Titleist TS Driver Review

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http://txg.ca – Our in-depth review of the new Titleist TS2 and TS3 drivers, have Titleist finally made a driver fast enough to compete with Taylormade and Callaway? We tested these new drivers against the Ping G400 LST which has been a great all-around performer in 2018 to see how they stack up!

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois



Craig Berry says:

I’ve had two fittings to date. TS3 10.5 Average 15-20 yards carry, 5mph ball speed increase (note my current m2 has 12 degrees of loft) so not too shabby. Need to test an M4 10.5 too see if im getting similar results

Scott Warner says:

A really good review. I currently play 917 D3, which is a great driver, in my opinion it is better than the 2017 m1 which I gamed before the 917 D3, There appears to be a mind set that Titleist drivers are expensive, but not as good as other manufactures on the market & this is just wrong.
I prefer the colour, 440cc head & the shape of the 917 D3 over the TS. TS won’t be going in my bag & I am not sold on twist face, I use roll and

I would like to see a comparison of the 917 D3 against the TS D3, because I think it will show that the 917 D3 was better than many gave it

mike best says:

Hopefully get my TS2 this week after a fitting , gained over 15 yards over the 917 ,personally I like the 917 ,it’s a great driver but the TS2 worked better was longer and a bit more forgiving .Tried the 10.5 and liked the rainbow flight but the fitter said 9.5 was longer with penetrating flight and more run out so went with that .TS3 was nice but was inconsistent with it ,dispersion was a lot wider .My own shaft worked the best and gave the best numbers so it was a good test Great video guys .

William Russell says:

When do you guys planning on doing PXG drivers review? I recall you guys saying it was going to be a day of PXG sometime soon.

cjsnowdon says:

Hi Guys! another great vid!!

This tee (yeah I said tee haha) is proving popular: http://www.golfjoytee.com

Is this gimmick? Can you test and do something on tees (as ridiculous as that sounds haha)


goodswen mark says:

you never showed the playing position

Zachary Milos says:

Picked up the Z785 because of the risk free 60 days. Paired it with a Tensei Pro Blue and it seems miles more forgiving than my 2016 M2. Oddly enough I was constantly further down the fairway than with the M2 which was a big surprise. OEM’s still seem to be making progress, glad to see Titleist is, too.

Brian Felder says:

I got fitted into a TS3 with Evenflow 6.0………we did not adjust any of the “cartridge weights” while fitting. Which brings me to this question:
After the fitting, I bought the “like” driver in the shop, and have now seen some left side misses and ball flights that I saw NONE of in my fitting. Given this, could you educate me on that I may think to try as far as adjusting weight in the back to help eliminate left side?
Club was fit and currently sitting in the B1 setting. Thank you guys

mike kloentrup says:

Thinking txg needs to cut you two a bonus check for all the extra gear and fittings you’ve brought the business since you’ve started up

Dave Hanstein says:

I agree with Matt, they do feel ‘soft’, which I love! FWs are awesome too!

hi2meb says:

Had a fitting fitting with TS2 with Evenflow shaft. My standard Rogue with Accra shaft outperformed TS2

Jacob Streiff says:

Here we go…an honest review coming up

xTimx2002 says:

with a wafer thin crown….i’d be wary about amateurs that are just starting out in the game, to get this club… i’ve seen so many people, hit way too high on the head and hit the edge of the crown and crack it. i’d be very scared to damage this club as well.

Mohit Lakha says:

Should’ve included stock shaft options and performance

Damian Plante says:

Iran my swing speed is as fast or faster than Matt’s my average carry with my driver is 290 295 mi spin rate is a little high I play a g400 lst with adila rip phenom nl tx shaft will tipping it an inch or inch and half lower my spin rate

Mel Waller says:

Great timing guys. Just got fitted for TS2 yesterday. Tried new Srixon, G400 Max, and Titleist. TS2 felt great and gave me best results. I’m 64 with good flexibility and swing speed was about 95. Can’t wait to get out this morning with it in the bag. (Also picked up my new Srixon 785s that had come in)

Mohit Lakha says:

Otherwise fantastic video! 🙂

Gary Thompson says:

I loved my 910 D3 and used it for 3 seasons before switching it out – tried 913 series (dud), 915 (close but not quite) and 917 (disappointing). Look forward to seeing if TS series can rope me back into their stable by outperforming my G400 Aldila NV2KXV…A++ review gents!!

Lefty SoCal Golfer says:

I was just fitted for a TS3 !

I have been gaming a 917D2 for 2 years now. I loved it because of how straight it was but was never especially long with it.

I’ve been in the gym over these last 2+ years and have been doing yoga so I’ve picked up a ton of speed. I went from around 99-100mph swing speed to 109-112 ( I can get it up to 120 when I really want to).

My 917 D2 just wasn’t working for me anymore. I was on my 3rd shaft, had it cranked down to 8.75 and had even counterweighted it.

I was on the verge of buying an M3 when the TS Line came out! After getting fit for both I chose the TS3 for 3 reasons.
1) the TS3 was longer for me on mishits.
2) Titleist has always done a great job of supporting lefties and so have earned some loyalty from me.
3) I’m an admitted Titleist fan boy.

It was really close. Really close. If I could own both and switch back and forth between them for fun I would.

Steele Brandon says:

I picked up 9 yard compared to my old 917 d3 the club all around feels a lot better than the last model. Would love to see the 3 wood compared to others aswell.

