Rick Shiels selects his favourite drivers so far of 2016!

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Wireline .Cables says:

Which one of these drivers would be good for a high handicapper?

theMANxGOLFER says:

D4 has been the best performing in my tests. M2 still has low spin but more control. I think D4 would have been around #6 in this review given it’s price point. I was disappointed you said the D4 was smaller given it has a larger volume head than the D3, but is lower spinning and quieter. Guess the lack of experience with the club explains why and price point would decrease the rating anyway.

Jose Enrique S says:

Hi Rick!
I am curious to know why you didn’t mentioned the BIG BERTHA 816 DBD?
Thank you!!!

seamus judge says:

how can a club be a flying machine?? Rick these vlogs are just a sad attempt at trying to cash in on what Mark Crossfield does so much better, you’re boring to listen too, so monotone, I fell asleep at number 7, From now on I’m going to play your video to my 2 year old when he’s going to bed, the kid will be in a coma in no time. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

pete Cordery says:


n_teter20 says:

Thanks, Rick. This and all your other club-testing videos really help, as I’m getting fitted for new clubs soon.

Ewen Lindsay says:

Is it just me or does the callaway xr 16 and the xr 16 pro have a smaller face than most other drivers?

Scott Free says:

I thought the same thing about the nike driver… Demo day I was killing it but with those colors I just couldn’t buy it, glad they have black coming out

cgasucks says:

I knew the M2 would be tops after the M1 came in at #7.

Malcolm A. says:

Love this sort of vlog Rick; may not totally agree with all your choices but it would be boring if we all agreed on everything!
Cheers and thanks

Jason Drury says:

Love these club reviews normally however this one is ridiculously stupid… Ranks 6 other drivers over the driver that beats out all others and makes it into the bag… So stupid and makes zero sense!

Richard New says:

1 and 2 wrong way round. Our figures proved it

stuffwithKYLE says:

I think Rick just said the flaws about the m1 to show the m2

lucas pieruccini says:

I still have the M2 in my bag it is amzming I like the epic but too much money I got the M2 2016 model for a steal this year brand new and I love it and it is the same as the M1 but more forgiving and just less adjustability but in less you’re pro you really don’t need all the adjustability & I see some pros even using the M2 over the M1 to this day which I thought was a Lil crazy but just shows how good the M2 is I love it!!

Lee Glover Golf says:

Why not put the M2 in ure bag.??

Jamie Purvis says:

Xr16 for me , only as I got rid of the m2 lol

Elliot Hick says:

just bought an m2 today. used to have a nike covert tour 2 .0 but gained 25!!!!!!! yards with the m2

Matthew De Ridder says:

everybody says the taylormade m1 is too expensive, but the shafts that are offered are way more pricey than the other drivers. if you don’t think a shaft is worth it, I just got fit. I picked up an average of 22 yards by getting the rogue 60 silver over the best stock shaft (tini 60)

Konrad G says:

and titleist 917 ??

Kemeky says:

Where should I buy golf clubs and bags, etc. There is a Dick’s Sporting Goods near me, should I get it from there?

colin lutz says:

Thanks Rick for the videos I like watching them and they help me too

Michael Pasvantis says:

Great video Rick, couldn’t agree more with the M2 as the top choice. Really kinda funny and maybe a little embarrassing for TaylorMade on that one. They release a cheaper version of their flagship club only to have it outperform it. Hard to see how they could improve upon the M2 and I wonder what they will call the next version of it and the M1 given that TaylorMade releases new clubs every 15 minutes lol

Shane Thompson says:

Great stuff, in the market for a new driver and this will help me make a call.
Was thinking Taylor Made M1, maybe now not.

Johnson Tyler says:

HI Rick. did you also include honma and yamaha in testing drivers?

gary mcdonald says:

August 2015 I was custom fit by ping for G30 ls tec 9degree turned up to 10 degree with a tour regular shaft. This took my spin down from 4000rpm with G20 9.5degree regular down to 2900rpm and 20 yards further. I tried M2 driver in American golf launch monitor when trading in G20 driver for an M2 3wood, in both stiff and regular spin was down to 2000rpm and I was getting same distance number as G30 and ball speed. My local professional is retiring and on last day of sale sold me M2 10.5 degree stiff for £200. I was going to use M2 as practice and spare driver as G30 brought handicap down from 17 to 14 last year and i have never been below 16 in 20 years as a club golfer. However after 3 winter 14 hole rounds the M2 is longer and just as forgiving as G30 I was custom fit for. I think after this video my mind is made up M2 will be used in competition this year and G30 will be spare rain driver as I put a corded compound grip on it.

Hyong Kim says:

very cool

Wz Tr says:

the m1 looks terrible

platypusg304 says:

I saw an m2 at dicks sporting goods and it was too expensive for me and it will ruin my swing

Billy Bumbalough says:

This is crap you picked only 10 manufactures and said they were your top 10, where is the other 30 companies you tested????
How about the Titlist D 17, the Tour Edge Exotics Drivers and their new Irons the CB PRO Tungsten weighted hollow body similar to the M2 irons that you did not test, although you tested the M2 driver. Tour Edge is played by more PGA Tour pro’s without pay then any other club maker in the market place today and is older than most.
I would love to see your comparison of the Tour Edge products against any and all other companies.

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