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Russell David Oakley says:

buy the best driver on the planet thats 3 years old

Stimpy Whizzleteeth says:

Rick… Thanks for your honesty and willingness to test and report honestly on clubs made by the non- leading brands.

Steven Kramer says:

I wanna by a new club for two reasons. I out play my hand me down set and need a better fitting one, or I broke my last one…

Stuart Pole says:

Before i used to buy either a previous model or second hand model for £150-£225 but recently I got fitted and bought a titelist 917D3 for £340. I think simply because I got it fitted it works so well for me. Carry has increased and shot shape (slight draw) have benefitted me greatly. 7 handicap

Trevor Mills says:

Hi Rick, Love your channel. My golf kit consists of the following , Mizuno Tour Bag ,Odyssey white hot putter, Mizuno MP 5 Irons (3-PW) Titleist Vokey sm6 wedges (56-52-60) Callaway Epic sub zero driver & 3 wood. Total replacement cost $3140.00 (that is 42,390.00 South African rands, that’s “shit” expensive) and I only play with Pro v1 balls. If this does not prove that we are a “Brand” driven society nothing will 🙂 I can’t think of a single player in our club that plays with anything other than the big names ! Quite sad actual, because as you proved, there is “stuff” out there that is just as good ! I feel sorry for the small manufactures trying to supply an alternative product, they really can’t compete with the big boys  but to answer your question, I believe that there are three reasons for the big price difference. “infrastructure” , “tour player’s argument” you make in the vid, as well as “society”.Keep the cool vids coming !!!

Shelby Hampton says:

Great video as always. This got me thinking about ball performance as well. We all know and agree that the tour level balls are the best performing for really good players. But cost IS a factor for a lot of regular players who love the game. The less we spend on equipment and balls, the more we can spend on actual green fees. At some point I would love to see a video testing $20/ dozen balls. Particularly would love to see Wilson Duo soft with Ricks swing speed on the launch monitor. What’s the real difference in distance vs $45/dozen balls? Does one really fly straighter off the driver than the other? We all acknowledge that the tour ball will perform differently around the green. I hesitate to say better because most regular players don’t necessarily have the control needed in their short game to maximize the extra spin of the urethane covers. The low compression balls intrigue me. I don’t like wasting money on something that I shouldn’t be using to begin with. I love seeing wilson staff products more often and would love to support the brand. 8 handicap and I’ve played pretty much all of the higher end balls at some point.

rob carter says:

Have a Benross hybrid – love it. Only didn’t get the driver due to discount on big brand driver at the time (£159). Kind of regret not sticking to my guns and getting Benross. One little negative – can be a bit tricky actually finding the Benross club you want in a shop, versus online, so you can try it. Might be easier with the new Evolution models. Finally – Rick please keep Benross quiet – so prices stay low and they can keep low volume and still manage high quality. shh…. 🙂

Shawn Kislenger says:

Great insight and review Mr Shiels. Sometimes in golf you have to swallow your pride and look at things objectively. Reviews like this make golf better. Nobody should ever think golf is or should be a rich mans game.

willis coe says:

I went to buy a cobra driver, and instead walked away with BenRoss. Loved it since. Price had a huge influence especially as I would be playing twice a month at the most. Would love to see you do a round with the BenRoss family

alan hunter says:

I use Benross no difference in my game big difference in my pocket. Why pay double when your not getting double the performance, but then someone has to pay for Phil, Tiger, Rory and Jordan, is just not me £££££££££

terrace abbott unrau says:

put a 400 dollar elements shaft in it which is worth more then the driver unreal flight

Gazza Gee says:

So, went for a driver fitting session. Ping g400 and Max, Cobra F8 , Rogue and this Benross driver. My average swing 88-91mph had the Ping Max and Benross neck and neck. Bought the driver for £189. Brilliant.
For those that are bleating they waited a year to get an old model, well, at that price I waited 3 days for it to be assembled. Thanks Rick and thanks Benross.

Ross Harper says:

Any plans to have this club tested by Rob Potter?

terrace abbott unrau says:

got a xr 16 for like a 150 from callaway preowned a year ago

Beached as! says:

Second hand titleist driver. Has that premium feel that a no name club can’t come near.

Todd Epley says:

Rick is the Doug Demuro of golf

Anthony DeLuca says:

new titielst drivers, when will u be testing them

Brandon Rowland-Husk says:

Just bought this Driver and 3 wood combo, after watching this. Number on fittings were all so close to Taylormade, Callway and Ping. 110% out performed Cobra for me. Thank you for this review. 🙂

J Bob says:

Yo Rick if anyone in the USA is interested in the Benross driver that you demoed a couple of day’s ago I contacted Benross by email and I got a reply from Guy Nelson at Benross. The Evolution R Driver with a Regular flex shaft including shipping is 271 pounds which equals $352 US Dollars. Sorry my keyboard does not have a pound sterling icon. At least if it does I can’t find it.

Paul Elfering says:

Just bought a 15 set of 2nd hand clubs today for €37,50. As I’m just starting at golf and not susceptible to brands and image, I just want to get the feel for the clubs. If ever I get netter at the game I might learn to appreciate the bigger brands.

