The most UNDERRATED driver brand….. SRIXON Z785 DRIVER REVIEW

The most UNDERRATED driver brand….. NEW SRIXON Z785 REVIEW
PGA GOLF PRO Rick Shiels tests the latest SRIXON Z785 DRIVER on the golf course at on GCquad to see how it performs!


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Ernie N. says:

Great and thorough review. With regard to reviewing golf clubs, I have seen many reviews on You Tube and you are the best. I can’t wait to see you on Driver vs. Driver this fall on the Golf Channel. Wilson could not have chosen a better man to review the various Drivers. The best always and keep up the great work!

Troy H. says:

About time!!!!

ricky davis says:

Can you do a bombtech grenade 2 3 wood and driver review

J jamie says:

so why isnt it in the bag???

Craig Davies says:

Had the Z765 driver for a year and love it. Also picked up a Srixon irons and Cleveland wedges and been really impressed. The amount of shaft options available at fitting without up charge was a major plus as well.

Steven Mcelevey says:

Yet he won’t ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever everrrrrrr use it

stangcobr says:

Lots of new copycat golf club review channels have been popping up on YouTube But Rick is the Innovator & will Always be the Best!

BigH says:

i wish rick’s videos were longer 🙁

Mark F says:

I have irons and woods from a manufacturer called Fundamental 21 AD which have Gerry Hogan 21AD Power Zone shafts, I’ve had them since the 1990’s at the time the shafts were supposed to be revolutionary, they were more flexible in the middle and stiffer in the tips and grips, there was a lot of talk about them in Australia when they came out here
The irons are called 21AD Millennium and the woods are called The Godfather, they were great clubs to use back then when I got them
For a number of reasons I didn’t play golf for many years, but now I’ve started to get interested in it again, I’ve tried to find out what happened to the company that made my equipment, I can find very little about it on the internet, but from what I have found out the company didn’t have the money needed at the time to make an impact
So I wonder today how much does money play when it comes to golf equipment either being “ignored” or being used
I can still use these clubs, and after some practice I’m hitting most of the irons as good and after re gripping them even better “straighter” than I use to
The big marketing point at the time with these clubs was the “Power Zone” shafts, I’ve since found out that the inventor an Australian fellow named Gerry Hogan had a US patent for the shafts, I’ve included a link to that along with an article about the clubs below for anyone who might be interested

An article about the equipment

Under the heading
“Fundamentally new golf clubs for the 21st century”

The patent for the shafts is here

Golf club shaft and head assembly

Patent number: 5308062
Abstract: A golf club has a club head and an elongated tubular shaft secured at its tip end to the head. The shaft has a relatively short, flexible zone spanning the centre of the shaft between the butt and tip ends which is more flexible than the remainder of the shaft, forming a tow lever flail.
Type: Grant
Filed: July 2, 1992
Date of Patent: May 3, 1994
Assignee: Fundamental Golf Company Pty. Ltd.
Inventor: Gerald F. Hogan

For me as they seem to no longer exist and they were and are brilliant clubs to play with would be the most underrated brand of golf equipment that I have come across

kavit nathwani says:

Will there be a 585 driver review?

O. G. says:

Looks like they tried to copy Hideki’s old favorite to try an knock out that old Callaway out of his bag. lol

Adam Belleville says:

Hey Ric, Here in the states that driver is going for at least 450 plus. TGW has that online for $499, so while it is a good performing drive I would not say that is top of the market for me at least, if it was at the $400 dollar price point or $350 I would def consider it cause it felt nice.

chachifeere says:

Looks like the nike from few years ago

Brandon Jones says:

Another great video Rick! Keep em coming!

Michael Sullivan says:

Nice looking club…

David Taylor says:

Great video the driver looks great. I would love to see mo’re your players playing it

Kevin Mcmullan says:

Looks greats and seems to perform really well. Great video Rick

jmc08titan says:

Every single driver test has the same numbers and you always say how impressed you are. 280 carry 300 total.

