PGA Golf Professional Rick Shiels, tests the PXG 0811X Driver using Titleist ProV1 and GCQuad


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CJ Wright says:

Not totally impressed with the dispersement, and minimal change after the weight adjustment. This is more for the person who can afford to play a rare club. I’m still hitting the 5 yr old titleist, no change necessary.

Malcolm King says:

How about hitting an old non conforming *860 COR driver but fit it with a modern shaft and we’ll see where were at with modern heads ,data with a high cor would be interesting . Kept an old Cobra 430 SS unlimited driver , take it to the range some times – must be the loudest driver on the planet , it’s still a bomber , it’ still so modern long and i bet it’s that distance with high spin

Mark Blair says:

PXG clubs are for insecure, overweight pretentious middle aged hackers who can’t break ninety. People like me!

Rory Woods says:

I happen to play PXG irons and this driver, I am no big time charlie.with pots of gold but to be honest they are the best clubs out on the market in my opinion. yes they are expensive but boy do they perform. I have never hit more consistent iron shots and drives and they provide me with a good feeling every time I go out to play. I guess ultimately that’s what were all looking for to enjoy the game a little better. They get bags of comments when seen close up. If these clubs were twice the price they would be cheap in my opinion and if they were half the current price everybody would be using them. This is only my opinion. I guess its like buying a car you can buy a reasonable priced one and it will still get you where you want to go or you can buy a expensive one and get there in a little more style and feel good whilst your travelling. What I can say is that PXG generates opinion just look 157 comments in 1 day. Whilst a lot is generally negative that’s OK. What it comes down to if you can afford it then buy it, if you cant then dont. But to finish if you play these clubs you will never be able to get the smile off your face when you tee it up and that feeling is priceless. PS I do not work for PXG.

Andy V says:

The pros that win tournaments are ones getting long putts in out top pros on the day. I do like driving for show but relise I don’t improve unless getting long putts close No club will stop a open or closed club face rather spend money on lessons/technique If you got money then spend it on expensive clubs I like to think I can use any brand club and hit it reasonable because my technique

Nicholas Johnson says:

They are just vanity clubs aimed at people who care a little bit too much about what people think of them, are a little insecure and are a bit image obsessed. If you have the money and have worked hard to get it then why not, knock yourself out. if i had the money I’d probably get some myself.

But don’t expect the vast majority of us to be impressed you play PXG. As everyone knows you can get the same performance for a lot less money.

The Junior Collector 24 says:

I’d be interested to see a comparison between this driver and the SLDR. If I remember correctly, the SLDR was a major spin killer for Rick at one time.

Happy Duffer says:

A much more efficient way of switching the weights from front to back would be to remove one then start alternating removal and replacement leaving the first weight removed out…then once all the others have been alternated reinstall the first weight into the remaining open slot. By doing so with this type of screw weighting you will be even more of a good weight switcherchanger.

Kind of surprised that only the spin numbers changed on the weight shift as there was little to no trajectory change that I could see.

danthemanwhocancan says:

Great video – not impressed with the driver but it does sound nice. I think you would have hit it better if Bob Parsons was standing behind you naked apart from 5 PXG headcovers.

oaklandpaving says:

Pxg have copied titleist 915d3 here, you can see similarities in shape and design, both low spin drivers with low spin shafts, just weights on bottom different.

CBags047 says:

Using the Wilson wrench on the PXG is awesome.

O. G. says:

I like how everyone complaining that 1K is too much, like 500$ is so much better. smh

Insu 백인수 says:

Honestly quite like PXG stuff. Just aint willing to pay $100 bucks for a glove, 5grand for irons etc etc.

don blem says:

Has anyone else noticed that Ricks second shot on the majority of club tests goes big left? Especially with drivers. #NowYou’veSeenItYouCan’tUnseeIt

edwin lambley says:

WOW must get one to match my PXG 0311Tirons & Gunboat putter. Will look good as I take them out of my M3 convertible & put on my Stewart X9 FOLLOW – SIGNATURE RANGE. Now that set up will look class sat outside the clubhouse. Must post on Instagram + Facebook.

GS Grant says:

I agree, wipe your arse and buy lunch later. Pxg is a joke.

Sharon wooster says:

You hit the ping g20 better!!ping design by ex ping engineers..complete joke price,total shxx

Jean Ferret says:

So it costs twice as much as every other top end driver and it doesn’t go any further? Buy an M1 and a Meccano set and save your money.

Lee Popham-Lithgow says:

Over priced and you seem to play better with the Callaway Epic driver Rick

Kolt Marino says:

I have that shaft in my 3 wood

Greg Norton says:

If money was no object i would use pxg . Pxg are to golf as bugati is in the car world. Flash factor

christian browning says:

Hmm. Benross drivers were nearly as good for a fraction of the cost.

John James says:

Crossfield will rip this driver apart. It’s basically an old SLDR yet costs ten times more.

Just Golf Swing says:

For the price u pay it’s not killing the distance , killing the spin but doing not much to the distance.

Michael Pasvantis says:

When did Ping get rid of dragonfly technology oh wait now I see. Funny that PXG is suing Taylormade when Ping could easily be doing the same to PXG. That adjustable hosel alone is a carbon copy of Ping.

Malcolm A. says:

Super looking club BUT from what I have seen [not an expert] it doesn’t really outperform other clubs significantly enough to justify the price at least for the normal golfer
Great review again Rick; I really enjoy hearing your opinions on clubs

Gary 88 says:

‘Experienced wrench user’ – you are hardly splitting the atom Rick!

Nice review of an overpriced club though!

cadwell collins says:

Could you look at the JGR driver and irons from Bridgestone

Dave Mitchell says:

It looks “mean”??? It’s a black Ping knock off that also looks like a Titleist 917 on the bottom…..usually love your reviews but this company is a joke.

sypen1 says:

Pxg is junk

EBeaudry says:

Tour AD GP7x FTW!

J Tonne says:

Rick, I wonder what numbers you would’ve produced with a 10.5 degree driver and weights forward?

Bruce Chiu says:

A big nothing burger

Bill Reynolds says:

I tested one, after the salesman ask how I liked it, told him I wanted to hit a club the cost more than my first car,

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