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► In this video Golf Monthly Technical Editor Joel Tadman and Technical Writer Jake O’Reilly compare their 2016 sets of golf clubs with models from 2009 and 2006, to see how much performance can be gained

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i Mc says:

Good idea, poorly executed. Jake, I’d invest in some lessons before you buy any shiny new additions to the bag.

Jake Rebol says:

Interesting that the new driver spun slightly more in both cases.

Music Calgary says:

If you need an adjustable driver to play golf you are not a golfer. Pathetic.

Kevin BOVEINGTON says:

something to note; the newer irons are trending stronger lofts which may give you that distance gap in the iron sets. Enjoyed the video. Thanks.

MrPaddyBee303 says:

Wedge grooves were better for spin 5 years ago.. New regulations have changed the groove design so no, groove design hasn’t improved..

I've Tue says:

One name: Henrik Stenson. He beast modes that “old” 3 metal. Get a fairway finder and keep it…new doesn’t mean better.

aedvark says:

didn’t rick sheils already do this, even with the same ping bags

Stuzsy says:

Tiger played better with old clubs

Sebastian Nachilly says:

those s59s are not made for a double digit handicap.

Luke Armitage says:

The biggest con in sport what these manufacturers do to there customers unless you are very talented you won’t notice the difference.if you have some ping g10 irons are you really gullible enough to believe spending £500 will make you miles better the companys hope you are.

Ethan the king Taylor says:

ur swing sucks ass

phelps243255 says:

I’m curious as to the reason the one gentleman lost 10 yards on his old 6 iron. I would hazard a guess his current 6 has a stronger loft then a model 10 years ago rather than the shaft length. I hit a three iron blade in a fitting and hit the identical blade in a half inch shorter shaft and hardly lost any distance and half an ich is quite a difference in long irons. As far as distance with drivers is concerned. I can hit a 40 year old driver just about as far as a modern driver on a dry day(in fact in tournament play in high winds I play a wooden golden bear driver because it lauches very low and goes about 20 yards further than my 3 wood and spins around 1500). What manufacturers are doing(since the club is maxed out as much as it can be for maximum hits for the last 10 years give or take) is trying to make the most forgiving it can be while keeping flight and mishit ball flight and ball speed as high as possible. The difference between my m1 and my r11s and r7 after adjusting them for the ball flight I wanted is basically nothing besides feel and forgiveness. I hit the ping g driver vs the m1 with the same distance, an ping was more forgiving off of center hits but with being more forgiving I couldn’t feel if I had hit it perfect or slightly off the face which doesn’t work for me I need to know when I make a good swing and would rather be punished slightly more when I’m not swinging it well than have a bad habit engrained in my swing. For anyone looking to upgrade drivers or really any club I think you need to chops what you want the club to do have feel or have forgiveness, because distance is what it is now and you won’t be hitting a club that lets you hit your best golf shot any further than any other club in the last decade. I’d say your better players should chase a club with feel(blades, drivers and woods like m1 titleist ect) and players who are just trying to go out and play well and not trying to do this for a living play clubs with forgiveness(chunky irons cavity backs drivers like ping g possibly some of the Nike ones ect) hey just my 2 cents though!

JustCoxy says:

Helpful review – thanks ☺️


Surprised, I thought that iron performance would be the same. Wow

Hunter Endicott says:

If you want the club with adjustability for your misses it’s not the club, it’s you.

Doug Cook says:

Just a little goofey. With those swings should you be rating golf clubs?

Sean Regnier says:

I think the condition of the clubs is a confound that should be accounted for. the real question is if the technology of today’s clubs are significantly better than previous. also where the lofts the same as the new irons? I really doubt there’s that significant of a difference here.

gary mcdonald says:

Muzino tour style 60 deg wedge still grips like when it was new even on short chips. Only reason upgraded was could not find out if grooves were legal on R&A or USGA. websites.

andy james says:

Bubba only just recently took the S59’s out of his bag. He seemed to do ok with 10 year old irons.

RyanADillon says:

Is it only me who doesn’t want a good result from a poorly struck shot? Blades all the way.

