Taylormade M4 Driver Review (NEW)

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The Taylormade M4 Driver from Taylormade Golf offers golfers a more forgiving option within the 2018 M-Series Family.

Reviewing by GolfBox Professional, Alex Etches, the M4 Driver holds the New 2018 TwistFace Technology that helps prevent the damaging effects of the common high toe, or low feel shots.

Also, the addition of the Hammerhead allows for more ball speeds to be produced due to an improved COR from all strikes points on the Driver.

Geocoustic technology, positioned behind the face of the driver, helps provide a softer feel and improved sound.

As used by Dustin Johnson to win the Sentrrt Tournament at a total of 433 Yards – to nearly hole out on a Par 4!

Taylormade M3 Driver Review – https://goo.gl/pHj7EG
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laurent plas says:

Alex, need to hit with marking tape on the face so we can see where is the impact. cheer

Álvaro Ybáñez says:

I’ve seen Rick Shiels slice the shit out of his M3 on an Andy Carter vlog. If it were SO forgiving, it would probably be non conforming.

jockco curtis says:

Like to see deliberately hitting heal and toe shots to see if it can truly help us poor handicappers

danthemanwhocancan says:

AWESOME as always…

Erik Sanchez says:

YES! On course reviews!!

Garry Grant says:

As Cobra invented this twist face in their ‘canted’ face, why did you not go bananas when they did it. As always, Taylor made lie lie lie.

Robert Tudor says:

You reviews are great, 290 meters carry … you should enter long drive comps …. are you sure you dont have ADHD ???? Every time i watch one of your reviews i fell feel like a parent ” SIT STILL !!!” … but dont change so enjoyable to watch …..

Jeffrey Schechter says:

Another good review. Quick. Haha did you have a court date to get to?

John Dunne says:

Hi. Enjoyed it.
Am very happy with the way my M2 is treating me but enjoy people trying out new clubs.
I might need some new wedges in the not too distant future (but not a Callaway clubs fan) – more of those reviews please. You are not as bad as me, on the course, with wedges.

John Crompton says:

Great review Alex, you have the Aussie humour but is that a south yorkshire accent you have?

Keep It In The Fairway says:

Subbed because of your swing. those massive drives… Damn anyway hate the sound of M4. way too loud for me. sorry Taylormade.

Christopher LaFreniere says:

Your twist face is now what I see when I look at the M4

Patrick De Graaf says:

why… 300m why.. how.. noo .. (i need to train)

Louis Pounds says:

Adam, Adam, Adam…there you go again, I have not even gamed my Mizuno stuff 180 you smashed in you review and made me, yes, you used Jedi mind trick, go buy one…and now I sensing I need a twist face driver for less yardage but more fairways…ugh! Lol as always, love your content.

Fore to Four Golf says:

If you want someone to test the heel and toe strikes…I’m your man!

John Stone says:

Great review again mate !

Michael STAUDT says:

good Review as always……. Which shaft is in the m4 ? same as m3 ? Would be great if you show us the strikespots….Greetings from Germany !!!

Paavo Markkanen says:

why don’t you just PLEASE go outside more pls

Keith D says:

All my misses with driver are off the lower heel, what drivers do you suggest I try? Thanks

Mike Eastridge says:

Wait 6 months Taylormade are introducing Concave face technology Z Track weights, Quad color crown and a Trilithium crystal insert. Cant wait 🙂

Erich Fouke says:

Every video is about Twist Face.  Whats up with the Hammerhead Tech?  Hear it like Callaway’s Jailbreak.

Darren Cossey says:

317 yrds carry ????. Is the machine set up for altitude of 5000 feet.

Desmond _ says:

Great review as always Alex. When will this driver become available?

MrDudestein says:

320 yard carry
“I’m not really going after these. Nice smooth swings.


Nice review Alex. Looking forward to see how far it goes when it’s spec’d up for you!

mikemessy68 says:

Keep up the good work

Matt Parsons says:

Any chance we can see you hit the M3 vs. the ST180 vs. Cobra F8+ with a fitted shaft?

It is great fun to watch you crush these drivers. Cheers!

for the love of tech too says:

Ohhhffooo watch this….ball please don’t hit me so hard……don’t worry all your sub’s luckily did the same thing…..thumbs way UP

Phil T says:

Between the 3/4 is there one that sounds quieter than the other?

Ian Key says:

Good review lad!!
Can you do a whats in the bag? Would be interested to see what you have

Andy V says:

Will try one out but I’m always skeptical towards taylormade as a company with how much marketing they do and try force us into there stuff its like people get sold by money on utube when carrot waive in the front of them like to see reviews from clubs side by side ball after ball hitting diferent drivers and showing results

William Kerner says:

Enjoy your reviews. I’d like to see you do a video on how you generate your club head speed, I appear to be maxed out at about 100 mph.

Mike Cook says:

Too bad you don’t hit it hard!!! Wow!

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