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Patrick Washington says:

I just tested all the new drivers against my TM SLDR driver . Hit my SLDR 270-290 on average, widely dispersed . The two best were the epic and m1.The epic was 290-305 on average, it sprayed around a little . The TM m1 had a much tighter dispersal and I averaged 295-315. The M1 was also $120 cheaper. Needless to say The M1 is now in my bag:)

Dakota James says:

Callaway for the win

Peter Hahn says:


mon morales says:

Hi Rick! Is it possible to test the Epic using 3 different shaft flex – stiff, regular and senior? This is to compare carry distance and dispersion. Thanks!

Justin Hernandez says:

Wish you would’ve gotten around to testing the srixon drivers for this year

Ilias Najah says:

Top 10 Balls please!!

Hale Choi says:

Shave the beard Rick !!!! pls

Jon Wilson says:


M106M M says:

Hey Rick, good review, have you tried the Krank Formula 7 yet?

안지환 says:

so far, the best driver in my life~ callaway x2hot series & mizuno jpx series … these are fantastic

mharri333 says:

Great video. Just bought the Ping G400. Love it.

Ethan Clouser says:

Actually I found that the new TaylorMade drivers went further than last years model. Epic isn’t bad, but sound stinks

Ethan Downton says:

I’ve been using the callaway epic driver later and I absolutely love it I just love everything about it

Aztlack Pädlo says:

Rick do you do drugs or for what reason is the Wilson before the 917 and why is the titleist 9th you don’t believe this yourself

Marc-Antoine Lamy says:

Srixon new driver??

James Smith says:

Rick there is a japanese golf brand called XXIO that is starting the flood the NZ and Aus markets its already a top seller in Japan. I got a 3 hybrid for my birthday mid July. I now use it off the tee dont touch my Driver or 3 Wood its the most forgiving club I have ever used and the distance increase I get from it is fantastic. Like I said I wont use my Driver and Wood again until I get a XXIO Driver and Wood. You may disagree and fair enough but I think you should give them a crack and see what you think.

Julian Roberts says:

Another top review I love your honesty, good to see Wilson make the list a couple of times, under rated brand

Scotty doesn'tKNOW says:

I hated hitting the epic. Absolutely couldn’t hit it. And it looked really ugly to me as well.

Ethan Clouser says:

Actually I found that the new TaylorMade drivers went further than last years model. Epic isn’t bad, but sound stinks

Paul Chmura says:

Do you have a top Hybirds? Need a new one, usually Titleist, but your 818 didn’t blow me away, nor did the Epic

adri vreeke says:

Not any Japan drivers like Romaro?

MrJamescord says:

Where is the Long Drive Champion- The Krank Driver, they keep on winning and winning and winning, why don’t you go the extra mile and get one! Bet the other golf companies will not let you!!!

Brandon Alan says:

Hey if you’re gonna be a fanboy, at least be consistent and you have been with the Epic.

Luke Manion says:

Its great that you took price into account for your list

Nicholas Smith says:

The Taylormade M1 440 is better than 460. Who cares about symmetrical on the bottom? I picked up 2-3 mph club head speed with this years m1

Sodthong says:

Wilson above Titleist… RALMAO

dean house says:

looking at trying the Wilson drivers..i do love my fgv2 irons

David Yuskow says:

Triton is $149.00 on Wilson web page might be worth a try at that price.

Tyler Morgan says:

do the Cobra FMax

James Flynn says:

Beardless Rick tho…

hansley franco says:

I just test the epic the other day and i fell in love with it so nice feels awesome and performance well !!

Steve Smith says:

Have to agree with a few of the comments on the Epic. It failed to perform compared to my 2016 M1 and 2016 GBB, for not only length but disbursement also. Returned the Epic and got my two trade ins (M1&GBB) back, and am a happy camper again. I did demo the Ping 400 and was really impressed with it’s performance for a senior with a swing speed in their to hi 80’s. Other golfers during the demo day with Ping, senior level also thought it was the ideal club for slower swing speeds.
Can’t go with your best 10 this time Rick..

Jon Wilson says:

I thought he hated the Epic Sub Zero?

Andy Wallace says:

Did he try the Srixon, I couldn’t be bother watch, like his reviews but he goes on a bit, I have the M2, 917 and the 765 and the 765 beats the other two hands down. For me and my swing anyway.

Craig Pollard says:

Can I assume you’re yet to test the Srixon Z565?
Given ‘My Golf Spy’ named it their driver of the year, I figured it would have deserved a place in your Top 10.

Clinton Worden says:

Ive just been fitted to a new driver tried them all best one for my flight and spin was the Epic sub Zero even though i really liked the Mizuno and taylormade i went with what was best for my game so I just had to go with it numbers tell it all at great review thanks Rick

JoeyC Garnette says:

Hey Rick, I need some help. I’m 16 years old and so far have broken 3 Driver shafts. I take care of my equipment. My bag is brand new and is padded, so nothing wears down the shafts. I can hit my 9 iron 150 yards and sometimes further. The 3 shafts I broke were Project X HZRDOUS 6.0 (Stiff) shafts. 2 were 55 grams which were on a Callaway GBB Epic and the one I broke today was a 63 gram which was on a 2017 Taylormade M1 Driver. I don’t know if I need extra stiff shafts or if I need to get a different brand of shafts. I though getting a different Driver would help but they’re all graphite and so I’m stuck on what I should do. I don’t want to keep returning a broken shaft to the pro shop.

Craig Moodley says:

you need to test the Tour Edge Exotics EX10 driver

Gary Snider says:

I had the ping G driver. I went and tested Epic, Ping 400, M2, 912 d and the Cobra F7. After an hour of testing it came down to the Epic and Cobra F7. I found the Cobra F7 was the easiest to hit with a cheaper price tag. I have played two rounds with the F7. Miss hits were around 230-250 distance and perfect hits around 280-315. I am a bogey golfer, guessing 14 to 16 handicap. Thanks Rick for the great reviews!

Will Schwarz says:

If I can’t hit my current driver straight, is a new club or lessons the better investment?

John Steele says:

Cobra Fly Z +. Love it and you were impressed as well. .

Garrett Gilmore says:

I would love to know your opinion on these drivers on performance ONLY!!! I will play a vomit green driver that is the ugliest thing ever made if I know it is the best performing driver out there. So MINUS looks, sound, and anything else that is not performance based. What THEN is your BEST top 10 drivers?? Thank you and I love your vids 🙂

Matala67 says:

Great reviews as always, I really enjoy your channel Rick. Truly one of the best, keep up the great work.

Jeff Dent says:

Hi Rick, very keen to watch your top 10 wedges for 2017 video as am in the market (being left handed its hard to try them) for an upgrade. Just wondering if you have a release date for it?

John Davis says:

This was very helpful. I love the look of the Mizuno. I play the MP5 bladed irons. My driver is 7 years old. I have a chance of getting one half off. This made my mind up

Olaf Krebeck says:

Excellent driver presentation, Thx

ArkJag says:

They’re all the same.

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