TAYLORMADE M5 DRIVER REVIEW – Taylormade have just launced their brand new M5 range including M5 Driver, M5 Fairways and M5 irons. But just how good is the new Taylormade M5? Will this be Tiger Woods 2019 driver in the bag? How good is the M5 Driver? does it go further than my current driver? how will the m5 v m3 get on? Who should buy a Taylormade M5? who is it aimed at? lets find out… and lets do It now


ZhaustEzine says:

Must be just me but these clubs look cheap…guess I have to see it in person. Even Cortex looks better

Ian Rhodes says:

I’m a cobra fan please compare against the F9

Philip S says:

Have to disagree with you about the look, too busy. I will reserve performance until proven better than M3 & M4, especially as they are reasonably new and the M5 & M6 prices will be jacked up again.

Justin Staub says:

Thank James! Feeling even better about my TS driver and Fwy.

marco colindres says:

James, would love to see you compare the TS3 and this driver, sir! Cheers!!!!

Tim Masterson Sr says:

Wilson cortex

11golfnut11 says:

Thanks James for a great video. any idea what the weight values are?

tony penny says:

i my be the downer man what more can they do now its all aload of bs what they going to call the next driver twist straight my ball down the fairway tech is at its peck its all to do with what you like at adress of the ball in my appinion

GR JerryPK says:

M5 vs the M3, please!

Jose Cuervo-drinker says:

PXG 0811 driver

blair simpson says:

i would like to see cobra F8 + or f8 normal please i know f9 is coming out but but still f8 is under rated and pew pew star-wars sound effect

shotlink mike says:

Hi, Good review. I think you’d have to use the same shaft in all the drivers in order to do comparisons no matter what drivers you use. That way, the differences can be attributed to the head(s). I also think the mishits need to be included in the numbers. None of us hit the center of the club face for each shot. Mishits are the norm for me and I think most players. Keep up the good work.

D Nakagawa says:

Would love to see how it compares to the new Cobra F9.

Lefty SoCal Golfer says:

There seems to be a misconception that TaylorMade put speedfoam in the drivers this time! My understanding is that the material in question is a resin designed to make the face less hot!

According to TaylorMade all M5 and M6 drivers would be too hot and too fast without the resin and would therefore be illegal.

TaylorMade is claiming they are measuring how hot the face is on each individual driver head and adding the exact amount of resin needed to bring all of the drivers back down to precisely barely legal!

Hard to believe they’re going to put that much work into each individual head…. but that’s the claim!

So that’s what the”everyone gets faster” claim really means! It used to be that only the tour guys had their heads checked for how hot they were. They got the best ones. We got the leftovers. Now, supposedly, we’re all going to get equally hot heads!

I’ll believe it when people test this claim and validate it. I’m 100% for this development, though, if it’s legit!


Try the r11

Jay McGillicuddy says:

Like to see them matched up with the TS2 & TS3. Maybe M3 – M4.

Joe Duffy says:

Jamas any chance of doing a comparison video between titleist ts range and new taylormade

Coy Miller says:

Any reason you didn’t mention launch? I did see at ~5:50-5:55 your vert launch was from 14-16*.

Tommie Thatcher says:

Another cracking club review and I’m looking forward to seeing one in person
I would love to see some head to heads this year with all the new drivers that the manufacturers are releasing

allo cromeau says:

sorry…but sound like this driver will crack very soon in less than 2 season….for you to get another plasticky driver………no hating just didnt had chances with carbon driver…..my friend crack the callaway epic in less than couple rounds….

Daniel Browne says:

Would love to see a comparison with older generations of TM drivers. how far back do you have to go to see a real benefit to your score?

ryan g says:

I want to see this against the new pxg driver please

James Sawyer says:

test them all

Jan Johansson says:


jergernice1 says:

sure looks like the ball is hitting straight or right on the screen from your ball. yet flightscope shows the ball jumping left….hmm…..

thecman26 says:

Whatch out for the speed, practically illegal!

racecourse100 says:



Great Videos! I’ve learned a lot from purchasing to playing. Keep up the good work James.

Joseph Voll says:

I guess “Speed Injected Resin” is like “Speed Foam”?
I know you guys only had about a year to come up with new Gimmicks, but “Speed Injecred Resin”, to “Cool” the “Hot” Face down to a “Temp.” that’s acceptable to the USGA??? Really Guys??? I can think of 10 Gimmicks off the top of my head that are better than that! and mine are actually realistic!

Stephen Shiels says:

How do they compare with Titliest TS Drivers.I just bought new TS2 driver TS2 3 wood and H1 Hybrid please show comparison to your driver.

P Rex says:

Test it against the previous version.

Miriam Dalglish says:

Is this driver available for ladies

James Giles says:

I’m sticking with my M4⛳️

Rick Peters says:

Ugly driver

Strad 4321 says:

James is going to step on one. FORE LEFT!!!

littlederek37 says:

Why do people get so hung up about shafts and miss hits

ian campbell says:

High launch and low spin – paint your sldr and you’ll get the same results !!

Umhahaha says:

So which one is gona be in your bag? Ts3 M5,6?

Joseph Voll says:

I’m very surprised TM raised the prices on the M5 & M6 to $550…a $50 increase relative to the M1 & M3.
They lost 1 of their top Players to Honma. If they keep raising the prices on their Drivers, they’re going to start losing Customers to Honma, PRGR, and other Asian Makers. Is $50 worth opening yourself up to the Japanese/Asian Competition???

Norman Dowd says:

These new drivers are suppose to increase ball speeds. Is that true? And besides looks do they perform better for the asking price than the M3?

Jesse Waddell says:

I would like to see how this compares to your TS3. Doesnt seems to be all that much “faster”

Nick Dear says:

I want the F9 from Cobra!!!!!

Chef Wax says:

I’ll out crush that with my Titleist PT

Craig Benton says:

Good review James but I thought according to TM the foam is inject in the face to bring the face tolerance down to legal standards as without it this club is illegal so the foam doesn’t make the face faster actually the reverse

Patrick Scribner says:

Compare it to the Titleist, curious how much further you averaged with this one than the M6. Id love to see what you’d get compared oncourse to the TS3

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