Petroleum Jelly on a Driver Face

In this experiment I take a Callaway Fusion driver and cover the face in petroleum jelly to see if it increases accuracy and/or distance.

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CosmosPrivateer says:

It does work and it is cheating. I don’t do it and my driving continues to suck. Chap stick is a better option by the way.

Scott Manthey says:

Excellent, I would never try it but I always love to see the science of this kind of thing. It is like Mythbusters on the golf course.

Travis Gardner says:

Try it with wound balls and you will see a longer shot from the jelly.


Great Song!!!!!

TheXanUser says:

this cheat (used sparingly) works well for chronic hookers and slicers, keeping the ball in play. (any caddie knows this.)

Kurt Smith says:


ScottyStudioSelect says:

So instead of putting it on my driver I should put it on my opponent’s driver.

Cary Eggertson says:

Simple- Chapstick

Joe Comley says:

Chapstick is easier.

18tangles says:

what is a knuckle ball?

Matthew Bernard says:

Who ever thought this would work is a dumbass. Maybe something like Pam cooking spray or something made to lubricated metal parts in a very thin sheen but goopy petroleum jelly … really hahhaa

Robert Sparkes says:

It’s only cheating if you get caught!

Travis Gardner says:

Eh, the old story, as I had heard it, was that it made the shot go straight. It was more important when wound balls, and thus slices/hooks were in play. I hardly see anyone slice the ball anymore and can hardly imagine using jelly to cheat.

Jorge Callico says:

Gaylord Perry at the driving range.
Pretty hard to detect. Perspiration could just as easily be applied to the clubface and produce similar effects.

TheTrooper 98 says:

Launch monitors cannot measure spin. They extrapolate theoretical spin. Many factors affect actual spin.

Charles Morey says:

Cheatin fucks

Rose Fredrick says:

If got longer straighter drives with less spin. Drivers would not have grooves

Chris Glienke says:

Yeah. . . . That’s what I used petroleum jelly for

John Monteagudo says:

Love the song. I would never use this to cheat but will keep an eye out now for greasy looking Driver faces LOL.

James Park says:

petroleum jelly? Where can I get it? I use sun block cream for same effect. I always carry one for my skin and for driver. It is not against the golf rule. I heard from somewhere…. in my memory.

Barebare kun says:

Try this with the long drive guys and their spin will drop down to like 100 rpm backspin!
I’m so trying this for my old 3 wood that I spun it too high.

kai sanders says:


Mitch D says:

You miss the point of the greased face – it’s to reduce side spin and help the hacker avoid slices and hooks that put him in the rough. A few yards lost distance but in the fairway is more than enough for hackers to enjoy this cheat. Also, you barely need to put any on the club face to get the benefit, there’s no need to put gobs on like you did.

Bob T says:

Old time hustler’s trick.

Gary Tarr says:

You put WAYYY too much “lube” , only needs a light smear

Fsu2586 says:

that song is MONEY!!!

Chris O says:

I actually tried this concept morning at the driving range..
I have a mean slice!
Anyway, I used Neosporin and about 1/3 what was used in the video..
I play a (new to me) 43″ Swing Science 10.5 deg 460 c.c club head, Grafalloy Prolite Max shaft..
I hit 10 shots to warm up, 10 without Neosporin and 10 with neo…
Without neo, my drives were right at 200 yrs with a 25-50 yrd slice..pretty standard for me…
With neo, my drive were right at 200 yrs also, but my slice 5-20 yrds, it cut the slice drastically!
The driving range has trees down both sides, I did notice that once the ball got above the tree line, without neo it had a nice arc, but with the neo once past the tree tops the ball climbed instantly a good 50′ and then dropped like a rock..
I was driving into about a 5 mph wind…
Would I use it playing a league, obviously not, would I use it playing my work buddies for a beer or a $1 Long drive for fun, yeah sure why, lol
It was a interesting experiment and fun

Jonghurn Kim says:

Randy how about a 1 year experiment. get maybe 30 cheap new balls. keep 10 fresh. leave 10 outside exposed to weather. keep 10 of them in a bucket of water. And check out how they perform.

Ramon Key says:

That song though lol

Buck Rogers says:

Great, now you have given every golf widow means to spoil a man’s game!

big bill says:

I will be using this for sure

Debbiebabe69 says:

At driver speed, the vaseline effectively becomes DIESEL which could explain the extra speed off the club.
If you just want to test the reduction of spin, try using a non-dieseling lubricant, like butter, sex lube, or even the aforementioned ‘chap stick’.

Erik Benner says:

Drive for show put for dough

D Relentless says:

Use chapstick. Less messy and easy to conceal on golf course.

Jeffery Wain says:

It shouldn’t be considered cheating. If I have a crappy driver and then buy a top of the line one. I guess I must be cheating then. Idk

Raymond Small says:

Try it with wax…

Greg Linnell says:

Patently illegal!

DarknutDeath PS4 says:

I’ve been putting Carmex on my Drivers for years, I have no idea if it helped on distance , but I didn’t slice as much-could’ve been a mental thing but it worked. I didn’t put nearly as much on. Like what you would apply to your lips

stratplayer53 says:

Ok so I did this experiment with an old Ping wood driver I had .I cored it out with a hole saw and corked it like some MLB cheaters have done.I was allmost sixty yards longer than I was with my 400 + Taylor made.I broke it out with my friends that i play with, I didnt tell them what I did .It was funny watching there jaws drop.

Brad Junes says:

Really good stuff. Always wonderd about that from caddie shack or some other movie years ago. Does water or a wet face work the same? Thanks.

2drsdan says:

The old Lee Travino trick.

Johnny SilverFoot says:

Not quite as effective but actually if you just wipe down the face of your club and get it wet and then hurry up and hit it has a similar effect. I figured this out after watching Jack Nicklaus talking about playing in the rain how they have a harder time shaping the shots because the face of the club is wet.

choppa147 says:


Sol Zimm says:

Would have been nice for a more data, three data points from each variable is not a good set. Was jelly applied or smoothed before each jelly shot? Love the concept of this video but the data is lacking.

kai sanders says:


cscholl2223 says:

The jelly is suppose to reduce SIDE spin not back spin. People used it to stop the slice. and stay in the fairway.

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