Taylormade M6 Driver Review – Taylormade have just released the brand new 2019 M6 and M5 Range of drivers, fairway woods and irons. Who should be using the Taylormade M6? is it the longest driver ever? in this video I talk you through what tech goes into the Taylormade M6 driver, see how far it goes, how it looks and basically see… should you buy the Taylormade M6? will it be the best driver of 2019? the longest driver of 2019? How will the m6 compare against the m4? Taylormade M6 vs Taylormade M4? coming soon!


Mike Cerniglia says:

Really happy to see you succeed James. Been watching you since day one and your videos just get better and better: Keep those subs coming!

bund440 says:

Still not 300 yrs then, didn’t you get 290 with the Titleist TS

allo cromeau says:

How long will these screws stay bolt???

Jason Suter says:

Agree to disagree….looks cheap,would look good sat in a rack at sports direct

Robert Hampton says:

Wallet emptying speed ,brings tears to the eyes thinking about it, smoke and mirrors to the average hacker.most other drivers are as good

Phillios R says:

Similar ball speed to Rick shiels but lower overall distances. How odd.

Tye Eggleston says:

Looks good..i also like that the sound it. Makes when impacting the ball isn’t “tinny” sounding

Ecclesiastes 3:18 says:

Remember when ‘Tiger’ was going to make the golfing world accessible to all people?

Golf is an elitist sport- always has been and always will be…it’s getting worse.

Ecclesiastes 3:18 says:

“There’s a sucker born every minute”

Nic Mansfield says:

Fore left! I’m not sold on the looks, will be sticking with my excellent M3

Aaron___ says:

James did they add anymore twist to the twistface with it only being half a degree of twist in the m3/m4 ?

sduke39 says:

It’s almost exhausting trying to keep up with the Taylormade product roll-outs. It’s like what ever you buy this week is going to be out dated next week. I know that’s an exaggeration….but not a crazy exaggeration. That said, I’d play that driver all day long. At least until next week when the M7 comes out.

Stefan Merk says:

Love your reviews mate, your easily one of my favorite YouTube golfers to watch now, I game the m3 driver and woods and I’m STOKED to try the 2019 line up, keep up the great vids!

pcxcado says:

Great review mucker, not sure it looks better than the m4…

Lefty SoCal Golfer says:

There seems to be a misconception that they put speedfoam in the drivers this time. My understanding is that the material in question is a resin designed to make the face less hot!
According to TaylorMade all M5 and M6 drivers would be too hot and too fast without the resin and would therefore be illegal.

TaylorMade is claiming they are measuring how hot the face is on each individual driver head and adding the exact amount of resin needed to bring all of the drivers to precisely barely legal!

Hard to believe they’re going to put that much work into each individual head…. but that’s the claim!

So that’s what the”everyone gets faster” claim really means! It used to be that only the tour guys had their heads checked for how hot they were. They got the best ones. Now, supposedly, we’re all going to get equally hot heads!

I’ll believe it when people test this claim and validate it. I’m 100% for this development, though, if it’s legit!


COR is still ,limited to 0.85, so how can it hit further than for example a Burner TP or R11 which are on the limit of cor?

Mike Reed says:

This will be a great driver to buy on closeout in 2 years!!


thats a cobra f9 lol

allo cromeau says:

Should test these off center hits on the screws

Mitch 1977 says:

James nice review. You swap your current driver for one of those, & I’ll be disappointed, so will you! Ha!

Aaron Rothwell says:

Still did not get over 300 yards! Stick with what you got, same numbers! I love all this taylormade bullshit hype shite!! Some idiot will buy it thinking they will smash it as far as DJ! (Save Yer money, and get lessons!)

Tim Cline says:

Seen one. Seen the them ……
TS2 will smoke Twist Face!

Ian Ross says:

I feel it’s an incomplete review without discussing the price !! It’s a factor in many golfers eyes but that would mean upsetting the company that sends you the clubs so I guess you’ll avoid that

Stephen Malolepszy says:

Interesting. I’d love to see you put some dr. Scholls foot spray on the club faces so we can see the location of the strikes…cheers

Jim Lang says:

A test against your beloved M3 would be good.
I’m guessing the M5 andM6 are around the £499 mark.
How much can you pick up an M3 for now.?
I would guess around £200 less
Are these £200 worth better? I doubt it.
But if you have a spare £499 and feel the need to have the latest equipment crack on.
Where does it all end?
At the end of the day a lot depends on the pilot.

Phil Maidwell says:

Another great informative video, sorry if this question has been asked before but what happens should you have an off centred hit and ball comes of the ‘screws’. Does it come of faster/slower?

Sananda Radhay says:

I’ll take my m4 all day

Mark Brook says:

where is the price range on these? Great Video as always James

gts golf says:

how does its MOI compare to the Ping G400 Max?

Bob Stanko says:

Sorry but they don’t seem like original designs, the M6 looks like the new f9 speedback from cobra. The M5 switched the track around that looks just like the cortex early designs before switching to a single track. Really to me the only new tech here is the speed foam, which while it works in the irons, I’m not sold on it yet.

Nigel Pout says:

Cobra F9 copy.

zion sampson says:

Why dose this seem like He is not so honest in this review. This is almost exactly the opposite of rick Shields review

Chris Harris says:

I would like to see demo the new Cobra F 9 driver

SearchBucket2 says:

Hold on. Was not COR limited to a maximum by the golfing authorities years ago, so they must be selling a myth?
Is this not simply a driver made expensive by sports car styling? I’ve also noticed over the years the shaft length of drivers had slowly crept up. I wonder if every millimeter is needed to increase those stats by centimeters?
If you have money to burn I guess you wouldn’t care? Next they’ll be saying every driver in the M-Series go to Germany to be “tuned” … lol

Golf stuff says:

Do you feel that if you say something bad, then they won’t send you clubs to review in the future?

D Nakagawa says:

Would love to see how it compares to the new Cobra F9.


I think shaft flex is more important than the head.Do you agree? Best shaft I ever used was the blue Adilla Pro extra stiff. Great videos by the way.

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