PING G410 DRIVER REVIEW, 2019 has seen some fantastic driver releases including the Taylormade M5 and M6, The Titleist Ts2 and Ts3, The Cobra F9, The Callaway Epic Flash and Epic Flash Sub Zero, but what are PING bringing to the party? is the Ping G410 going to be better than all of the above? will it be the most forgiving driver of 2019? will the G410 be better than the G400? is the G410 mainly for mid handicap or high handicap golfers? maybe it will be longer than both the M6 and Epic flash? there’s only one way to find out, lets do it… and lets do it now


Martin Kies says:

g410 vs g400 max

Sp!cyman says:

Hi James. I’ve heard that they (Ping) will not be releasing a new LS Tech version as the previous generation can’t be improved on at the moment (Kudos to Ping!). Could you please compare the G400 LS Tech to the 410?

Ady Chisholm says:

Prefer the look and price of the G400, it’s in my bag and staying there

Jake in WNY says:

James if possible, how about comparisons with new Cobra drivers. Thanks.

Liang Chaw says:

Great review!!!

Emil says:

Can you review the new callaway apex Pro 19??

aaron peacock says:

Up against the TS 3. Only cause I have a TS3 and love it

Jason Richards says:

Ping doesn’t do names. Remember the train wreck called the Rapture. I think that was the last non I or G named clubs they had. When your as good as Ping you don’t need a fancy name anyone who plays pings knows your playing them for a reason not a name. Great review and keep them coming.

Luke Wanless says:

Just me or does it look like the ball blocked right and comes out left of path on the screen


Great video James. Put it up against the Taylormade M3 please.

ian koch says:

g20 v g400, v g400 max , g410 , cobra f9 please:- dont hit lots of balls and get knackered will throw results, 5 balls per clubs after your warmup would be a good data set, cheers and thanks

Artemio Victor III Sanchez says:

Cobra f9

Les Blair says:

Solid review

National Club Golfer says:

Great review James!

Sports talk by AJ says:

James are you going to the pga show tomorrow

John Gaston says:

Can you compare the G410 driver to Titleist TS3, Callaway Epic Flash, and TaylorMade M5

Robert Symes says:

Like to see it up against the Mizuno ST190

Brian Connelly says:

Cobra F9

Derry Sexton says:

I’m after purchasing the Callaway Rogue and I’m a little bit upset over your review please compare with same

Jacob Wiebe says:

My gut says your going with taylormade.

lucas hurt says:

Cobra F9! Love to see that head to head

John Monteagudo says:

Looks great. I love my G400 max. I’d like to see this against the Callaway, TaylorMade and Mizuno drivers

Richbrando Brando says:

Just hit the thing already!

11golfnut11 says:

Move the weights !!!!!

Michael Atherton says:

So I was fitted for the G400 max in 2018 would you suggest it’s worth upgrading or save money and stick with the G400 max and btw I absolutely love the copper colour and love boxing gloves because they are so much easier to remove and replace which speeds up playing time.

Andy Holt says:

Ahhhh yes finally…thank you James!As well as this performed, I have to wonder if a max version is even released. Still loving my g400 max but I’ll HAVE to go demo this.

Jason LeMarr says:

Id like to see the 410 vs ST190.

Robert Simpson says:

Try it without the weight.

Solomon Li says:

Bag it brother….bag it.

Jasper Thompson says:

Ping g410 vs. cobra f9 speedback

Ray Diaytor says:

I’m loving my g400 max but love the look of the G410, you gotta compare them and put me out of my misery. I secretly don’t want it to be better.

John Cox says:

Would like to see the Cobra F9 against it.

James Sawyer says:

James am I correct in saying that this club ,driver, that you het the best grouping at 280+

Brent Haugen says:

You’re such a dork… Love it and why I keep coming back. Thank you for the reviews of equipment. It’s helping me out tremendously as well as confusing me a bit … Lol

Patrick Scribner says:

I would like seeing the *cough* Mid handicapper *cough* review of the new drivers and seeing which one he/she(new market here) would prefer to play or would be best for their swings. It has to be tough to try and get these clubs up and test them out. Many of the manufacturers really are hitting the same specs, so a lot of time it comes down to personal preference, but seeing folks of different abilities hit the clubs, seeing what difference they see in their numbers from what they were hitting in their bag would go a long way to helping someone know what they want to go try. Here in Colorado, when you go to get fitted, you pick a brand/head you like and go from there. There is very little opportunity to try multiple brands against each other to see what really fits you best. Myself, I do use the YouTube reviews across multiple reviewers to try and trim down what might be an option before going to the store, booking a bay and trying them out. With that in mind, thank you for trying them, and comparing them side by side. It’s a point of reference. My current driver is an R11 that I’m ready to part with if I can find something that would be as consistent as I’ve learned to be with that one. So I’m super attentive to these 2019 and 2018 reviews. I hold onto the clubs and use them a for a long time until there really should be enough technology gains to make the overall experience a gain for my game.

Tielc says:

Let’s do it, and let’s do it in March according the local Pro shop. Soon. Soon my friend.

Keith Finley says:

Hit it vs GMax and LST

Randy Cole says:

Ping g410 against the lst.

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