TOP 5 DRIVERS 2017 2018

TOP 5 DRIVERS 2017 2018

Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks his top 5 drivers of 2017 and going into 2018. See who makes the list of 262 big shots and who tops the chart thats not really a chart. Can Callaway Beat Taylormade or Ping pip Titleist or will Mizuno or Cobra golf make a show. This is a Daily Vlog where Mark challenges the use of these kind of list videos and who really wins by them being made.

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Michael Skinner says:

I upgraded my whole bag earlier this year and went and tried all the top higher end manufacturers. As a high handicapper what I should have done was just picked my preferred brand and got fit for them, as I think all these clubs will give the results you can/are able to play to, if properly fitted for you. I’ve now got Ping G400’s from driver to gap, with 2x Glide 2.0 wedges and I love the whole set. Prior to buying these I changed putter to an Odessey O-Works #1w. Had a quick’ish fit for a new putter at my local AG and this was recommended in the shop. I get on ok with it but not great, and what I’ve now realised is I don’t really like Odessey or Callaway (just my personal preference), what I really want is a Cameron (it’s an “in the head” thing I reckon) so that’s what I’m getting for Xmas!

Michael Rood says:


Tom Maskelyne says:

haha sounds like you passed wind when you got in the car at 6:50 in the video…. incident

BFG says:

SHOTS FIRED…..RS has taken one to the chest

Dinesh Moorjani says:

5 lessons with you would be great.

Todd Howard says:

All I want is my ex girlfriend back.. 🙁 can you help Mark??

Dodgybr0 says:

Love to see a comparison video which has clubs of extreme fittings (max negative lie, max positive lie, long shafts, short shafts, soft shafts, XXStiff shafts etc). Show what happens when you hit clubs NOT fit for you.

gbright99 says:

I want a Ping 54 and 58 wedges

S.Forbes says:

Really struggling to justify getting a new driver. Currently using a Callaway X2 Hot and really like it . Do people think I would benefit from the newer technology or is it just a good as anything out there.

Mj Sport says:

First of all I love golf, which in tern causes me to seek out videos from ppl with more experience, of the game and equipment ext. I consider your videos as some of the best. Now why I like top 5 or ten videos about clubs. I feel as a hobbyist golfer like myself who can’t afford or has the time to test clubs all the time. I can take your top 5 and say compare it to 5 more top 5 videos and narrow it down to something that I think is a club worth me taking a chance on that I haven’t had time to actually play. That’s why I like top club videos. Thanks for all your videos also

dongolfnut says:

For Xmas miura passing point irons when are you going to test some ? Great channel keep it going.

Paul Metzger says:

Hey Mark, just wanted to say that I have been watching your videos for a long time and your equipment reviews are honest and spot on. Great job taking these clubs out to the course so we can see what they really can do. Also, noticed on an older video that you played a few rounds in Las Vegas recently. Would be interested in knowing when you are back in town just to shake your hand. Have a great Holiday season!

Kim Nathan Inwon says:

What about choose the top 5 how they are cost effective?

Stuart Wright says:

Lolz @ 9 drivers in your top 5 😀

Tristen Motter says:

Getting a ping g driver stiff for Christmas. Going to replace a cobra bio cell pro. 🙂

John Ryan says:

For me 2 years into my novice ship I’ve had 2 drivers a big Bertha and this year a Ben Ross rip speed 10 – I’m useless with drivers it’s like hitting a ball with a tv on the end of a stick

Robert McDougall says:

Mark get sponsored by a coffee company, you always start you vlogs with one.

Scott Menard says:

P790 left handed irons

bgrritchiet says:

I would like a set of the Cleveland HB Hibore irons.

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