Paul Bannister says:

Do it double blind somehow and would be completely different

Bruce Hart says:

Interesting comparison I have 3 of the Cleveland mashies in my bag they tend to go straighter than my other fairway woods and are easier to launch from the ground

Stefan Verhoeven says:

At 6:25, might be to do with the shorter shafts. Longer shafts means more clubhead speed thus more distance when struck correctly. At least test with the same shaft lenght, doens’t matter what tech you put in the head if the shaft is shorter.

mattdrummer34 says:

I carry a 15 year old cleveland lob wedge spin isn’t great but it’s all about practice control and consistency. Nothing better than an Odyssey putter or a milled putter. Insert putters just aren’t the same.

TVATodd says:

Unique video concept and well done testing. Thanks! I’m sitting on an ’09 set throughout the bag and will probably make 1 or 2 more seasons. Probably new wedges next season though. Taylormade Burner Superfast driver and Burner ’09 irons.

Ewen Lindsay says:

I usually average about 510 yard with my driver, I use the Taylormade SLDR driver, if I buy the Taylormade m1 or m2 will i average 550 yards?

Daz T says:

yes maybe wedges will get worn…but this is comparing models through technology and to be honest if guys like this are to be believed then we’d all be driving part 5s by now .Every model a company brings out goes 20 yards further than the last..and as far as the putter ..I’m surprised we could hole out more than 5 years ago..

Rick Hammel says:

Dude in the dark top needs lessons, the last thing he should be doing is reviewing clubs! That backswing, ouch!!!

cylus ramsbottom says:

Well that wasn’t biased was it?

Jan-Pierre Vidizzon says:

Thanks for the video. I think some of the perception of the significance of today’s technology compared to older clubs may be skewed. I agree with increased forgiveness on off center hits being better with today’s drivers vs. ones 10 years old, but I’m not certain there are significant differences in new vs. old irons. My 10 year old Ping i5s go almost as long as my new iE1 irons (within a few yards), but I would attribute that to loft differences (EDIT: shafts are the same KBS Tours @ same length in both irons). New irons are lofted much stronger these days, typically for marketing and ego purposes.

B Hull says:

Jake – did you consider that the loft of your current irons may be stronger…? I cannot imagine forged clubfaces have really changed that much

Jürgen Flunz says:

Jakes Mizunos seem to be JPX-825 Pros, right? Comparing a Player’s CB to a blade-like iron in terms of “springy faces” and “heel-toe-weighting” is like comparing space and fuel consumption of a 2016 Vauxhall Zafira to a 2006 Lamborghini Murcielago – it’s just pointless…

Ryan P says:

that’s one ugly swing

swagcity says:

is a ping g5 really outdated

Jonathon Brock says:

It’s a miracle anyone ever shot under par 5 years ago

Gee Williams says:

I have a Forgan K St. Andrews 1860 12 Degree driver which I bought brand new in 2005 for about £50.

I play off about 28 but have only played once a year for the past 10 years, however, I am now starting to play much more now. I have a tidy swing and my issues are club selection, which playing more should sort, and miss shots. I have a Callaway XR hybrid 22 degree which is really nice and have just bought some Wilson Staff C200 irons to replace the Howson Fireblade from 1998 which seem to be much nicer, but I have only used them at the range and one round so far. I don’t have the cash to buy a new driver for £300+ but…

Do you think ANY fairly new, good brand, used driver, for example a Callaway XR 10.5 degree, which I could get for about £100 will be much better, longer and more forgiving than my budget 18 year old Forgan?

Liam Hadden says:

They need to be tested brand new. If you get a manufactured brand new set that is ten years old. You can properly match them up with the new stuff.

Jack Dent says:

Mark Crossfield would be sick watching this video

Mitch 1977 says:

I’m calling bull shit. I have the latest greatest everything, don’t play a bit better than I did 10 years ago. They just look new, & shiny. My 15 yr old Scotty Cameron sure as hell cant be beat with any putter today. Fat grip or otherwise lol

Daz T says:

what a load of tripe….what do you guys do for a living again…

Frosty says:

Might need to work on gaining some distance…

Eric Linden says:

Or maybe your mizunos has less loft than the ping irons… Bad comparisons to be honest.

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