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slatt85 says:

Nice driver! What is that grip? Looks like a tennis style wrap?

e james says:

have u got your…..”srix-on”?

The Velo In The Vale says:

This Driver and the Srixon 7 series Irons in my bag for 2019.


In this video I am using the SWING CADDIE 2 SC200 check it out here, well worth it


I’m bored in a libtard political science class. This moron bitch is so bias. And now I’m here watching golf videos

Paul Scheuneman says:

Great review looking to pick this up myself. Are you playing a 9.5 down 1 degree and open 2?

Greg j says:

Another Malaska vist coming up. Excellent!!

9 to 5 Golf Hugh Manning says:

B both your hand and club path look great. You need to play a tournament….. like now!

Jordan neufeld says:

Did u purchase the DST club, and if so do u like it? Also do u still work on the a.j bonar method when swinging the club?

Song Choe says:

HI, what is that launch monitor please, is that really accurate?

harveycminusmansfiel says:

Driver looks great and happy to see Srixon using the HZRDZ shafts. Curious, are you being sponsored or being paid by Srixon?

kevin b says:

havent seen your swing for a while. Your swing looks like you are getting more power due to some swing changes….more forward shaft lean at impact I think?? At address you look to be getting more clubhead speed.

Ken Royal says:

Confident strikes…

Randy Mahony says:

Thanks I’m in the market for a new driver. Have you hit the irons yet ? pretty good from what i’ve heard.

Paul Malone says:

What’s your swing speed now ? Swing looks good Brendon .

Nick DeLia says:

Is this Skylinks golf course? Looks really familiar… just got my 785 and will be putting it in play tmw, great driver on the monitor for me.

Scott Alexander says:

How well can you hit a fade or draw with it?

Billy Graham says:

The swing looks good, especially the one at 5:20 into the video.

Kyle Pruett says:

I have a different driver head but the same shaft and have noticed the same ball flight you are describing. I’m sure it’s a great driver but the HZRDUS shaft is for real

Rob Randall says:

Don’t understand why Srixon persevere with a different tool to every other manufacturer.

Stephen O'Sullivan says:

Are those numbers carry distances or total distances?

Lee says:

Did you actually buy that driver without looking at spin numbers?

Golpher Guy says:

Really shouldn’t do with range balls. I have the Z765 and love it.


Love the STRIXON

9 to 5 Golf Hugh Manning says:

B, are you doing that impact snap feel on the DTL sings as well?

Paul Bown says:

Very consistent
Looking forward to testing myself
How does it feel though?

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