KBuckeye93 says:

Rick, contact golfworks and see if they will send you their maltby line of clubs. I play their irons and they play similar to the big boys. I’d love to see your reviews on them.

Ian Gifford says:

Strange question: I see the tee peg flying forward (same direction as the ball) on your driver shots. Realized a few years back when I hit great driver shots, the tee flys backwards. Is there any correlation between a good shot and what direction your tee flys outta the ground after a good tee shot?

srooch2 says:

I love obscure branded clubs, I’d rather someone say they’ve never heard of that club and then out play them…. Or try anyways.

Nicholas Moise says:

I’m looking to upgrade my driver so this is great to know

Rick Shiels Golf says:

JOIN THE *#1KCLUB* (First 1k comments & likes will be entered into a exclusive prize draw)

Q: How much did you pay for your current driver?

*If you are NEW to my channel SMASH that subscribe button to stay connected!*

A MessickGolf says:

Personally I like the look and feel of Callaway clubs. I usually find them on sale or lightly used. I can’t justify spending $500 on gaining 7 yards on my drive. If you aren’t trying to become a pro these brands are great for the casual golfer.

John Mark Bennett says:

Hey Rick, thanks for making the videos, i am a new teen golfer and i was wondering what is your average driver carry and the distance between your driver and 3 wood distance, because i average around 245 total distance on my drives but when i button my 7 wood i can hit it 240 yards, i use a 1995 big bertha do i need a new driver,

Doug Seaberg says:

$399 US

Jason Reitbauer says:

No left hand EVO R drivers …. shame

Barry Priddle says:

I enjoyed that video. I have always used second hand drivers which I purchase from people who buy the latest drivers then find they cant hit them. My current driver I have had for twenty years and I still out drive most people I play with. Its straight and longish. Titleist 975D 8.5 degrees of loft. I would like to see how it performs in Rick hands.

Joe Dubiel says:

You made a lot of good points on this one Rick. Looks like a pretty darn nice driver. And at an awesome price. Gives someone on a lower budget a chance at a really nice piece of equipment.

Adam Bedard says:

Hey Rick, what app do you use as a shot tracer?

slickchili23 says:

I’ve hit the tommy armour TA1driver and I agree. It is very comparable to the “big boys” also is available with premium shafts like px hzrds and kuro Kage and tensei! At almost half the price as well!

mhunter1462 says:

How can I get my hands on one of these Rick? I used to buy and spent lots of money in the beginning because of tour players and advertisment. Now after my back surgery not sure I’ll be able to ever play again but still would like to try this benross driver. Thanks for your channel and honest feed.
The Hunter family

Tony Pynes says:

Great video Rick. After watching your video in which you compared five years of Ping drivers, I was impressed with the performance of the oldest club in the video (G20). Luckily for me, a good friend had a G20 with a new shaft that he no longer used. 40 bucks later and I can get over 300 yards any day of the week. Thanks Rick!

Ronan Harcourt says:

I won captains prize with cheap Wilson irons and a €50 driver, I now play with a driver worth €32 and cheap irons and still win and bomb my driver pass most people, clubs are so overpriced but hey if I had the cash I’d spend it on a €400 driver and expensive irons.

Bryan Adams says:

I started out with a voltage driver from dicks sporting goods USA

G Tagg says:

What is the longevity of the driver? I know I bought budget before and the face cracked after about a year. My Big Bertha lasted 15 years

patrik streng says:

It’s ridiculous how the club prices have gone up in the recent years. A single driver can cost half of a new iron set 4-Pw. Spending 400€ or more on a driver for me is just ridiculous. Might as well just get 4 new wedges instead…

Ian Matterson says:

Benross kit is awesome, i purchased all my clubs from them after one of ricks reviews on their irons, 2years later Benross, rather than supply me with an identical replacement driver, actually sent me out an upgrade in terms of them sending out via 24hr post a bnib evolution R complete with head cover and torque driver…so all in all 10/10 for clubs and aftercare service, not bad for a small UK based company..

matsfreedom says:

I’ve demo’d about a dozen drivers and always end up with my 15 year old Cleveland. I regrip this club every couple of years and it never let’s me down. You’d think I could find a new driver that I could hit as well, but I’ve had zero luck.

Jorge Garabentos says:

Rick I follow you due to your excellent way to teach, but let me tell you that’s an advertisement….please came back to teach us

Robert Salazar says:

Excellent topic! why Homma XXIO and Epic STAR and PXG for a driver that can only go as far as the USGA allows? interesting topic.

Charles Lerche says:

Check out Golf Works…Ralph Maltby has been innovating for a reasonable price literally for years!

Johnny Fiver says:

Why spend 500 for a driver you are only going to swing 12 13 times a round. If you want a nice fancy club and you have the money to blow, spend it on a fancy putter you will use 30 – 40 swings on the golf course. Its a fact that they overcharge to get back their endorsement deals with the big name players and all their fancy commercials.

Zach Ross says:

Youre buying the brand name

CVSoprano says:

Callaway X Series driver… big-box budget driver here in US… $179 and I’m smashing the piss out of the ball with it.

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