These were picked by my audience. Over 8,500 people voted for these drivers and in this video I reveal your favourite drivers of 2017.


TaylorMade M2 2017 19.71% 1708
Callaway GBB EPIC 18.37% 1592
TaylorMade M1 2017 11.88% 1029
Callaway GBB EPIC Sub Zero 11.71% 1015
Ping G400 10.23% 886
Titleist 917 D2 4.96% 430
Ping G400 LS Tec 4.90% 425
Mizuno JPX 900 3.96% 343
Cobra F7 3.35% 290
Titleist 917 D3 2.84% 246
Cobra F7+ 2.37% 205
Ping G400 SF Tec 1.60% 139
OTHER 1.29% 112
Srixon Z 565 0.52% 45
Srixon Z 765 0.47% 41
Wilson Staff Triton 0.36% 31
PXG 0811X 0.35% 30
Wilson Staff D300 0.33% 29
Benross HTX Compressor Type R 0.29% 25
Benross HTX Compressor 0.20% 17
PXG 0811 0.17% 15
PXG 0811XF 0.14% 12

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DirtyDerds says:

This just goes to show you that advertising works. The G400 is by far one of if not the best out there and what do you get? The popular vote that’s it. Click bait at its best as well. Well done TM well done!

Also this is a vote by people that follow him on what instagram? Which I Don’t. So I guess those people are TM fans.

Drake Logston says:

Hey Rick, I just saw that cobra released the f8 driver in a tour length edition. You should do a video with it if you can to see how it performs! Heavy weight in back and heel of the club plus shorter length would be very interesting to see

halloween Dolbeau says:

Tough not to agree with those 3. And according to most vids, those 3 deserve to be at the top, even though you can’t please evrybody….

Curtis Polysou says:

I just can’t get on board with the M2 at #1, simply because the 2016 M2 performs just as good (if not better) while sounding much better.
Regardless, I’m in love with my ’17 440 M1!

Greg Steele, CFP [LtCol, USMC, Retired] says:

Hi Rick, Happy 2018. Love your videos…VERY instructive! I’m looking at a shorter driver, 44″ – 44.5″ length and wondered if you might consider a video with driver length comparison. Manufacturer standard length vs. tour average 44.5″ length? Accuracy, carry, total distance, club face strike point consistency & accuracy? Thanks, Greg Steele

Bobby Parson says:

I don’t have a favorite like some of these Knuckle Heads on here. Some of these guys would go with certain drivers with out even trying another brand. Best Drivers. Callaway Ping, Mizuno or Tittleist. Thats just a fact. Ping would help most of these guys.

Doug Seaberg says:

I got fitted for a driver and none of these were in my final — my pingG is the best driver I’ve ever had

David says:

Rick. Just got back into the game and I am looking for a replacement driver. However my budget doesn’t reach 2017 prices more a driver from the class of 2014. I am looking for something with lots of forgiveness/ game improvement. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Richard Johnson says:

I like number two but thought there could easily have been lots of others up there

Rodney Hickman says:

I dunno how a club with no adjustability can win

Dustin says:

I’ve hit the M1, M2, Epic and Epic Sub zero. Over all the Epic was by far better. The Taylor made drivers were good but nothing special which is something I say a lot about TM drivers. The Epic was the best by far for me and the Epic Sub Zero was terrible. For some reason with the Sub zero I hit nothing but towering slices which was a ball flight I didn’t see with any of the other drivers. My miss is typically a straight push and rarely do I hit a slice. I ended up buying a Cobra F7 because it was over all the best driver for me and honestly I couldn’t bring myself to pay $500+ for the Epic.

Dylan Midkiff says:

Holy cow, didn’t know there were other Midkiffs hahaha

J Kris says:

why I didn’t win the Christmas gift

Alex horsfield says:


Jay Chung says:

Loving the idea of a viewers choice award. Semi-surprised that M2 came out on top but there’s no denying that the last two versions of M2 have been beasts.

SuperFassst says:

M1 is crap. Good choice knuckle heads… #915tillthedayIdie

Joe Robillard says:

You guys are drunk…..1A- GBB Epic 1B- Ping G400 2- Srixon 565

Paul Gerencher says:

More best performing marketing team of 2017… not necessarily best driver

Hunter Eberhardt says:

G400. Anyone?

Jaketm47 says:

2016 m2 is the goat

chris boulton says:

Non of them preform for me as well as my cobra king ltd my epic has gone

squidly2112 says:

Callaway Epic Sub Zero … by FAR!

Marty M. says:


Brett Mackin says:

So what would be your honest choice rick ?


The fact that the public voted for 2 Taylormade Drivers just proves you shouldn’t let them vote in the first place, The epic is much nicer than either one. Public voting should be restricted to crap like the X Factor and reality shows.

Matty Smith says:

Ping G400 should be in top 3!!!

Stephen Adams says:

Go the M2. Best driver I’ve ever hit. Longer, straighter and so much more consistent than any other driver I’ve laid my hands on.

Jourdan Merritt says:

Hit pretty much every driver this year, gamed epic, then m2 / cobra f7, until g400 came out. Blew everything else out of the water. Surprised not to see this in the top 3.

Harry Flower Golf says:

Id go for Callaway Epic I think

dh05z28 says:


Elite 33 says:

Epic all the way

Greg Milam says:

I use to have the M2 d-type and I traded it in for the Great Big Bertha epic driver, and I like the Great Big Bertha a lot more the sound in the feel and the look.

jamie Purvis says:

I got the d type m2 and its just so so good

john brocklehurst says:

Hi Rick,
Just want to make a interesting suggestion to you and Pete. How about next year you both emulate the Tour Pro’s and both choose your preferred Golf Brand, get the complete set fitted as the Tour Guys do, and go from there. I think personally it would be a massive learning curve and a accurate simulation of competitive Golf in the real word. Of course this is just my humble opinion, but worth thinking about.

Brion Wong says:

How is ping g400 not inside

T Crow says:


Todd Mander says:

This year I played the GBB Epic, Ping G400 and the 2017 M2. The M2 was by far the best for me.

dodgydave75 says:

Bullshit Mizuno Jpx 900 better than all them hands done

Mike Northern says:

Wow, but 2016 is better than 2017 version on M2.

Alan Dennison says:

Hi Rick any chance you could review the new Cobra F max drivers and fairways
Thanks Alan

just sunny says:

Going to wait another year to buy M2 – hopefully another $100 drop. Will get it for less than $200. Why bother buying newly released drivers? Best vaue is 2 year after release.

Tyler Rucinsky says:

Are you going to do your own top 10 drivers rick?

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