TaylorMade JetSpeed Driver Review

TaylorMade JetSpeed Driver Review
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre tests the latest TaylorMade Jet Speed driver on GC2 launch monitor. Find out if this is the driver to change your golf game and help you play better golf.


David Simmons says:

i25 driver & irons review please Rick. Can you show difference of drivers performance by changing lofts n draw/Fade bias. Cheers

Stefan Jernberg says:

I would love to see some more putter tips and reviews aswell. Probably not so easy to measure though.. Im really enjoying your videos! Greetings from Stockholm Sweden

Ian Smith says:

Thanks for the video Rick. Personally I would never buy Taylormade out of principle because the next newest thing from them will be out in a month or so. Your data will become very useful going forward.

Lewis Fyfe says:

Just getting into golf and bought this club used online. Looking forward to getting my hands on it. Good video.

golfninja says:

Great stuff as usual Rick, great to get the numbers, certainly travelled out there a bit on the carry distance. Just how many ‘versions’ of this JetSpeed, and how many more ‘new’ drivers will TaylorMade be putting out there in 2014, bit different to Titleist whose new driver doesn’t come out now until 2015 !

D says:

How much does the gc2 cost?

81griffin says:

I’ve gone from a titlest 905 to this club and its so much easier to hit. 15 handicapper

Bandit Baker says:

Interesting video Rick, but can you also add the dispersion data please. Distance without accuracy is pointless for most club golfers.  Being 10yards deeper in the shit does help your score or handicap

Bruce Dingler says:

Trying to decide between the Jet Speed and the SLDR… I’ll be 54 in Dec but I still hit the ball quite a long ways for and old guy… 

rjl91788 says:

The weight forward actually makes it have a higher launch angle, ideally 17 degrees.  Tests have shown higher launch angle and lower spin = more distance.  There are tour pros using 12degree lofts with this driver!  This is opposite of what we are used to, but I’ve seen it first hand and it is true! 

emac417 says:


Jonathan Steinmann says:

I’d like to see you do this driver again after adjusting it.  I think this driver is more potential than the SLDR for distance.

stephen pollard says:

Great vid love the way you demonstrated with the on screen info. Keep up the videos would be nice to see some more course vlogs too !

Lawrence Williams says:

I ordered this with the heavier fairway wood shaft…..matrix velox t-69 . My tempo gets out of whack with lighter shafts. 45.25 ” in length

Ian Murphy says:

R11s is far better but thats my opinion.

Lloyd D says:

Try and get your hands on the new SLDR 430 driver

Jlafleur says:

I was hitting 305 on the monitor today!

Dan Channer says:

The Jet Speed range does have a cheap look to it. But don’t worry, TM will come out with a newer range next week.

kevin tee says:

Very good review as always Rick, I have recently tried this driver and found it light compaired to my stage 2 RBZ can you do a video on how  different types of shaft can effect the fight of the ball. as most clubs come with a stock shaft. Thanks

theMANxGOLFER says:

Interested to see the table as it develops throughout the year.

Benjamin Woodford says:

Great video as usual.  I don’t get why people get so bent out of shape b/c of TMAG’s aggressive product release schedule.  I get that those that need to “keep up with the Jones” get pissed.  Shouldn’t we all be in search of clubs that work best for us on a budget that works best for us?  If so, pull the trigger and spend the next $400 on lessons or greens fees and forget about the TMAG (Apple like) release schedule. 

Dread Vin says:

Play my second round for the year with this driver and I have just recently bought this Club.. I absolutely loving it.

Tyler Orr says:

ive heard that you can change the weight on the bottom of the head +RickShielsPGAGolf true?

Andy Cunningham says:

A test between the jetspeed driver and an older burner version and put the increased distance claims by taylormade to bed

TraumaER says:

I can get this driver for $100 now.  Is this a good price?  I’m just starting playing golf btw.

chris sutanto says:

I have had this driver since it came out onto the market and haven’t looked back, getting good distance and feel. I got mine in a 9.5 degrees head but did have to loft down as I found my ball flight was alot higher than usual so now it’s sitting at 8.5 degrees. All round good driver, only negative feed back personally the shaft is too light and did take getting use to other than that no other complaints.

Ian Murphy says:

R11s is far better but thats my opinion.

volunteers772 says:

it looks cheaper because it is…..

MrChinchillen says:

A lot of of higher handicaps, like myself, have much older clubs. I think it would be interesting to see maybe one video of a clubs that are maybe 10 seasons past or older, to see the progress clubs have made over years. Cheers.

ckkone says:

Great, now lets see how this compares to SLDR for distance.

Andrew Ainsworth says:

Hard to believe that a golf company can release 6 different drivers in 12 months. 

christopher hall says:

Do you ever test Mizuno?
Have you heard of the Bombtech Grenade driver?

Matt Slack says:

Rick why did you not game this? Was there a major downfall for it or did you just like the SLDR better?

Love the Videos!!!

James Cheshire says:

I tested club tonight my loft was increased from 10.5* to 14* I was hitting the ball 25 yards further than my titleist 910 driver, this is one club I am definitely buying.

Paul Rigby says:

hi rick
 how much distance is there between the r1 and the jetspeed and sldr
can you to the test please
watch from oz

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