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Louis R. says:

How about the c200, and other Wilaon irons 2 review¿?

Wilson Golf says:

For those interested, the D300 Driver is available here:

Corn Farts says:

can we see a walmart driver vs your favorite driver?? please and thank you

Brandon Guiher says:

can you start a demo series about shafts…?

Richard T says:

yes we have hedgehogs….they are just larger than the british ones..:-)

David Roberts says:

its not super speed as u’ve not got the light shaft & grip!!

don blem says:

I don’t get all these little nodules / turbulators on top of drivers. If they were so good for aerodynamics, wouldn’t planes and jets have them all over the place? Makes me wonder…

Nathan Riggle says:

love your videos Rick but what is Wilson thinking? Headgehog tits or something? That’s the stupidest looking driver ever! The D300 looks like it has a acne problem! lol

Gratton White says:

No driver will ever guarantee a strait drive. If this was a TM driver everyone would be peeing their pants heading to a golf shop to buy it. WS have great products and don’t charge you 700.00 to think you can add 20 yards…take a lesson and you will get more distance and accuracy vs blowing money on hype.

Solo Matias says:

If you change the shaft you can’t feel how light it is.

Willem Parshley says:

Where are these fades coming from, Rick?

MySpankster says:

Hi Rick…love your videos and your demos…..i have watched just about every one of them……you’ve helped me decide whats best for me……i went and tried some clubs and narrowed it down to wilson D300 irons / wilson D300 or Cobra F8 drivers / Cobra F7 3 wood / and the Cobra F7 Hybrid…keep the new videos coming on the new products…..your one of the best i think….cheers

Robbie Gardner says:

Wilson missed a sales opportunity should have called it sonic

Kilgore Trout says:

I think it’s time to leave the club reviews of anything besides blades & pro drivers to Rob. It’s pointless for you to continue to review SGI clubs and then complain about them. THEY’RE NOT MEANT FOR GOLFERS LIKE YOU. Videos like this one, or your whinging about the Cally Steelheads, are worthless for 90% of golfers.

tstokemb says:

yes we have hedgehogs

John Jones says:

Wilson are so underated in the golfing market. Dont get enough press, but im happy with that

Joel Johnson says:

Stock shaft is 44g

Sharon wooster says:

Waste of time review …needs the light shaft as others have said

Jean Forget says:

Hope that Rob. will test this with the stock shaft…?

Scott Harra says:

Like others here, I’d love to see Rob test this club with the 50 gram shaft.

Sodthong says:

Vortex generators…. RALMAO

gdogspacefingerman says:

some strange new irons were recently released, the “Grismomt Pur”. You should check them out, if you haven’t already.

Greg Baker says:

With a ‘super’ light head, I’m sure a lighter, slightly less stiff shaft may be ideal- even for a faster swinger? Not that it’s made for one, but would certainly be a better match and allow for the extra speed while keeping that sense of connection to the head.

metamurph says:

I would think faster you swing the more the vortex helps just like ping or callaway or taylormade, everyone has given a try at make the head more aero and you can go faster all of them are trying to reduce the aero drag cause by the giant head we use now and aero is a faster equals greater drag issue. Theoretically lighter shaft would be faster except swing weight would be different potentially unless the muck with the shaft lighter shaft, same head weight. But it is still less mass to move.

Sigmar Scholz says:

Too much rambling abt looks

tigerbalm says:

I’ve always wondered why no brand has slots thru the face, which wood (pun) lessen the air resistance! If air flows thru, rather than being pushed around the head…speed increases…that’s scientific fact!

Malcolm A. says:

Interesting and good review Rick; not a club for you seeing as its meant to have a lighter shaft than your normal one. Be interesting to see how Rob would get on with it.
Cant see the club being a big success with your average club golfer due to the “spikes” on top; they spoil the look of the club in my opinion
Anyhow, cheers for another good review vlog

Brendan Kahm says:

So you have a 60 gram X-Flex shaft in a superlight weight head and wondering what the issue is? Come on man, thats basic club building, swing-weight was probably C7 or something ridiculous.Throw in a nice aftermarket lightweight shaft (like something in the Basarra series, or even in the Miyazaki range) and i bet the results are different

Running With The Boy In Blue says:

Sounds like Ricks on a retainer,loves it but dispersion is all over the place.

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