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► Neil Tappin tests the latest adjustable driver from TaylorMade – the TaylorMade M5 up against the previous generation TaylorMade M3

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Howie Land says:

Great test, Neil. I like the parameters of which shots you excluded. My only nit with the new TM drivers is the price increase over the previous. It encourages me to keep playing my M1.

SuperYoda7 says:

Lol shot 23 went 301yards carry… 166.5mph ball, 14.3launch and 1881 spin. I’d buy this driver if I’d get those numbers!!

k9feces says:

I’m torn between the M5 and the Teeless driver.

Mike Austin Fan says:

It’s legal until the resin is knocked loose. Then you’ll have a $500 rattle. Taylormade doesn’t know how to keep things simple for the amateur golfers.

Mike L says:

TM is a joke anymore. Tell them to slow down. Sometimes less is more. Not gimmicks.

Arlen Nercessian says:

Haven’t added any distance in the past 10 years by changing drivers. I have added accuracy and improved on dispersion, but no distance shift.

My OpenMind says:

Is that a chipped sweet spot at 1 min 51 s?

Robert Graham says:

Can the resen be removed .to then in theory make the club illegal but no way of testing it

Scott Beresford says:

What a load of rubbish…. 1mph extra ball speed but 7yds extra distance…….I smell a rat.

Reid Cast says:

Great new vid


Good review but there’s absolutely no way that a mass produced golf club will be CT tested…then have foam injected and them CT tested again…zero percent chance of that happening

Paul Hynes says:

So TM is hand testing every club? Otherwise how do you know it isn’t illegal as they say? I love golf marketing…..

A.J says:

Proof that go faster paint is worth £500, marketing bs at it’s finest.

DB George says:

Good review Neil.

My OpenMind says:

What happens to the injected gel at 2,3,4, 5 years? Will this club still be conforming 5 yr after purchase?

Jean Ferret says:

You will always say the new models are better or lose advertising revenue. We are down to talking fractions and for the club player level will be negligible. On positive the M5 does look great at address.

D Morren says:


Mike L says:

Appreciate the quality of testing. My first comment is directed to TM.

Mike Austin Fan says:

M5 M6 hack: remove the screws, loosen the resin with a small drill, dump out the loose resin, reinstall the screws. 10 extra mph clubhead speed. Mission accomplished.

goodswen mark says:

you dont have the speed or the swing to carry the same as lee westwood just bollocks

David Fletcher says:

Marketing BS IMO. I can’t believe a mass produced driver will have every individual face tested and the correct amount of foam inserted in each one. Yeah next Santa Claus exists absolute marketing twaddle.

J2 Martnz says:

Proved the point ….you can only make them more efficient on miss hits. All these drivers hit on the screws will go the same distance within a couple yards.

The Rookie Mistake - Mid Capper Struggles says:

Sir, thanks for the very in-depth review! Love the sound of the M5

Roy Tienda says:

Take my money…. the end

E C says:

Good test, but 1mph more ball speed is not really a real proper breakthrough

David Stephens says:

I understand the rationale behind setting up the two drivers identically and neutrally, but I feel it may be missing a trick. If you were to get fitted for both drivers to determine your optimum settings, that would surely be a better comparison. For example, if the new club allowed you to dial in better numbers, then surely this is a positive? I recognise this will only be based around the tester’s game, but unless you are showing robot numbers the human element is significant anyway.

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