The Best All Round Golf Drivers 2015

The Best All Round Golf Drivers 2015. Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru and Steve Buzza talk drivers and best of for 2015 in the all player category. These drivers are for all levels to test and try to see if they can help them improve their golf game. From Titleist to Clevelnad, taylormade,Callaway and many more have been tested these are our top 3 drivers for 2015.

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nardu malherbe says:

Here’s a much more comprehensive test, with “classes” of swing speed and lots of data, as opposed to 5 hits

Thumper15 says:

Interesting picks…I would have thought Callaway, Taylormade, and Ping…curious to see the “numbers” on Callaway and Taylormade……

paul hughes says:

Is there much difference between the Titleist D2 and D3 models?

Sales You Trust says:

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Santiago De Ponce says:

Marc continue the good and entertaining reviews lad!

Chris Tomicic says:

i hate the blue in the g30

Leftienige Blank says:


Seamus Griffin says:

Thanks for another fun video full of information and help for us hackers….:D
All I have to do now is save up for a couple of years and I’ll be able to afford one of these!

NowisEvollovetion says:

Snake Eyes 685T 9.5 degree.

Super club.

T. White says:

The Aeroburner fans will be thumbs downing this video.

Ping G30 Player

Michael VLOGS says:

All OEM drivers are excellent. It all depends on what fits you and gives you confidence. It’s also finding a shaft that fits. To pick 3 is not a “best,” but a personal preference. I think it’s a disservice to golfers. Discuss the pros and cons of each, the adjustability, and what they offer you with the caveat that everyone is different. Go out and Demo.

Ben Dover says:

Mark your one sexy moFo! no homo

Jonathan Hughes says:

The new intro appears to be a little too self indulgent for my liking.  “Look who I’ve met”.I think you should revert back.

Raphael König says:

Awesome video

`Cadambrazil says:

Hello would you recommend the Ping g30 for a beginner ?

9tube1 says:

Totally agree with your choices Mark.  Glad to hear you are putting the G30 in your bag.

Judge Smails says:

Great review, guys.  I might have included the 815BB, but that reflects personal bias.  Love your mixture of raw data, aesthetics, and the “It” factor (confidence, etc.).

Bernard Rooney says:

It’s funny I tested the g30 and it just didn’t suit me what so ever. Test 10shots witness it and my 910d3 and my titleist was straighter and further and flight shape was better. Only thing that I got from that day was a shorter shaft suited me better.

daphne WB says:

Mark, because of advert/conflict of interest issues with Golf Digest reviews, I was looking to you as an ‘unbiased’ opinion on golf equipment.  Now that your ‘corporate’ where are we supposed to get unbiased opinion on golf equipment?


Great job as always……..and I agree…..went from my Titlest to Ping purely because it was a tad friendly on miss-hits and I game an I-25 3 wood……just looks better in the bag…………………and thanks for all the videos……..I gamed TM R7 tp’s for yrs……and wore them out……and I’m 60 now and wanted a friendlier club……went to several demo days and hit them all and wouldn’t have even tried Nike VRS forged except for your video…….absolutely fell in love with them…….and never liked Nike !!   My game is back to 6 hndp again…….cheers !!!

Jake Garcia says:

How much different are your number from the i25 and the G30 LS ted

Colin Spring says:

Moved on from my Cobra S91 driver to the Ping G30 just over a year ago and have absolutely loved it. Great feel of the face and also extremely forgiving when not quite off the middle. Not a complicated driver, with only a few adjustments that can be made, unlike sliding weighting systems etc. Great simple and effective piece of gear for me as a mid handicap golfer.

Mark Hedetniemi says:

Great review of fantastic products! Thanks for sharing.

I like(d) my old Titleist 910D2 so much, I just bought another NOS. I love the look, the sound, and the feel of it. So, why change?

Mediocre Golfer says:

‘Take me to the range!’ Lol

James Harvey says:

Please ditch the bearded gimp…

John jsmit says:

Geesh Marc,give the guy a chance to voice HIS opinion

jimbofatplum says:

ffs steve, slip a couple of mogadons in his coffee before these reviews. my head is banging at those relentless machine gun lips.

Sammy Whammy says:

Enjoyed watching this guys, particularly when you went nuts at the end! 🙂

Hugh Rogers says:

Driver heads are so damn big these days. 460cc being the standard. I haven’t found any that I could swing, they all feel like there’s a balloon on the end of the club. Does everyone really feel ‘confident’ with a bigger headed club? I find them all off putting. I feel the same about the oversized GI irons.

Alan Coleman says:

Next course vlog is when please?

Sniper 180 says:

Why did Justin Rose blow the driver in the intro? Bit stupid haha

`Cadambrazil says:

Hello would you recommend the Ping g30 for a beginner ?

nathan nancholas says:

Wilson staff D200 driver ?????

Louis Anthony says:

Getting new clubs very soon and can’t decide between 913/915 what do u think mark? Btw another great video, u get a bit madder each video haha

CagedPaps says:

Mark, have you ever hit any of the Bombtech clubs? Specifically for this video, the grenade driver?

paavo murtovuori says:

Still rocking my sexy sldr im 14 and hit it about 220

Sodthong says:

No Cobra FlyZ ? You were loving it in Febuary..

William Klosek says:

I’ve hit all three of those drivers…..For me the Cobra Fly Z is better than all three of them.

Jakob jakobsen says:

when are there coming a new vlog? 😀

brendos444 says:

gaming the G30, love the D3 and the Srixon as well. Cobra Fly Z would probably fit into this category nicely as well. Wilson Staff D200 is also a great choice too. Interestingly, Taylormade don’t really have an offering in this all-round, crossover category. The Aeroburner really doesn’t do it and the R15 is really for the better players. Big mistake by TM in my opinion.

VWRabbit2008 says:

Everyone raves about the 915 but no one has it in their bag

varment01 says:

NO Fly-Z. Boo !!

Jason Perry says:

Mark, can you get your hands on the MOTO titleist 915 D4 and give it a whacK?!? wishing someone would review this one.

Langley, British Columbia

Darren Brown says:

Take me to the range take me to the range

jonb523 says:

I have been playing 915 D2 for about 2 months, I don’t think distance is improved, however, off centre hits do go further and straighter.

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