PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels tests the NEW WILSON TRITON DRIVER which won the hit TV shot Driver Vs Driver from Wilson.


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Sharon wooster says:

How did this win!!!

Malcolm A. says:

Good vlog and review Rick; I really enjoy them.
Not a fan of this new design though the process of its “invention” probably made good viewing.
Keep the content coming.

Kevin Falvey says:

Poseidon is the greek god of the sea…..a trident is his weapon.

Romband1919 says:

Naaaa I won’t buy this driver no thank you

Juan Colmenares says:


Matthew Morgan says:

Convenient to blame the equipment for lack of performance. Also poseidon is the Greek god of water, Triton is the pitchfork like spear he wields as a weapon. Nonetheless I enjoy the show very much

Nixon Gill says:

Also elephant in the review room in Cobra F7…..?

Scott Glennie says:

Hunk of junk!!

Ben Guest says:

Hit one without a plate on

Gus Weyand says:

The guy who won the show is my neighbor

Cammy D says:

Rick. Keep the beard. You are among the few that look like they were meant to have a beard.

camillako says:

they should have a layer of thermal reacting material on the face which would then show where you hit it for a while. or maybe a permeable/micro grid face which would temporarily show the impact point against a second layer?

Anthony Holland says:

Honestly some of the comments on this are ridiculous. Do you think Rick doesn’t know how to review a club? It’s his opinion. It cannot be WRONG. Whether you think otherwise, fair enough. But some of you are SO negative… it’s his opinion!! Get a grip and just enjoy the video, or don’t watch it. I highly doubt you’re in a position to offer advice to one of the most viewed golfers on YouTube.

Patrik Storm says:

Great! I always wondered why there was no wilson club reviews, the fg tour (v4, v6, 100s etc.) series are some amazing (and maybe underrated) clubs!

TherymasterWidnes says:

Absolutely vile!


Hi Rick i see you did a PXG driver test can you do a Miura / Vega / Homna / and PXG latest Driver testing Blog for feel and distance plus performance ( GO ON )

Billy Graham says:

So Wilson ruined their own premier driver by building it as a face-closed design. Wilson always seems to shoot itself in its own foot.


Can you get a Tour Edge Super Metal to test (it is expensive) . No reviews out yet. Also do you ever test HONMA. As you know the Japanese have tighter standards   The Super Metal in the Tour Edge is supposed to be a new type of titanium ..and that makes be a bit suspicious.

Rick Shiels Golf says:

*Just a note* Even before changing the loft of the driver for me it sat closed. I understand upping the loft closes the face. However I only chanced the loft by one degree and that should have still been standard not “draw biased”. If it would have said +1degree and draw then I’d completely understand the face being more closed but it should have still been standard.

veterinaren says:

I saw the first episode. The show was a joke. They invited players that had no clue about confirming rules. “I don’t play golf, but I saw that it’s so hard to move the weights on a driver, since you need a tool and need to go aaaaaall the way to your bag, so with this you can just move the weights whenever you want with your hand”… yeah right 🙂

notformebeaky says:

It’s not a good looking club, and in an age where most drivers are separated by only a tiny amount in terms of performance, Wilson are onto yet another loser.

If you are going to try and take sales away from Callaway and TM, you have to make something which looks as good, this is hideous from the crown.

adri vreeke says:

Finale you have a revieuw of a bad club hope you dare to admit

Trent Driver says:

Doesn’t the new cobra driver have a hole in the head? That isn’t covered

George Smith says:

Obviously if you hover the club behind the ball which is probably a better habit than soling it, you can set the face angle wherever you want. On some cheaper courses the tee boxes are anything but perfectly flat so would you just take whatever club head position soling the head gave you?

Elvis Presley says:

6 minutes in and its a big NO.

ogepoge says:

Any chance of a Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 iron review in the pipeline?

Loving the videos!

John Jones says:

I love Wilson Clubs, can you review more the Wilson brand? is there a reason why you havent/dont?

nigel Turner says:

if you want to hear a loud driver try the northwestern driver

axehacker50s says:

Well I sure figured it would be better than that. Bummer! I was disappointed in the distance most of all.
Heck if you could get 325 or 330 out of it I could aim right. It was built up saying how long it was too. Lolol
The closed club face was a drawback also.
I hope their other driver performs better.

Greg Williams says:

Hi Rick, strike marks on the head looked low heel but on GC2 looked more middle heel, how come the difference? Or did it only mark the face on a couple of low ones?

Brandon Guiher says:

I like it. if you choked up on it you would hit it center… Can you hit it without any plate???

Hugo Kaper says:

Jes a wilson golfclub

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