Titleist TS2 & Titleist TS3 Driver Review and Fitting

Titleist have just released their brand new TS Project Woods. Including the Titleist TS2 and Titleist TS3 Drivers. I’ve been lucky enough to put the drivers head to head on Trackman. Test them against my current Taylormade M3 and get fitted into a brand new Titleist Driver. What is the difference? What’s the new technology in the new heads? I go in depth with Nick the Titleist fitter and find out just why these clubs are causing such a stir both on the PGA Tour and European Tour.

Which Is the best driver for high handicaps? Which is the best driver for mid handicaps? Which is the best driver for low handicaps?

If you would like to see an on course comparison of tge


Matt Aamold says:

Too bad Titleist doesn’t have a staff role for testing all their new products before they launch. All day hitting clubs and helping them be successful, If they do I’m in !

Paul Crossland says:

You want to be careful James – TM, might right you if the Xmas card list like Crossfield

Zachary Milos says:

I think seeing guys like JT and other PGA guys put it in straight away speaks to how good the driver is. Same when how G400 went in many bags as soon as they could. Never been a Titleist guy but I am probably going to give these a go.

Mike Eastridge says:

Great review James. I am still using 917 D2 Matrix red tie stiff 45 inches (didnt like 917). Which of the two new drivers do you think would be closest in looks and performance to 915 D2 ? thanks. Mike.

Bandit Baker says:

I got a slight inclination that you quite liked the TS3, just a little bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony Westwell says:

Great fitting James. Would love a go with these.

Petter emberson says:

interesting about shaft length, few tour pro’s have gone back to 45/44inch and who did Dennis healy play football for……Westminster united?. ha ha ha.

Jim Swyer says:

Great Vid.  Impressive job by Nick for the fitting.  I will have to take a look at these.

Tommie Thatcher says:

Wow what a lucky boy and a big thank you for sharing your fitting with us

Keith Harris says:

I want one lol…

Liang Chaw says:

Thanks James!!Love these Videos!!

Juan Colmenares says:

It’s the first time I feel excited for a driver. I can’t wait to test them!

Jon Ward says:

Very good, very informative. Keep up the great work

Patrick Foster says:

Great vid can’t wait to try, but wasn’t Denis Healey a politician??

Sgt Pepper says:

Dennis Healy wasn’t a footballer,he was a labour politician lol

thomas ross says:

The club is 1/2 inch longer. Almost all professionals on tour use 44.50 to 45.00 in. drivers to hit more fairways. Your swing plane is flat. Shorter shaft needed. Most golfers are going to be fitted in shorted shafts. The driver head weight will have to be altered on a custom fit. New customers are going to be fooled by the longer length increasing distance. You still need mass to increase MOI. The stock heads will be too light. Beware of setting higher lie angles. Swingweight will decrease. I really want to spend $750 for new driver for 5 yards. All the new driver’s have same COR at max.limits. None of the tour players have won with it yet! Question: Why do all the English teaching professionals use an early wrist set to manipulate club face & shorten backswing width. Is this a standard teaching concept?

Tom Rickard says:

will one go in the bag?

David Calderbank says:

James they look like a cheap club. Like the cheap ts srixon drver. Sorry

Jlarios06 says:

Honestly I never see a big difference between most drivers out there from a performance standpoint. All brands have the same performance in a different package. It’s all about preference and marketing.

Kev Giles says:

Nice review James! I’m booked in for Monday vs my Epic Driver, not expecting to see the gains you have seen but a little more excited now after your video! Cheers and keep up the great content

Travis Sawicky says:

Great video and fitting! Very jealous!

Dean Bowditch says:

James I have a 905T in my bag and after this video I think I don’t like it anymore . And I don’t know why . It’s all your fault Jimmy .

Craig Berry says:

David healey…

Jason Kissoon says:

BAAAHAHAHAHA 13:16 pockets a handful of tees!!!!!

Ian Shepherd says:

sooo ts3=pink unicorn? lol love it. in the bag!

Paul Bown says:

I have been waiting for this one!
Top vid!
Best and most in-depth TS review on YouTube!

Lefty SoCal Golfer says:

i am so glad i waited on buying an M3 driver. I was hoping against hope that Titleist was finally going to go all in on distance without sacrificing everything i love about Titleist. It looks like they pulled it off. Can’t wait to get my hands on one. I’ll go in with an open mind but i think the TS3 is going in my bag this fall.


The Weekend Hack says:

These drivers must be legit if you did 2 separate videos on it

David Hall says:

Nice vid, James. They sound like a Titleist should. Will have to try these out.

Jason Kissoon says:

I can’t wait to try these out. Pretty good review, I like how you talk about what you feel rather than a ton of numbers. That what it comes down to for us average golfers, feel, confidence, and the ability to hit it straight.

Gordon Crawford says:

Just love your enthusiasm in your videos. Keep up the great work. Still love my g400 max tho.

anderman1970 says:

Great video and a great fit, numbers don’t lie!.

hbyrdut says:

Maybe I missed it. What shaft were you fitted for?

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