Rick Shiels tests the PXG 0811 DRIVER REVIEW at the NEW Quest Golf Academy based at Prairie Sports Village, using GC2 and FSX software

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IslandInfidel yaaa says:

if i black out a g30 and drill in rivets i can charge 1k…..

gee gee k says:

Lot of guys at the club talk about how many pros men and women play the clubs…..but! they don’t pay for them like we have to….I’ll stick with my Mizuno’s.

Adam Hossman says:

“Pretentious X Generation”…….

I’ve hit one, feels like a Ping, sounds like a Ping, waaaayyyyy uglier than a Ping, and costs twice as much. Bob Parsons is a pretentious d-bag, and his clubs are just ugly. It’s so stupid to make equipment this expensive, we need to be trying to grow the game, not scare people away with overpriced crap.

Lukestersim :3 says:

I’m still using my 3 year old R15 and it’s better than that

Antonio Polley says:

Rick I think you should always include your numbers from the driver you currently use. Would make a fair comparison to whether someone would benefit from a switch. Great job again.

SteelWarrior115 says:

I keep hearing people getting confused by the number names. 0311 is a Marine rifleman, 0811 is a Marine artillery crewman. the numbers are career codes, Rob parsons was in the 26th Marine Battalion.

Zahimi Ibrahim says:

If I recall correctly, the carry and roll numbers are very similar to other ‘Toyota Camry’ drivers that you have tested in the past. The sole looks cool with all those screws but it’s no Lamborghini.

Kirk Serumgard says:

How about doing some tests on JDM pretty products like PRGR, Honma, Yamaha, Bridgestone, titleist Japan only, etc.

Gilberto Ayala says:

You hit the Grenade further lol

Bob Pfaff says:

A Ferrari looks good. The PXG is butt ugly.

Adam Flynn says:

very ping like (no shock there) it looks better than the irons do as the holes are on the sole…over priced and as I’m a lefty they probably wont make them for me but i honestly wouldnt be interested anyway as you are paying for vanity more than performance.

beaney56 says:

This driver would have been worth the money if it came out 10 years ago. But not now. Every major manufacturer has a driver that can keep up with this pxg club without any problems. I can’t help but think the owner of pxg is laughing all the way to the bank at the people who would pay the money pxg charges.

iceberg slim says:

my 816 DBD looks identical at address.

Chris Bee says:

would you not say that the driver whatever brand is a personal fitted club as callaway perform better for me than any other brand?

Roger Thompson says:

I think they look shit to be honest…

Ju's Outdoors says:

These clubs are straight up retarded

invisaman75 says:

3:01 LOL

poe's ReLiC says:

got it…..go to underpar.com………they have great deals on pga west golf courses in la Quinta.

Steve Cramlington says:

Why spend £4k for a set of irons and woods, when you could almost certainly shoot a similar score with a set of old Pings.

camillako says:

honestly, the golf equipment guys are marketing geniuses pure and simple. they got a billion dollar worth of customers by the balls over BS like “20% more forgiving” or “20% longer” for each club they come out with, EVERY YEAR. in theory, compared to a driver from 1999, you should be able to swing it drunk, with a half swing, and hit it straight 400yards every time.

Brian Stratton says:

Funny, their cart bag is almost the same price as a Tour staff bag…. and their Staff bag is 150-200 more then a standard Staff bag…

ASkittleSizeDab says:

You hit the vertical groove farther

Rod Shelby says:

I hope pxg goes out of business charging the outrageous money they are charging wear a working man cannot afford their equipment fuck them

Brian Stratton says:

Great review!!!

Michael Quinn says:

Lets not forget that rick is basically playing this off the shelf. Most/all other drivers i have seen him review have been specd for him. I am not defending pxg as i certainly lean towards agreeing they are a rip off. How ever we must take the data for what it is.

Alan Waterworth says:

It sounds alot like the Callaway X2 Hot that I bought for £60 earlier this year and goes about the same distance.

Brian Wease says:

I have seen the Richest people come to the course with 5 to 6 Grand of gear and the first tee shot is a 90 foot slice into the woods. Took me 9 years to convince myself to replace my TaylorMade MB Smoke Irons from 2009, Technology hasn’t made that big of a change in the last 20 years Lowering the CG, and moving the weight to the outside is about it. Frank Thomas said it best instead Technology won’t fix your game only a lesson will. So if you think a 700 Driver will fix your game then have at it.


I heard PXG Irons are very good. Better competitors in the field compared to its driver counterpart

Sergio Cohen says:

Why you avoid to say the price? The de decision of purshase depends also in the price factor so next time say it. At least the suggested retail price.

Kyle 86 says:

PXG make the ugliest clubs on the planet…..Horrid Things

Jinsok Kraybill says:

bad shot, but i’ll take the straightness

John Cameron says:

I love TXchadTx in the comment right below. This This guys needs to be doing stand-up.

Chuck Pope says:

The old saying about a fool and his money being soon parted comes to mind. I can appreciate the extra expense in tech, but really 5 times the price of a proven winner like Taylormade, Titleist, or others than have been around so long. I don’t think so.

Jamie Reynolds says:

Rick find the adams xtd ti and test it on video

VWRabbit2008 says:

I am friends with developers and tour players. Trust me when I say all the clubs are maxed to the rules in golf. You can get last years clubs for half the price with same performance. Pxg is only for rich folks who think a club can change their game…

Romband1919 says:

Is not the arrow rick is the Indian has the problem …

netdemon01 says:

PXG with what seems like endless amounts of money to blow wouldn’t send you a FREE club…..And you complained about small company 3-man team Bombtech not sending you a FREE club to test. Head to head, bang for buck, PXG loses majorly.

Chennan Hu says:

You should do a head-to-head with this PXG driver and the bombtech driver, it should be fun…

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