TaylorMade M3 Driver Review (First Look)

The Taylormade M3 Driver review by Alex Etches from GolfBox Reviews.

First look at the new 2018 Taylormade golf series of clubs with the highly adjustable, better players M3 driver.

Featuring a unique twist face design that prevents the effects of the common bad shots that we commonly face on the course. The extra speed is created by the Hammerhead, which sits directly behind the clubface allowing for a thinner head for improved COR.

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Mike Cook says:

Great Review!

Jason Drury says:

Best review Video I’ve seen in ages (Rick Shields eat your heart out 😉 ) can’t wait to try it!

Anthony Loiselle says:

“Twist Face” is just a silly term for roll and bulge. It makes sense to make it on drivers because that is the club where golfers can hit it the most offline. This has been done on fairway woods and hybrids for quite some time now. It’s not some new technology created by TM, but I admit it is clever to put it on a driver. Also regarding looks, in my opinion, the looks are getting a little too “futuristic” for me. Everything is starting to look big and bold as TM has done in the past with things like RBZ, SLDR, Etc. I really enjoyed the look of the R15 in all black and the first generation M1 and M2.

Geovanny Matias says:

Ja ja you like Twistface sow thank cobra he done it 6 years ago ja ja !!!

2014 MM says:

Back at it again with the slider.

Maatzn says:

Holy shit…

Neil Morphew says:

Great review Alex. Have Cobra sent you the x-stiff shaft for the F8 driver yet? Side by side comparison would be good to see. Keep up he good work!

eaglesham photography says:

Shelf appeal 20/10 – are you blind?!!! It looks hideous IMO, like a BMW car – hate the colours and the sole is horrendous

butette says:

Funniest reviewer on Youtube!

Simon Whitehead says:

Great (first?) review. I’d just about decided to get an Epic but this changes everything as i’m thinking i may need more consistency. Be nice to see the strike pattern in relation to the flight/coulrs you showed

The Rory McIlroy Fan says:

Sick club your swing is class I subbed

chris clausen says:

7:19 (w/headphones)…Ducks on the course today?

diggsy1602 says:

Well done Alex!
Maybe you can give one of the 25 drivers to Mark Crossfield to try! ;D

karncis says:


Bandit Baker says:

So Alex, did you like it? I wasn’t quite sure from your review LOL

GolfBox Reviews says:

It’s great to be back!

Happy New Year Guys!

If you can, please Share on social and get the review out there!

Thanks a bunch!

nong mar says:

So how can we hold you to your word to getting a fitting for the M3 and filming it?

Simian Golf says:

Those where the straightest drives you have ever hit

Nak Kang says:


Squizzy Bollocks says:

Nice review but you look like you’ve come from a hell of a party.

William Russell says:

Just use a Cobra F8. They have had “twist face” technology since 2012 or otherwise known has canted bulge technology.

Not sure why everyone is drinking the kool aid by Taylormade calling it revolutionary when they didn’t even come up with it first.

TM In 5 years will call their CNC milled face revolutionary…. lol

L D says:

when is it released?

Mark Blair says:

I buy new TM driver that comes out and I get ten more yards each time. I’m now carrying the ball over six hundred yards with my M2 but for some reason I still can’t break 90.

Paul Bear says:

Cracking review Alex, love the touch of humour too! Very impressive driver and looking forward to your other reviews on these drivers coming soon

Aden Roper says:

Love your reviews

Rodney Mounsey says:

Awesome as always, great start to the new year!

paulstreet86 says:

You are not good at this.

Matthew Ferreras says:

Love the reviews. I can’t wait to hit this one.

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