn’t working or is it just a marketing thing?

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