Rick Shiels hits 30 shots with the new NIKE VAPOR FLY DRIVER to see how it performs on the best and worst shots!



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Alex Zinser says:

This, in my opinion, is one of the best reviews you’ve done. Great combination of actual data, and feel/personal opinion; I really, really, enjoyed it.

Ricardo Guerreiro says:

Great year Rick!

Nicolas Wozniak says:

Compre este driver la semana pasada, es excelente, el rendimiento hace que olvides que es azul y amarillo

Derek Guzman says:

Rick missed the fairway by 72 yds. on one of those “worst hits.” Yikes haha. Cool review though. Always love these! I’ve seen most of his reviews.

Jake Heath-ourakov says:

dats my new driver!

James Watterson says:

Personally I adore bright bold colours so this driver was pretty much made for me!

Martin Savard says:

You spend more time talking about the color than the actual driver …

Dave J says:

Interesting on the 10 worst shots the dispersion of shots were horrible! -35 yds and many other like this. I’d rather loose distance on bad hits and keep it somewhere in the fairway

Adam Thornton says:

Loved the review format on this video, I liked seeing the flights at the start! Starting to get this new format figured out, really liking it now!

Stian says:

I just bought this club, partially based on this review and I love it. It’s very forgiving and I get great distance even when I’m off center. And I think the looks are spot on!

Max Avery says:

Did rick ever do a Vapour Fly 3 wood review?

Dustin Hartle says:

I love the blue

Adam Shields says:

I like the Nike drivers. I had an old VR Pro that was amazing!!! I think the flex is much nicer as they have gone along the same lines as the M1. When will you be testing the new Cobra F6 series? Loving all the videos. Really looking forward to all the videos you and Pete will bring out next year!!! Keep up the great work Rick!!!

Evan Maisel says:

The reviews keep getting better and better! Would love to see a head to head with these vs. your M1 as well.

Tron Bennett says:

Love the new review style. It gives a lot more information and I’m a numbers/tech geek so of course I love it. Great work mate and good luck on your Quest for the Open.

Adam Flynn says:

The numbers are good but dear oh dear…I just couldn’t put this in my bag it looks rubbish and I can’t hit something that doesn’t look right…the blue looks textured due to the pattern on the crown and that doesn’t work for me either. I think this is a faux pas from Nike they should make them in black or go back to the covert red…they could own covert red and make it theirs like mizuno did with blue and white…performance looked a solid 8/10 but looks for me 3/10 and I think that’s generous. The revolting volt swoosh actually clashes it just doesn’t work.. sorry make the looks a 1/10 it doesn’t deserve a 3!

Ty'a Oliver says:

What do you do with all these clubs Rick?!

Jacob Lang says:

When will this be released to the public to buy?

Katie9090 says:

I know looks don’t mean anything towards how good a driver performs but damn do these drivers look absolutely beautiful!

Roland Clayton says:

like the 30 shot idea Rick works for me, thanks

Keith Knox says:

Why no X flex for you Rick? 112-115 is X flex all day

Kevin Arnold says:

Talk to much, just hit the damn ball and review it. Nobody cares you don’t like what it looks like.

john uren says:


Tony Atkinson says:

Great Video Rick, Love the new 30 shot testing best to worse… great honesty in the colour look great on screen need to see it in the flesh to see how I would get on with it would like to see the M1 tested against the Nike look alike..

VWRabbit2008 says:

Paul Casey uses the std vapor fly

Michael Ackerman says:

Great review! I bought the Nike Vapor Fly – on sale this weekend from $149.95 at PGA Tour Superstore. I went to the range and compared it to my old driver – a Taylormade r9. I hit the Vapor almost 20 yards further than my Taylormade.

Andrew Kibbee says:


Mediocre Golfer says:

It’s a shame, the covert drivers looked great and the vr irons were amazing looking, but the new driver and irons are just horrible

Jack Schroeder says:

Do your still want to feel like your swinging down on the ball when hitting long irons?

Harvey Jamison says:

What a great review! Coming here for all my future club queries and knowledge. Thanks!

Jon Don says:

Rick, without go through the rigmarole of data testing what flex would you recommend for a 95 mph swing?

Jack Evans says:

Great review Rick! I completely agree with the blue. It’s horrible! i much preferred the look of the Vapor. Thanks again!

Daddy says:

Great, honest review.

Gathurst Golf Lads says:

Please check out our vlogs on our channel! Would love to see a whats in the bag!!!

Chris Barclay says:

Im a new to the golf scene, but think I will purchase this as my first driver. Excellent review.

UK Club Golf BBN says:

The photo blue would look really good with the orange Tour-AD shaft..ow ow

jaume aragay prat says:

lets do this

bryanmallen says:

how do you test these and get that data?

Andy Forshaw says:

Great to see ball flights Rick! More reviews ‘under the lights’ please!

TryHardGamers says:

horrible, I would pay to have it removed from my bag.

Nich Byers says:

Been watching your vids for awhile now. I love the new data with the 30 shots. Keep up the good work.

golfninja says:

Great review as always. Perhaps counter intuitively too many below equator hits were because the ball was teed up a bit too high. As being a good player the angle of attack would be pretty consistent, so plus aoa had too low face contact.
Agree with you that the ‘electric blue’ is perhaps a step too far.

Jack Schroeder says:

Can you tell a significant difference between last years Vapors and the new fly?

john uren says:

I know Nike’s tag line is “just do it”….but please Nike this won’t “do it”. These are the same colour as my sons footie boots.

David Bozaan says:

Excellent review. 30 shot review is extremely helpful. Lots of data. Great comparison of 10 best vs. 10 average vs. 10 worst.

Gekko858 says:

In your opinion which club which you choose Titleist D3 915, Taylormade M2 or this driver you have reviewed?

Jon Don says:

Nike have two world number 1’s working for them but sometimes wonder if they even bother to consult with them before they design the club’s, I’m sure Rory and Tiger wouldn’t have picked that color and that bright green swoosh surely dosn’t help.

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