This is NOT what I expected from Titleist……TS2 & TS3 DRIVER REVIEW

PGA Pro Rick Shiels tests the latest TITLEIST TS2 & TS3 DRIVERS out on the golf course and on GCQuad launch monitor


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e99783 says:

I like the ts3 very much but it does have a very loud sharp sound at impact and I would like a dull thud instead

Travis Sawicky says:

Is the TS3 going in your bag?!

Braden Anderson says:

What type of mat do you use?

Bryn Campbell says:

Thanks for the like rick

Donnie Cheatum says:

Can you test the new RBZ black driver,3&5 woods? There are no videos on these clubs.

GreenTeam says:

The UPS man delivered the TS3 yesterday in the AM, got out in the afternoon for a little “real world” on course validation. Love at first strike, the TS3 is the real deal, the on-course performance was equal to or better than the numbers in my fitting session. Shot dispersion was tight, hit 10 of 14 fairways, I should note I was playing a resort course so the fairways were fairly generous. Two of my misses were primary cut, literally a couple of feet off the fairway, the other two were just bad swings, pushes. Had a couple of strikes out towards the toe, loss in distance 8 – 10 yards and offline about 5 – 7 yards, definitely more forgiving than my 917 D3. Nice active feel off the Driver face and very gratifying sound, I felt very comfortable and confident on the tee box. The Project X Even Flow T1100 White 75 felt smooth and solid, nice feedback, trajectory was slightly lower than with my Mitsubishi Diamana Ltd D+ White 70 shaft in my 917. All in all I’m extremely pleased and excited with the performance of the TS3, as I said before, in my opinion hands down the best Titleist Driver I have played

peter boss says:

Did the test with Titleist rep after hitting 1 shot i turned and asked him if they had changed the companies philosophy. It was that dramatic and I picked up 15 yards on my Callaway epic. Spin was way down, Bought the TS3 Driver and 3wood and new hybrid. Do a 3 wood test would like to see if you like it.

Bryn Campbell says:

I have hit the 917 then I hit ts3 the ts3 went 30yards further than 917

jerlogcol says:

Loooove the comparison to your average optimum performance over the past year.

Adam Goodrich says:

is there a difference in the depth of the faces?

Nick Robb says:

It’s a very tight hole…

Collin Thompson says:

Personally Rick, I gained 5 MPH with the TS2. I was swinging a G400 LST, my numbers were 167 ball speed with 12.5 degrees of launch carrying at 288 yards. With the TS2 i went up to 172 ball speed. 13.5 launch and 299 yards of carry. I did hit the TS3 and it did not perform as well for me. 170 ball speed with 295 yards of carry, also it did not feel as solid to me as the Ts2. so I went with the 2 and have been absolutely smashing the ball. Best drive ive hit and by far the best Titleist driver that they have made.

Nick Schultz says:

Great video, Rick! I’m excited to try these new Titleist drivers. Titleist have always looked great to me but haven’t performed as well. Maybe this will be the one!

Clint Kao says:

awesome comparison, can you do one on the callaway xr speed driver?

scott bushouse says:

When will you release a test on the TS 2 & 3 fairway woods???

Theplumber711 says:

” a couple of times I didn’t hit it perfect” lol, great video thanks

Bryan Romey says:

So I did a fitting at local shop for Titleist Thursdays. One issue I have is that the clubs always come out in the end of the season. I live in the Northwest so typically October my clubs are getting ready to be put away for most of the season. Joining local simulator leagues helps keeps the swing going but still not the same. Results from fitting TS3 9.5 Hazardous Smoke X-stiff I gained 15 Yards from the 917 D2 with Diamana X-stiff. One reason for this is lowered shaft weight from 70gram to 65gram that gave me about 3 MPH head speed. The sound was different from typical Titleist drivers but wasn’t a deal breaker. My problem now is should I wait for season to start back up and do a second fitting to see numbers have changed or buy driver and still try to get some value out of my great shape 917 D2 driver. Anyone do multiple fittings and get different results?

Steve Crombie says:

TS project…… 9mph extra ball speed, 35yards extra distance

Taylor Boswell says:

Could you review the TS Fairwood Woods?

Rick Shiels Golf says:

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Q: What do you think of the TS2 & TS3? Have you used a Titleist driver in the past? If so which model

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Michael Quinn says:

love titliest but never owned more than irons and hybrids

Tim Cline says:

I hit them today on the range. Oh My! Yes Please! No numbers, but at a minimum, 10 yds based on 915 landing area. 915 usually lands 10 to 15 in front of 250 sign. Only 2 landed in front of 250 sign. It was TS2 with Tensi stiff in 9.5.
Can’t be disappointed in this Club.

Fred C says:

outstanding review Rick… I just picked up the TS3 15 deg with Tensei shaft. Might get a TS3 driver in the future to replace my TM Euros TP..

The Average Golfer Sway Baez says:

Bought the ts3 because there’s no way I couldn’t walk out of the store without It. AMAZING!!! I’m carrying the ball 270 now with a cut shot!

Andrew B says:

Is there a minimum swing speed required for the TS3 to be optimal?

Roy Farley says:

Damn you Rick Shiels, I just bought a TS3 driver. I do love it.

just sunny says:

The golf course testing is not as good as the driving range test. We love to see distance and shots into the green

out for a rip 8726 says:

Just ordered the Ts2 its probably the best driver

mal guest says:

Rick if the ts3 is giving you the length and great feel, why haven’t you placed it in your bag.

Station 2Station says:

Ive heard the sound of the TS3 is more tea kettle than the more muted TS2. Your thoughts, Rick?

Chaves Connor says:

Will you use it instead of your ping driver?

jergernice1 says:

bought ts3 fitted….then tried 3 other shafts…including the same shaft from my 917 d3……while the head is longer and more forgiving for sure i simply have not found any consistency. same swing weight and length as my 917……i can simply change heads with the same shaft and start nutting the 917….so freaking weird…

TJ Shine says:

I gave up on Titleist Drivers after my 909’s kept cracking. I moved to Taylormade M2 (2016 model) and have never looked back. Now I can’t stand the noise they make! My fiend has a 913 and I need earplugs when I hit it. Why have they not gotten rid of that noise?

austin godii says:

It’s all Chinese shit lol

M B says:

I wonder how much is you and how much is the driver????

John Whitworth says:

I played the 983K for 10 years and then changed to the 909D3… Will habe to give these a look!!!

Chris Middlewick says:

im on my way to do some testing

Mac Lynch says:

Great vid Rick… Would a 10-12 handicapper such as myself have difficulty hitting the TS3 consistently?

Paul Bown says:

TS3 made it into my bag!
Top review Rick

Mike Beck says:

Rick like you it took one swing ( really ) and I fell in love. Best driver I have hit hands down! I have both Pings, Rogue, Epic, Taylormade and Cobra … they are all going bye-bye on ebay. Thanks for a great review.

Seve Sellors says:

Great driver I gained 14 yards and 5 mph club head speed. Fitted 8.5 degrees. Lovely looks and sound better than my Callaway Fusion.
As I’m nearly 69 and 21 handicapper hitting this 235 I’m happy!


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