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Paul Walker says:

I’d really like to see the clustering – surely this is vital. How consistent are the shots? They looked really nice and straight with a slight draw. I don’t think I’ve seen Rob hit better than this. If you changed the label on the club I think we might see a more positive reaction.

De'kwon says:

why is everyone hating on the looks of the new woods, I actually like them. it’s certainly better than the epic looks (looks like a driver from a set of clubs at dicks)

Stefan Terrell says:

Rob, I read a few of these comments and had a grand ol’ pep talk for you saying how great you are (and Rick) but ended up deleting it all because I honestly thought it would be lost in the fray. If you ever read this, keep up the good work. People like me love watching your videos.
Cheers (as you would say),
-Stefan (Broken Arrow, USA)

sehnaz1 says:

M2 is a great “feel” driver in my opinion. It is light, balanced and very long.

Peter Rodriguez says:

wish i could hit the driver like rob. Great work on your accuracy buddy.

Kenny McHardy says:

Don’t get why people go on about the look of a club sole. How many times do you actually look at it?

Rodrigo Anaya says:

Does Mr. Potter will improve his golf someday? or is a forever mid handicap player?… just courious lol

Ron Williams says:

The club head is only part of the story, tried the M2 with standard shaft, it was not good. I put a Speeder 474 shaft in it and it is Keeper. The design of the bottom is different to the looks, TM are not going to spend thousands on tooling for no reason.

Why not do a club test and try different shafts, that is why club fitting is paramount.

Mark Goodswen says:

Looks so ugly sounds like plastic but is very forgiving

Tyler Egan says:

Dobby right down the pipe!!!!

Sebastián Opazo says:

talking about feel i don’t trust rob since he said hitting a ping g30 was like hitting a brick, pretty sure his hands lack of propioceptors

cwugrad396 says:

Had better numbers than the M1 but scored it the same for performance. I would have to rate Rob’s Rating as a 6 out of 10 for me on this test

Jacob Sever says:

My club head speed is a good 5-6 mph faster than his, but my carry distance is about 5 yards shorter. How is that so?

Don Vee says:

What flex was Rob hitting, Reg or Stiff?

Brad Neil says:

It’s Srixon Z65 iron review time.

Simon Palmer says:

Yep agreed Taylormade bashing is just silly, their drivers flat out perform, I have tried the Epic and have to say it is the most over rated driver I have ever used lasted four weeks in the bag!

Emilio Figueroa Jr. says:

Why such a low score for feel?

Simon Stebbing says:

Rick and mini-Rick.

Alfred Tu says:

I don’t know why rob hates the sliding weights if it has the potential to help with the performance overall?

Louis Golf says:

Sub to my YouTube junior golfer lots of video coming get reviews course vlog and swing updates from a junior golfer and my progress to getting better want to take YouTube seriously like rick and would love to link up with other youtubers

Hacker2024 says:

P-dog knocking on the door of 260!

sean craig says:

M1 vs. M2 which has a more closed face? I need a closed face….

sypen1 says:

He clearly has a bias. Before hitting the club even with results his hating

Danielle Cruz says:

Would love to see a woman test equipment once in awhile!

R Gallagher says:

Something that would be useful with Rick and Rob would be a series on why Rob is still a 13 handicapper, as it is something almost all will relate too, as we’ve seen his swing improve, his distances improve and his accuracy improve, but on course, something keeps his handicap up at 13. Would be a good area to focus on, how hitting balls is just part of the process in lessons and progress.

Ryan Jurgens says:

What is his handicap that is considering him a mid-handicap? Just curious. +10-14 +14-18? Thanks Rick. Love the video no matter what anyone says

Robert Ng says:

they were th ed best drives you have ever hit …calling the sliding weights rubbish …cant that shit mate if the world number 1 crushes it and I see callaway epic has the sliding weights too …mate you’re rubbish

Tech49 says:

Rick and Rob – obviously theres a big difference in height between you two, but Rob is hitting the “standard” shaft length, surely shorter player would benefit from a shorter shaft to give more control of the clubhead ?

The column i looked at in the results was distance offline and there were drives that were 50-60 yards offline.

Your comments relating to shaft length for short arses please?

Don Mac says:

Hi Rick, remember when you said you were going to do a review on the M2 hybrid? Can you forward a link to that review. Thanks in advance.

Andrie K says:

Great subjective review again, as always

Martyngolfer says:

Are you going to test 917 D2 I have just been custom fit for one and find it amazing would be interesting to hear Robs view.

wrath646 says:

was that a stiff flex?

Cayden Brown says:

I Agree with Rob weight change and all sorts of bells and whistles can be a bit overwhelming…… sometimes you just need to swing the damn club and let it preform

Louis Straccioni says:

People should stop complaining about Rob. We should be thanking Rick for using someone we can all out drive by a mile on his best shots.

Grumpy Old Man says:

there is nothing better than an honest reviewer. “Geoacoustic crap”. Great video!

Robert Ng says:

can’t stand that callaway biased nob Rob …waste of a review…get off..!

1FastG says:

Stiff or Reg flex in this test?

john nuttall says:

Enjoy Rob’s tests . . they are a different slant from that of a Professional. Keep them coming Rick . . I cannot work out the mental state of some people below . . either very sad or indeed very disturbed. You people have a choice . . don’t watch them ! !

Caitlyn Martin says:

Is rob like Karl Pilkington ?

Bob R says:

love Rob Potter, need more reviews with him

ChainRace Team says:

Please make a video tp5 vs pro v1

Hunter Harris says:

This review was too brand biased, put a callaway chevron on it and he’d probably have a crisis in his pants….

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