TAYLORMADE M6 DRIVER reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield and Dan Hendriksen at Torquay golf club. The M6 from Taylormade features the twistface along with injected face for super fast ball speed claims. See just how fast the new M6 TaylorMade Twist Face driver really is with this on course and indoor dry ball data test.

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Robert Turner says:

Great vids. I just hope you have no backlash from TM or TM Fan boys

Mat Setizar says:

For me this is like watching a supercar review. I’d watch it just to what’s good out there that I can never afford.

Paul Kielwasser says:

Is it doing better with heel shots due to the ball’s proximity to the “resin”? It’s closer to a port if you’re hitting in the heel than when it’s toward the toe. Measure it. I’d bet the heel is more solid due to distance between ball and port.

Jessie Caples says:

Mark how does the titleist ts2 driver compare to the ping g400max. As forgiving? Longer ? Please answer. Thanks

Lee Shrub says:

could the foam be doing something to the strike? could it be moving the weight around the club (different amount from one side to the other)? if you where to test another M6 would you get the same feel? the only reason why I ask is due to all them being injected uniquely

Christopher Keeler says:

Coach looks like a moody teenager dragged to an aunts house with nothing to do, so spends his time sending snaptweets and watching gaming vlogs.

Alex Carter says:

I love these on the spot rule makings.

Nigel Cooke says:

We need more of coach lockey testing clubs like that… he was awesome… keep up the good work Brah..

Mike Dinan says:

You should do a comparison between GCQuad and trackman 2

Thomas Jones says:

So this is effectively them admitting that after this driver it’s impossible to increase ball speed right? Since they’ve gone past the legal limit and had to engineer back to the legal limit….

cobra1995xx says:

Great vid!! Send that m6 to me in Pennsylvania please.. I hit out of the heal like nobody’s business!! Lol. My high toe shots end up being a worm crushing snap hook !! Haha

Thechaddavis1996 says:

Great review! Question for you guys. Do you think since many amateurs miss in the heel more, the design will help them have a better “feeling” strike? You two typically hit closer to “center” and therefore it doesn’t feel good but so many of my friends almost always hit more low heel and lose distance. And as a disclaimer, I don’t game the TM or any of the newer clubs, I still have a Callaway XR16, so I don’t really have a bias.

Luke Warmwater says:

Did anyone expect a guy who is sponsored by Titleist to like a TM driver?

Mike Lee says:

Omg at 8:20 it drifted back into the middle twist face works well I never

Chris Newson says:

I can hear that bird again……..

Jason Hall says:

Am I the only one that doesn’t care for the looks of either of these clubs, just way too busy from the top view. Of course I miss the old Cleveland Launcher and Titleist 909s.

Jeff Brennan says:

GET UP DAN!!!!!!

Wilfred Harrington says:

Heel striker heaven it seems!

Stuart hazard says:

Is there any chance that your confusion over the effect of hitting low on the heel has with this club is due to the twist face technology?

Pittgolfer13 says:

No lovely boy music while Dan looks for his bomb ball?

danny collins says:

Maybe the slowing resin is in the high toe of that specific club? Each one is injected differently apparently so in theory you get fit for the club then the one made for you will have the resin in different parts of the club. Not selling it to me I’m afraid

Dave Allen says:

Does anyone see a butt plug when looking at the bottom of the club?

Simon Chadwick says:

Were you saying that the heel strike which produced a decent carry was better than the centre or toe strikes? Or if the heel strike was good, does that not mean your centre strikes would be even better? If that’s the case is that not a good thing?

soulbringerfps says:

The funniest part of this video is Matt just chillin under the shelf, with absolute No inclusion, and not a word spoken (Obviously thats just the final edit). But to the end viewer, its a chuckle.

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