The DRIVER worth testing….Wilson C300 Driver Review

The DRIVER worth testing….Wilson C300 Driver
PGA GOLF PRO Rick Shiels tests the new Wilson C300 Driver on GCQuad and on the golf course at Nelson GC


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Michael Bowditch says:

Hmm, I have always seemed to like that higher pitch sound more than muted ones. May have to give this one a try.

Liam Dobson says:

Slightly confused by 16° Launch Angle and 1700rpm spin being the holy trail…yet neither number is inside your optimum window in the chart? Is the chart your optimum numbers or is it a chart to showing the averages of what you usually see from a driver?

Chiang Chih-I says:

Great review!

Joseph Hamblin says:

Easily the most thorough reviews on YouTube. Can’t miss a video Rick!

Ralphy Acoustic Artist says:

Now review the wilson staff c300 forged irons…they are beasts

Brandon Truhett says:

Love that Red as well as club head design

Nak Kang says:

Wilson making a comeback

PhotoGeorge says:

So Rick you’re averaging 306 yards with a 110 mph Club head speed and you’re complaining about the color of the Club and the Sound it makes when you hit it. What’s more important the color of the club or the distance and accuracy you get with it? You’re getting almost as picky as a tour pro now.

Kyle Scott says:

Sound.. I still hit 2006 ft3. It sounds and feels as if im hitting a wooden bat. But i love it. More than say some clubs sound like a hollow trash can. Good vid

sebbo6 says:

Played with a fat shaft driver and hated it. Found the flight really weird and never gone back to a Wilson driver again

Tony Tanti says:

C’mon bro…what are you texting next….a Spalding

ProfessorCockrum says:

Rick, try putting some minimum expand spray insulation in the head to see if the sound changes…

Charlie 234 says:

Yes, used to have a Wilson persimmon driver. Looooved it!!!

Charlie 234 says:

I dont get it. Wilson should find a new chief designer when it comes to drivers and woods. They look awful. I game W/S V6 irons, great feeling irons, and great looking.

Dan B says:

Im sure it performs as good as anything but man it looks cheap and tacky imo.

TDM170 says:


Jacob Felsing says:

I like how the crown is like a matte maroon. It seems like there hasn’t been one like that since the Nike covert even though the Nike was glossy

GStout 452 says:

The matte red looks nice, but I still like my double black diamond. Thanks for the review.

Tom Gilbert says:

Oh no 666th like #1kclub

Lee McLaren says:

Even if the club looked and sounded like a stick with dog poo on the end, but was guaranteeing me great results of 300 yard drives up the middle of the fairway I 100% wouldn’t care and wouldn’t defo be in my bag.

madskrillz2 says:

Wilson should just stick to irons and stop wasting money on garbage drivers that no one buys or plays.

Rick Shiels Golf says:

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Bstopar says:

I have never tried a Wilson driver before…

Ernie N. says:

Great job, Rick! Keep your great videos coming. You have the best reviews of anyone on You Tube, with the great detail you go into, with the testing you do!

Owen Oiffer says:

Wilson was out for our demo day, I absolutely loved the c300 irons and hybrids. I could not quite get the feel for the driver, however he was very limited in shaft options. I like the mat red it’s good on the eyes with no glare or reflection. The brand, looks and price put it on my short list

ProfessorCockrum says:

Rick, try putting some minimum expand spray insulation in the head to see if the sound changes…

Mofo2404 says:

Rick can you test the new Callaway XR speed driver?

toolguy1515 says:

Never tried one. Never changing my Epic.

Mike Farrell says:

I know what you mean about the sound rick but it seems to be a good club, good review as usual.

Wendell Laffin says:

the Deep Red was a weapon for me way back in the day.

Glenn Wiebe says:

“Power holes”!!! Really? I think that has to be the lamest club feature I’ve heard of. You would think that, as a brand that is trying to make a comeback and have made great strides with their new irons, they could do better than that! Lame! Good review Rick!

Malcolm A. says:

Great looking club – I love that matt crimson / red colour. Reminds me a bit of their Deep Red driver years ago.
Great review as well Rick- the thoroughness of in-studio and course testing makes all the difference.

halloween Dolbeau says:

Very inetresting. Love the color. As to the sound, who cares? As long as you get that 300 mark, I wouldn’t give a damn about the sound. Performance is what I care about.Thanks for the review.

Ralphy Acoustic Artist says:

I think one thing that should be included in your reviews a little more is the cost of these things.
New Taylormade/Callaway/Titleist/Ping is always incredibly expensive but stuff like Wilson Staff/Srixon/Cobra can be vastly different in Cost but still preform as good or better then the bigger brands, more highlighting that cost isnt everything with Golf Gear.

David Richard says:

I love wilson…I play the triton driver and the soutside putter…plus I love the sound of a Wilson Drivers.

Matthew Baker says:

I have the Wilson staff fg tour m3 driver and 3 wood no plans to change them

Zachary Milos says:

Yes the Triton

Floppyfishguts says:

Any comments on the flx face?

Rickoh75 says:

Great in-depth review, I have the Triton driver and really like it, for me a fader of the golf ball, the Triton is excellent. Your results with the C 300 are completely believable.

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