Vito Rizzo says:

I’ve been waiting for this one, liking the TS3 look more I emailed about your next available fitting as I know you will be heading south soon. You have the stock shafts as well?

sduke39 says:

It’s nice to see Titleist back in the top driver discussion. They sort of fell behind the leaders for several years.

Robert Salazar says:

Great review! I went to get fit today and got much better numbers then my M3 and thats mostly because I bought the M3 off the shelf and didn’t have the right shaft or flex until today. gained 8MPH Ball speed which helped in gaining distance big time! Thanks. for the recommendation of getting fit it made a difference.

William Russell says:

Love the looks, feel, and sound. I could never get the spin below 3k on either the TS3 or TS2. Even with TPT, Pro Orange, just couldn’t get it down.

Felix says:

Tried it, good driver but nothing that would make me replace my epic

Stories with Aly says:

Interesting because after trying very thoroughly (range, fittings, shafts, lengths, weights, grips) various driver and fairway heads (from mizuno, rogue, tm3/4, ping g400/max, cobra f8, wilson c300, srixon z785 …) this is the first time I found a driver that I like (look, feel, sound, performance, consistency) and that gave me a consistent 30 yd more carry than any of the others. Also I went through several sessions of fittings even when we honed in the right head for me (ts3 in driver, ts2 in the 5 wood) on an open range with gc quad hitting 100 balls (did the same for every head – the competitor at the end of the day was the m3) to ensure optimal minimal dispersion (length and width). Indeed as some others i know have found just because one (eg ts3) is best in the driver does not mean that the same ts3 is best in the fairway. Dialing in also required compensating weights (also for the fairway wood) for length cut, shaft choices and more. Also contrary to previous fittings where “swingweight” was emphasized as being key I have found the contrary to be the case with launch conditions, spin, carry distance, dispersion being more important at least on this occasion.

Johnny Penso says:

Looks like a good head design from Titleist. Competition for the best in driver heads.

Anders Pedersen says:

Love Titleist, but been avoiding their drivers for a while now… Am SO stoked their “their and about” now ! I know whats on my wishlist for Christmas now for sure !!!

Jared Votaw says:

Matty was BOMBING those!

matt dipadua says:

When you say cobra is better for a steep guy you mean if i have a steep swing the cobra would fit me the best

hbyrdut says:

Titleist is claiming you get a more consistent ball speed with strike all across the face. Did you see that in your testing?

Eric Bond says:

Do these really come with premium shafts?

Stein Fonell says:

Yeah – we don’t want the marketing fluff – so take your time re equipment. You are in a different league anyway…

fergytheprop says:

Great review as usual guys would love to know how you have found the performance on these drivers in the 90-95mph swing speed range. I currently use a Callaway GBB Alpha 815 with a Graphite Design BB6 Stiff usual carry 235-240, would be keen to know where you think a good starting point would be as I think its time to upgrade.

Parnop Siripornpak says:

Great stuff guys. After watching this, I think it would be great if you could somehow packed all the top brand drivers in one video and compare them and may be give your opinion on which is suitable for what. (eg. TM for speed, Titleist for spin, etc.) I know that some people are for brand loyalty and some for the feel. But I’m sure it would help people choose their driver better if there are undeniable facts to see including your knowledge to back it up.
Thanks for the great video.

Paul Melidosian says:

My 915 D3 which I’m still gaming is a bit spinny and slow but she’s a fairway finder. An extra 10 to 15 yards would be nice long as I still finding fairway.

Veeg says:

Ive always been a Titleist guy. Mainly because I really enjoy the clean look Titleist always offers. Happy to see that they finally caught up in the speed department instead of just solely being fairway finders.

Michael Ackerman says:

It is good to see Titleist be competitive with the other drivers

Matt Aamold says:

I was fit the other day by a TItleist rep. I went in with no ego or preference for head, shaft…etc. My old club is an Epic SZ with Rogue 65 Stiff and I just couldn’t hit the darn thing. Based on my swing and what I was looking for the driver to do we went to TS2 10.5 C4 Setting. Stiff Fujikura Speeder Tour Spec 74 at 44.5″, +2g weight in back of head. Gained 18 yards of carry, better height and spin. Ordered it Saturday, can’t wait to pick it up!

poe's ReLiC says:

I’m a mid handicapper, I had a chance to demo both clubs last weekend and found that these clubs dont perform , feel and sound like your typical titleist drivers, they are definitely an upgrade and it stands out immediately. I currently still play the taylormade r11s due to the fact I haven’t found a club that performs better yet, and at 499.99 for the new ts2 and ts3 its unlikely that will change just to have a current model driver. Appreciate the honest review guys!

Louie Landas says:

I have always played Titleist drivers. Last one was the 917 D3. I agree with you both about the looks. That’s what attracted me for all these years. When i heard about the TS i really wanted to like it. In the meantime i had tried on my own the M3 and M4, my Buddy’s Epic SZ, messed around with a Rogue on the course and decided to use the Ping G400 LST before trading in for TS. I was fitted in the TS2 Hazardous smoke X stiff and 1/2” short A2 setting with a 2 gram weight. Working on swing changes so hoping it works out. Lots of great options but wish i had a personal driver fitting with TXG during this time.

thomas ross says:

The same problem has not changed, PIng base price less than 400. Upgrades close to $550. Titleist,Taylormade, & Callaway $500 base price upgrades come in at about $750. Still $200 more than custom ordered Ping. We will see in the US how the tariffs affect golf club prices?

Wayne Mayo says:

Out of interest what’s the head weight of the TS3 compared to the TM M3 ?

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