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M.A Rodriguez says:

Do you forsee Wilson making the great big comeback ?

Over Thetop says:

This is a negative statement about a very good video. Your swing speed is obviously not common to the average golfer, so what value is your opinion for the average golfer regarding drivers and clubs? Why not include facts and figures for slower and swing speeds. I’m sure you recognize most folks fabricate how far and fast they hit the ball. I watch your vids and wonder will that help or hinder my game!

Connor Hess says:

Cleveland launcher hub affordable, good looking well performing.

henry keeton says:

hi rick I have just started playing properly and am shooting good scores any extra tips you can give me

Aaron Messick says:

#5 Epic in my bag. Can’t disagree such an awesome club.

남성도 says:

I think M4 is my first pick in view of accuracy and straightness as well as distance.

John Malihi says:

Tiger, Rory, Day, Johnson, Koepka all use Taylormade M3 and it’s all the way down there?

brian stray says:

Evening Rick can you please tell me when you are reviewing the new Cobra F9 driver cheers

Wil Ok31 says:

Great video Rick!

Bill Woledge says:

How about a test on an adjustable driver with it set at the extremes of each setting to see how much difference adjustment actually makes?

Dan says:

Can you review XXIO clubs?

Mike West says:

Ping G400 Max because of it’s forgiveness and looks

Ridge Dale says:

Whuuut a video

Ruth Mathison says:

Solid list!!!

Gratton White says:

So the Wilson Staff was one of the best performing clubs tested but because of sound it came in 8th? Lmao 306 average…and come in 8th…so it’s not about performance obviously it’s about preference……Joke….

Rick Shiels Golf says:

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Darrell Johnson says:

My Cobra F8 came in 4th, I can live with that!

Michael Brohl says:

In your full review of the G400 Max you said you didn’t like the sound of it. In this you say it sounds great. I’m a bit confused. Love your channel though. Keep up the good work.

Ajay Patel says:

Can you take a look at the Tommy Armour TA1 Driver

Ron Irwin says:

“Oh eight eleven”, Rick. “Oh eight eleven “. Artillery

Rafael Montandon says:

Rick, is Callaway Rogue as good as Rogue SZ? What is the difference?

Andre Dylan says:

Rick why do you say sounds amazing the G400 Max and you said it is the best driver when in the other video you said it sounds awful and you would never add to your beg and here you prize and the best….I hope you are still objective in yiur review….And you don’t get sponsors to change your mind.. Very disappointed

Wayne says:

Hey Rick, thanks for the great work you do. I’m a huge fan and love your work.

Here’s an idea. Next time you review a driver like the Ping G400 Max or the Taylormade M3/M4, that claims to be forgiving of draw or hook shots, how about getting a mid- or high-handicapper in to swing the club? It’s clear that you can hit all the good shots in the world, but the guys who those drivers and clubs are aimed at might see different results. I certainly hit the G400 Max a whole lot straighter than I do the G400, and I’m wondering how other weekend-warriors get along with it or the M3/M4 drivers, and others…?

Again, thanks for the huge efforts you put into this game for all of us.

Jesse Waddell says:

Where would the Titleist TS range fit in if they were released when you made this video?

Leon Goddard says:

Surprized the M4 twist face didn’t make the list. Would it have even made the top 20?

Ganesh Muthukrishnan says:

love that cobra too..

Mont Wright says:

Taylor made

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