This is THE DRIVER to beat in 2019…….


PGA GOLF Professional Rick Shiels tests the new 2019 COBRA KING F9 SPEEDBACK DRIVER using GCQuad launch monitor and taking the COBRA KING F9 SPEEDBACK DRIVER out onto the golf course. Rick Shiels also compared the COBRA KING F9 SPEEDBACK DRIVER and against last years COBRA KING F8+ DRIVER


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donnfl says:

What shaft were you using. Were you using the Stock shaft??

Jason Miller says:

Oh yes, and great review. Thank you

Tigersmundo says:

*The white one has matt finish on top!!!!! **** **00:47*

Paul HD_MTB says:

No it’s not LOL… The driver to beat in 2019 is the one that generates better numbers than your current gamer. Not some cherry picked option by a YouTuber. If you have a gamer that is already splitting fairways, don’t waste your time or money cause a YouTuber told you to.

william joyce says:


Hard2Contain says:

Rick this is a great review. I like you don’t really see the need for the arcos. I purchased mine and it’s on it’s way to me. Can’t wait to play it. I currently play the F8 and thought this would be the last driver but I’m totally intrigued with this F9. I’ll respond later after a couple of rounds with it… Oh, I can’t forget to say I got it for the price of $379.99 and free shipping. Can’t beat that.

Cam Daitch says:

I need it

Ethan Hersch says:

Perfect pricepoint

sychamp says:

I know this off topic Rick and i apologize, but since you do the second hand club videos I thought you could help. After a 25 year hiatus I have decided to take up cussing again. I recently acquired a set of Ping Eye 2s White dots and Titleist DCI 962 and figured you could make a recommendation. back when I played a lot I had a 14 handicap I will probably be back to hitting in the hundreds again until I get my swing back and tighten up my short game and putting. I’m 6’1″ and 54yo 275 # hence why I decided to take up golf again since just walking is boring. Your help would be appreciated.

Troy Rambo says:

I like the Yellow, but that said, I think it would be nice if you could custom order the color.

Chris Pankow says:

Considering the rave reviews this thing is getting, it might be the best driver ever made.

Jensen says:

Not a huge fan of the color but it sounds and looks great!
Nice video as always rick!

dubiousflow says:

Another great review… I have the same attitude about the look and sound of the driver. I agree that the Cobra has a very nice product here and at a very competitive price. I also think a black matte finish would be perfect. I might have to test this for myself against my 917 Titleist.

marianne Cederberg says:

is it going in the bag tho

Tanner Abell says:

Driver looks amazing

Sebastien Peltier says:

Can’t wait to try it out. I am in the process of shopping for a new driver, to replace my R5… Long time coming and needed

Jason Miller says:

I love the yellow/Black. I think it looks super sporty. I agree with you though, the top should be a matte finish

John Fraser says:

Great review as always Rick. Always been a Ping guy and looking forward to the 410 but you certainly have me intrigued. Keep up the solid work. Cant wait to see how it compares to Ping 410.

barry mcdines says:

Great review. Thanks Rick. Personally, I love the look of the yellow and black sole but then I do have a similar colour scheme on my golf bag, would tie in nicely. Fair play to Cobra for packing this much tech in at a realistic price point. Shows the other manufacturers up!

ian campbell says:

Let the public decide with their feet if £500 for a driver is ok. For most PGA lessons would improve their scores better.

Tim Gentry says:

In years past you’ve said you felt Cobra drivers only performed their best when striking the ball higher in the face than other drivers. Any sense of that with the F9? Your strike marks looked pretty well middled.


Alex Denton says:

Go back to under 300 would be awesome!!

Kendrick Junius says:

hey Rick, do a review on the Tour Edge Exotics EXS driver

Martin Kirkbride says:

Refreshing to see a company producing a quality club, without charging the earth. Great revue as always Rick. Thanks

First Name says:

I’d like to see an F6 vs F7 vs F8 vs F9 chart. LOL

Dan Frappier says:

Sounds so good!

mochzac says:

I wouldn’t mind having that in my bag. Looks great in white! Thanks for the great videos Rick! Keep them coming…

Josue Moreno says:

You’re killing me Rick… you’re absolutely killing me!!! I’ve watched this video several times already and it kills me that I can’t afford this thing! My goodness! Anyways, thanks for the review. I was eager to hear your thoughts.

David Edenton says:

Rick… you forgot to answer one question… is it going in the bag?! Bought the F8 last year and I absolutely love it! I don’t see myself jumping on the F9 this year because of that. Love my Cobra gear and rave about it to everyone. I don’t think they get enough attention, honestly. Its great to see a reasonable price point and the technology and marketing matching reality. Great review as always, Rick!

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