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r1ashad says:

Man, I was nervious as to where my driver was going to fall if at all in this line up. I purchased the Ping G400 Max based off Ricks multiple reviews just before Father’s Day and thought the G400 Max would suit me best to get fitted for. Thanks Rick!

rich the golfer bod says:

Thanks Rick. I don’t think you should have ranked PXG lower for its price! It would be better to rank them on their performance and then let us
decide whether we can afford them. Great review!

Q C says:

Great video! Are you going to do an Iron set list? I would take any of these drivers, though the Cobra, Mizuno or the Ping.

herman ng says:

G400 MAX sounds good

brizZzan says:

Where is the Fairway woods , 3 woods top 10

Paul Spackman says:

Couldn’t agree more, tried a few on this list when choosing a new driver this year and nothing made me want to get change my ping g driver, until the g400 max! So forgiving, definitely my go to club. Love it.

Glenn Turner says:

I would love to see distance of all the listed drivers Rick in your testing.

Clement Sin says:


David Bassila says:

Love my epic

Joel Watson says:

Mr. Shiels, I am beginning to appreciate much more your interest in teaching golfers about equipment and the functionality of the designs as I watch more of your videos. I am sort of a new follower and believer in Shiels and Pete’s escapades. Golf Duffers like me are hungry to learn more about how to play what is in our bags with better performance. And also why the club performs better. It is nice to be able to make an occasional shot like you and Pete do on the course. Please keep up the good efforts to teach and entertain us. Las Vegas Duffer; Joel


Awsome video rick!

Fred Garvin says:

Gotta be completely honest, the PXG feels the MOST solid to me. I’m a zero to 4 handicap depending on the time of year. The Ping is awesome too! I don’t care for the current Callaway offerings. TM was my 3rd spot. The PXG felt the most stable! It had the best dispersion rate for me. Hitting a lot more fairways!

Tony Kieffer says:

Have you tried the XXIO X driver and the XXIO X Prime driver?

C Zhang says:

Try Ryoma

Phil Nano says:

F8 for me. Need to upgrade from my bio cell.

Lau Chan Liang says:

Cobra F8, easy to hit

the gaming hax cheat engine says:

you posted the video on my birthday plz send me agood putter i got 22,2 in hcp my email

Kyle Partridge says:

Can you try the tour edge hl3 for us higher handicappers?

Station 2Station says:

PING G400 Max? In your review you said it was terrible sounding -so loud you said you’d not bag it. But in this list you say it sounds great.

skip campbell says:

great information rick thanks! your videos have really helped my game!

Jarrett Snare says:

That Wilson driver is so strange to me, and I cannot find it anywhere near me, I would love to give it a go! I also am currently in a Callaway Razr X Black so it is up there in years!

Mathias Hindsig says:

I want the Mizuno driver. The look is just amazing, and if been stuck with the same wrong shafted driver for 3 years now. Really need a new one

cwsfan16 says:

Can I make a suggestion for a video… I haven’t play golf for a few years, but would love to get back into it. It seems like every time that I look into prices of new clubs, they seem to double every year (I know… over exaggeration). Could you do a video of a full set of clubs at some reasonable price points from different manufactures? I’m not looking for the up-to-date, come out this year type of clubs, maybe something that is maybe 3-5 years old, but still worth the quality. And maybe a couple certain price points, like maybe $1000, $1500, and $2000 and maybe a couple different brands thrown in there? It would be greatly appreciated

Brandon Arseneau says:

How about a video of mid priced drivers such as the ta1 for us guys that are on a tighter budget.  Im looking at getting back into golf after 20 years of not playing more than 1 or 2 times a year, and need to upgrade my equipment.

docjoe1 says:

Great job on this review!

Brett Mettner says:

Ping G400 Max would be my choice of driver as it looks to have everything I would need in a Driver

Conor H says:

Cobra King F8 as I’ve always been a fan of their irons and it’s great to see them delivering in the woods.

Michael Slinger says:

Had a go with the Callaway Rogue Subzero after watching this video. It’s almost impossible to curve the ball it’s that forgiving.

Michael Geers says:

Titleist TS2!!!

Glenn Turner says:

Callaway Rogue looking great

Robert Salazar says:

I think the M3 should have been higher because its more forgiving then most

Chris Gilligan says:

I’ve come across a bunch of your reviews in my search for a new driver. You put a lot of detail and personal experience into your videos….which I’ve found to be quite helpful and relevant. I am looking at picking up the Ping G400 Max driver – partly due to your review and also the results that I had testing many of these top 10 drivers head to head in the simulator. Appreciate all the effort you put into your reviews. Cheers.

robizsak61 says:

would love to grab one of those M3’s! My misses are heel and toe, and the driver is really the only thing keeping me from breaking 80 consistently!

Harry sweetland says:

Top ten long irons plz

Andrew Rivera says:

Completely agree, Ping G400 Max is in my bag!

Rick Shiels Golf says:

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Benjamin Thigpen says:

so I’ve been shanking my irons off the heel all of a sudden after about a year of never doing it, anyone got any tips?

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