Jason Parsons says:

I bag a Srixon Z355 driver w/Aldila NV 85 shaft at 350 grams and d8 swing weight, 45″, it is my fairway finder,- heavy as hell and flying straight- carrying 260+, low spin, close to 280ish avg total distance and off center strikes are minimally punished. I can draw/fade it with ease….it is my hammer

Mark F says:

It makes you wonder how much of it might be about money and marketing, do Srixon pay as much as companies like Titleist, Taylormade, Ping and so on to sponsor players

Brian Cole says:

Fantastic review. Can’t wait to give this driver a test.

Alan Dye says:

Played Srixon a few years back and they produce Great Equipment! The irons are excellent and the driver/woods a very surprising in performance. Limited marketing in the US probably keeps them from more popular over here.

I think it’s time for a head to head against the big boyz!!!

Kyle Frye says:

I might try one for the price point why not!

Michael Stewart says:

I’m looking at getting new irons and woods in the future. Now I’m cack handed and useless but I can strike a ball well every now and then so would it be worth considering this wood and perhaps some srixon irons or go for a more forgiving club?

BigH says:

i played a player who used a srixon driver and oh wow he was hitting it far :O

Zrob33 Robinson says:

New to golf been playing for 3 years now and have never seen someone using one.

Adrian says:

i had a srixon driver few years back and did like it but didn’t love the look of it but this one does look much nice
they’re irons look stunning

Why isn’t it going in your bag?

Adam Browton says:

Great information I will definitely check it out

Rick Shiels Golf says:

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Q: What do you think the most underrated brand in golf is?

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Stephen Cutting says:

Bottom of that club is almost an exact copy of the Nike Machspeed Black (not the square one).

dijin456 says:

Can’t even find this model for sale

joec0914 says:

I don’t think we get any Srixon products at our club demo days, so thanks for alerting me to this. May go to the local driving range to try one.

sonnick says:

This driver looks promising. Love the style and hopefully it feels like their irons! Thanks for the video. How did it feel off the face? I compare everything to the King LTD Pro because that was the softest feeling driver I’ve ever hit.

Rafe Mason says:

Good video rick

Paul Nordin says:

This video is 2 weeks too late! I just got fitted for a new driver and ended up with a Rogue 10.5deg with a Project X Evenflow shaft. I absolutely love my new driver setup, but it would have been great to test this head along with the Calloway, TMs & Pings that I tried out.

Russ Ormrod says:

Is this a Europe only model?

Job Mayer says:

Srixon/Cleveland as a whole is the most under rated brand in golf. Cleveland wedges probably excluded because they’ve always been well known and fantastic. Their cleveland HB putters are unbelievable and srixon iron are some of the best looking/most playable clubs out there. Definitely deserve more recognition

Chuck Bjork says:

Does srixon have the big money to put their backing behind a couple of tour top ten players like Nike, Callaway, Taylor Made or Cobra? They just might have to sponsor a few players for a season to get their drivers on tour?

Bstopar says:

I would say Wilson.

Mike Paige says:

Nice review Rick! Keep up the great work!

Jac Smith Williams says:

I will test a srixon driver next looks great

Steven Bova says:

Great video, hope people start to try the “not-big name” usual suspects when they look for new clubs. Most companies now a days are working with the same materials and technology

Howie Land says:

One challenge for Srixon is that the biggest brands have released so many different clubs that there’s little room left on store shelves for brands like Srixon. Rick, it’s great that you’re showing the smaller brands some love on your channel!

Robert Hampton says:

Sit looks good, am due an upgrade, must check it out

Joe Dubiel says:

Great review Rick. Looks like a winner to me. I have never tested or used a Srixon driver. I did recently pick up a new Ping G 400 Max which I am loving. I will make one addition here . You mentioned that their golf balls are good too. True, but I recently tested their Soft Feel ones. I really thought those were horrible to be honest. I am a Titleist Tour Soft guy on golf balls right now. Best Wishes, Spider Dubiel

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