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Australian PGA Professional Alan Staines & Avid Golfer Scott Hausler test out a name brand premium golf driver Vs a cheap no named driver that is titanium

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Gavin Williams says:

Is the shaft in the cheap one a graphalloy prolaunch blue

Gabe Santiago says:

terrible video lol! soooooooo un insightful. computer break guess on ballspeeds practice balls ect…….! go see rick shields channel I recommend everyone to check him out ! a swing and a laughable miss guys! lol

Sananda Radhay says:

i have the taylormade r7 quad HT its titanium and it really works for me. Im 14 years old and a 2 handicap my average carry is 260-270 . the R7 quad is amazing. Im not switching for any other driver.

Jon H. says:

Could you define cheap and name brand? There are a lot of small companies engineering great product for lower prices that perform as well if not better in some instances than well known manufacturers.

gvi341984 says:

The test would have been more interesting with a thrift store or anything under 50AUD. The following video would have been nice to mod the cheap driver with some lead tape and new grip…

Albert Badal says:

OMG, What a waste of time! You guys are worthless and should not put on videos anymore.

Dunlop Pro Golfer 17 says:

oh come on take it easy i hit senior flex drivers faster and longer and i swing in my high 130s and i dont break any clubs

dpardo74 says:

Get a used premium set from a second hand online store. I have used second swing golf and have had an awesome experience. They rate the clubs so you know what you get before you buy. It has been my experience that the clubs arrive in better condition than the rating they provide in the description. I have purchased from them on three separate occasions and this has been the case each time.

metamurph says:

The other issue is club to club consistency on the cheap club you could get a “good one” or the dud. You have to cut corners to hold margins and yes a lot is marketing (including pros you are “subsidizing”) if you are on a budget, buy an older version of the named club prices drop rapidly — but I love the bottom line, just get out play and have fun

sixtyton angel says:

the skinny guy needs lessons….he sucks

Toby Wild says:

Hey guys would love to see some bench mark numbers to compare, make it easier to understand. Would also love to see a comparison video for some no name “starter” irons vs maybe 2 or 3 year old name brand irons.

Eoin m says:

I started with a dunlop driver never managed to get any distance or accuracy with it changed to nike sq was better now have an m1 the difference even between the m1 and nike is day and night, in fairness my mate hit a few whopper shots with the dunlop but it was few and far between

James Dwyer says:

When I came back to playing regular golf, I bought a set of Wilson Ultra. Even with them, after few lessons, better technique was getting me more distance from my irons. But the 1st thing I replaced was the Driver for a Cobra, never regretted that decisions. And when I updated my irons, fariway wood, and hybrid, I kept the driver.

Good vid, be interesting to see your performance differences for more average irons and shorter clubs. Where is the best place to spend your coin in the beginning?

Ethan Nichols says:

I really like you guys…but youre just ranting in this video. You didnt even hit balls for us to see the difference…which was the point in the video….

Gerry Manley says:

Would there be much of a difference in a new top brand club and a top brand clubs that’s a few years old?

ticleve2 says:

Would it have taken much more effort to show us the actual numbers?

wake 66 says:

Great testing video guys………..

julian hughes says:

great one guys …..
as you know I had £300 to buy a whole set and bought all named brands ….. if I had the money I would of bought different driver , 3 wood and irons … but I’m happy with what I could afford …….

i grand says:

Almost thought it was steven adams, till he spoke.

MrStevie57 says:

Hardly a comprehensive comparison .

Archon Abraxas says:

Just get you a $1,000 driver and a $1,000 putter and a nice bag with your name on it.

Chris Anderson says:

I like this video guys. I like the concept of low $$ vs high $$ gear and their performance. More of these please? Wedges, putters, etc.

Simon Johansson says:

Hi guys, I’d just like to start by saying I really enjoy this channels content but the last few months it feels like it’s heading into a direction of just a Australian version of UK channels. The last vlog of Bribie Island seemed very odd where several remarks were made to each other and it felt like you were all on edge the vlog. This video tonight had so much promise but it just feels like Scott talks when Alan doesn’t, I think this video would of worked so much better with one person hitting and the other talking. Perhaps Scott hitting the ball and Alan talking, we well I’ll say for myself that I’m dead sure we know Alan hits a long straight ball but I think this video would of been great if a handicapped golfer was doing this and not the pro?

gary smith6 says:

EY up Fella`s Since your down under.You could easily get in some of the Japanesse stuff Like Miura Epon VEGA and so on.
Why not Break into some testing of that gear as no one is doing it YET you guy`s could pull in some more subscriber`s
As there is a healthy market for those quality Japanesse forged iron`s and wedge`s etc

Andrew Brook says:


K F Led says:

New to the channel. Video was nice, Stay Puft hat was the best thing in this video

michandcat says:

Well done guys. Seems you held back a bit on details. Makes me a bit uneasy on the magnitude of difference. Mich appreciated though. I was just hoping for better specifics. Thanks and keep up the good work. Mich

cyuiyu wyguiyui says:

Golfplayers who cant feel the difference between expensive clubs and cheap ones are not really golfers..

Laz Smith says:

wow. they seem like really low numbers compared to premium clubs. Amazing what newer tech can do

Fraser Elvins says:

Is the premium driver a cobra f7

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