The Top 3 Forgiving Drivers for Mid to High Handicapers of 2018

2018 has seen some fantastic golf clubs be released. Especially in the market of game improvement. Which Drivers are the best three for forgiveness and game improvement for mid handicappers and high handicappers. In this video I go through my top three that I have seen so far.


Roy Farley says:


Alan Spencer says:

Ping g400 max

Rick Peters says:


Marcus Nugent Nugent says:

Ping G400

Steve Smallwood says:

gmax 400

Ian rushes Left foot says:

I have a yonex driver it’s bloody rubbish…….should really stop using it.

Eli Beaverson Golf says:

Ping G400 Max is my guess?…

Miceal Howell says:

Ping g400 mac

Phil Hyde says:

Ping g400

Bill Kendall says:

Have you had a go with the Super Game improvement drivers like the Cobra Max?

Heidi H says:

Ping g400 gmac

Sopon Pinjutarat says:

Got it yesterday…100% agreed. Fan from Thailand..

Tim Greeson says:


Paul Bown says:

Another top video
I need a new driver so will be testing
I think ping will win

Jesse Bowers says:

I’ve had them all and while the odd perfect shot goes furthest with the Rogue the G400 max is consistently the longest and most fairway finding driver of the year, absolutely love mine, 3 and 5 woods from the line are amazing as well

Romband1919 says:


TartanArmyBoy says:

I put the Ping G400SFT in the bag even above the 400MAX essentially because of the smaller head which I feel more comfortable with. I got talked into trying one while searching out a new driver and found it to to be very, very forgiving (more so than the 400 Max). It’s the first Ping club of any description that I’ve ever liked enough to put in my Bag. I’ve always been a poor driver of the ball but I’ve had amazing results with it and consequently lowered my scores. Highly recommend it for anyone looking for a new forgiving driver.

Brent Perkins says:

Definitely m3 driver own one myself and love it

Yes It's Me says:

I haven’t played in years, I recently bought a set of ebay it has a Titleist 917 D2 and I’m wondering if I should buy a G400 Max as well, I just don’t know if there will be much difference.

Michael Van Dord says:

It will be the ping

Sahil Singh says:

henry griffit equipment review please

My OpenMind says:

Callaway Rogue. I have the subzeroz

I think the answer to the question has more to do with clubhead speed rather than handicap.

Nick Furness says:

Ping G400 max

Marcus johansson says:

No 1 is PING!!

William Russell says:

What’s your top 5 drivers overall regardless of handicap or forgiveness?

cwugrad396 says:


Peter Vieira says:


Bill DIAZ says:

Ping G 400

Bandit Baker says:

PING G400 MAX, no contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim Torrance says:

Ping G400 Max

Jason McLean says:


kevin granquist says:

G400 max

Fritz Unkenholz says:

Ping G400 — or not?

PK075 BROCK says:

Buying a PING G400 max soon also a little bit pricy but who cares at $619 Aussie dollars its the best one ive tried so far.
Callaway rogue sz $576.
Mizuno st 180 $498.
Cobra King F8 $399
Callaway GBB Epic $499
Taylormade M3 $599
Titleist 917 D2/D3 $?
Wilson C300 $499.

Bob R says:

great review, love to see the fairway and hybrid version too!

Stephen Andrews says:

I’d guess Taylormade M4

Alvin Holton II says:

Ping G400

Syds273 says:

Great content yet again!! You should look at doing a comparison of hybrids/driving irons… then do a club review of both!

Tommy Boyd says:

So all the drivers that cost less than £350- £450 Are no use then ?

Sorry to be negative but just seems like everyone just recommends the most expensive drivers when doing these tests.

Stephen Kyjak-Lane says:

Yonex Ezone GT

Paul Hollie says:

Forgiving but a little shorter than the others. Fairway finder tho!

Zachary Milos says:

GMAX 400 followed by Rogue, followed by M4 is my guess.

Andy Goddard says:

Ping G400

DirtyDerds says:

Ping g400 max

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