TaylorMade M6 Driver Review

The TaylorMade M6 Driver Review with Alex Etches from GolfBox Reviews.

Watch Alex Etches test the latest TaylorMade M6 Driver which replaces the TaylorMade M4 Driver. Alex has also tested the TaylorMade M5 Driver and compared it against the TaylorMade M3 Driver.


The big story with the 2019 TaylorMade M-Series is the inclusion of Speed Injected Twist Face which optimises COR across the face to reach the legal limit of speed.

The New TaylorMade M6 features a 54% lighter carbon crown which allows TaylorMade Golf to install their revolutionary Inertia Generator to help boost MOI and keep the head stable.

TaylorMade M6 Driver Specifications – https://www.golfbox.com.au/golf-blog/taylormade-m6-driver

The inclusion of Hammerhead 2.0 helps TaylorMade achieve a larger COR area across the face to boost ball speeds from strikes that are off-centre.

TaylorMade M5 Driver Specs & Info – https://www.golfbox.com.au/golf-blog/taylormade-m5-driver
TaylorMade M6 Driver Specs & Info – https://www.golfbox.com.au/golf-blog/taylormade-m6-driver
TaylorMade M5 & M6 Fairway Woods Specs & Info – https://www.golfbox.com.au/golf-blog/taylormade-m5-m6-fairway-woods

View the Full Playlist of TaylorMade Golf 2019 here – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?playnext=1&list=PLKBgKqoHnmG3aZTwqmgIekPG07Yi-ApCh&index=1

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Steve Wozniak says:

M6 or F9? You seemed to love the Cobra as well.

Rob Tait Wobbly Bob says:

Quality review! So not much extra performance for your £500 – shocker!! I’d rather wait till older models come down in price… but then I am tight as a gnats chuff…

Fore to Four Golf says:

The intro needs to be on a poster out the front of the store…great review Alex. If your back is sore, consider subbing Dave or josh in, they aren’t exactly slouches off the tee!

Alan Martins says:

The site keeps getting better with every video. Way to go Alex.

Michael Munoz says:


mejne says:

I like the look of the 2017 M2 better

Ben Wintermute says:

Just when you think TM can’t get more gimmicky. Best thing about these clubs is they will make the M4 cheaper…

Tipsy McStagger says:

Personally I think the drivers look a bit chintzy. I can’t put my finger on what it is but they have over designed them so that they stand out.

Like other comments, the M6 just looks a bit like a TaylorMade F9 Speedback. Definitely room for a comparison there.

When do we get to see you hitting the Flash Face and G410?

Brandon Jones says:

Get that back better! Love watching you smash it!

Alan The Golfer says:

MOI generator = a weight

Matt Duider says:

M6 looks very nice.

Michael Pasvantis says:

Lovely Alex. I love the marketing on this one, how it was too hot and they had to tone it down to get it back to legal. Very cheeky

Lombo21 says:

Great to see you back and as always, a great review and always entertaining.
Look forward to seeing the outdoor test with this club

michael hake says:

Such honest reviews mate! I’m such a fan of ppl who call a spade a spade! I would hate to be on the taylormade marketing team cos jeez surely they are running out of ideas!

Nur Osman says:

M5 Looks brutes

Mike Casey says:


Bandit Baker says:

Fun review Alex and I am sure that the M5 & M6 are marginally better that the M3 & 4. However I don’t buy this “Speed injected” story line, are TM seriously expecting us to believe that each head is individually inspected and then injected with just the right amount of resin to get each and every head to the maximum CoR allowed by the R&A and USGA! Sorry that is utter Bull shit!!!!
Knowing how poor TM’s manufacturing tolerances are and how expensive 100% inspection & modification is, there is no way that this story line is Kosher.

Nixon Gill says:

Crushing them there Etches! No real speed improvements? It May be a speed off VLOG with titleist and callaway. Hmm I smell a threesome speed off. Screws included.

Keep It In The Fairway says:

Cameron Champ cracked his G400. So someone going to smash those screws out of the head. Believe me

Philip S says:

I think they look too busy, and the M6 has a bottom similar to the Cobra.

Dan Krynicki says:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you are a riot! Good stuff

Jim Orr says:

No matter what shaft what flex I can’t use TM drivers, the fitters always put the loft up to high, my Ping G400 is 10 degrees loft launching the ball nice and high, just can’t hit TM drivers.

Mike Cook says:

Great job!!

Sir Les says:

Can’t wait for the Ping G 700 Supermax driver to come out.

The Average Golfer says:

Great review and as you said at the intro very entertaining, love the way you present keep it up Alex

Kurt Swiger says:

“Well, that was weird…” haha

mikemessy68 says:

You hit it farther with an injured back than I do healthy

midwest detectorist says:

Its a cobra f9 driver. Who are they kidding

Thomas Pettersson says:

Entertaining edge – it´s so You!

Dim Willow says:

best intro lol

dick gregory says:


Mike Austin Fan says:

M5 M6 hack: remove the screws, loosen the resin with a small drill, dump out the loose resin, reinstall the screws. 10 extra mph clubhead speed. Mission accomplished.

smith jones says:

The new A.I. Callaway Driver next PLZ!

Daniel Kwack says:

Head to head with M4!

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