Rick Shiels tests the NEW TITLEIST 917 D2 DRIVER at the NEW Quest Golf Academy ibased at Prairie Sports Village, using GC2 and FSX software

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avelizz says:

Titleist is selling a proper fitting with this new driver. Maybe an updated review once you are properly fit? As always, good video! Keep up the good work!

Follyfour says:

What a load of BS we are being duped.

Perfect Sense says:

In fact, I’m sure you know this by now ,but it is just one weight that you flip around for the “Draw” or “Fade” preference. Cheers.

Golf Buddy says:

Seems like you have lost some distance with the new swing?

Dan B says:

Good review and driver looks as boring as usual with Titleist 😀 Seems another new driver cant compete with the M1/M2 still, is anything going to beat them I wonder??

Jeff Pullen says:

Hey Rick, love the videos… I have the same problem as you hooking them a bit. I tried to close the hips a bit… it works, but i was wondering if it was the right move. Love the vids mate… Keep it up. Thanks

Lamarcus Brown says:

This driver is no longer than my 915 it is actually shorter kind of disappointed titleist even brought this out you gotta be crazy to upgrade to this if you have a 915 or a solid driver already

Cameron Kahle says:

Like the new studio Rick looks great

brian davies says:

Titleist provide a range of weight for both drivers. from 8 to 16 in neutral then I think its the same in draw and fade. If you choose a 14 gram fade weight they will also provide you with the same in neutral. Loads of info on the website.

Grant Mather says:

I’ve just got my 917 D2 (8.5) with Speeder 757 s-stiff  and I love it, very nice and forgiving. Not as long as y old driver but much more accurate.

Phineas Starter says:

There is no context to this review.

Josh Martins says:

Rick where are the fades at???

Jasmir Guay Bergevin says:

any chance of Dobby testing it ?

Ernie Mangus says:

I understand that Titleist makes a quality product, but I absolutely refuse to pay $550 for a driver. I can guarantee it will not give me that much of an increase, if any, in performance over a Ping G, Callaway XR16, or any of the other drivers that are $150 cheaper.

BUGSY says:

Swing changes looking Rick keep it up

Peter Cooper says:

Hey Rick – great to see you back into the reviews – really love them. What do you make of the launch angle of the 917D2? Would love to see some numbers with an extra degree of loft – may be really close to the D3 results? Cheers, Pete

C Benest says:

Have always liked the look of the D3 better but in the real world the D2 works much better for me. Still in a 913 w/ an AD Di7 @ 44″ and love it. Looking forward to hitting it side by side by side with the 915 and 917 this weekend.

Adam Flynn says:

looks like most titleist drivers (and thats not a bad thing they make good stuff) but nothing that “excites” me about this 1

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

Shame the weight kit is $180!!!!!! Insane, higher than Apple’s stupid earpods!

Hershel Snider says:

I’d love to see you put the 8g weight in fade setting and give it a rip Rick.

RobCat says:

hmm. ur average launch is a little low and ur spin could go down 300 rpm. 12.5 would be better. I think the d3 would be a better fit for you my good sir. that fade setting would open that face a bit

slippreygritz says:

gratz on the swing looking and doing alot better.

Rick Shiels Golf says:


TheLetterSee says:

Rick’s starting to trust himself a little more with these camera angles. Thought I was gonna have to put my 3D glasses on to see the ball when I first saw where the camera was positioned.

Grant Saylor says:

Rick, could you do a long drive competition with the Titleist 917 D2 vs the Taylormade M2?? That would be a good contest!

Jack Gibson says:


sparko2012 says:

“crystal brilliant”??

Mitchell Blades Golf says:

Is M1 M2 still best drivers out? What’s people’s opinions?

SteelWarrior115 says:

I had been talking with Tad Moore, (custom putter and hickory shafts maker) and he was saying how long and forgiving these were, seems he was right

TheGolfdaily says:

Rick, we would like to see the camera a tiny bit closer to the ball flights please?

liam derppantz says:

I like the titlelst 917 d3

Dínero says:

m2 still the goat

golfninja says:

RS there are more than 3 weights available so you can change the swingweight which is probably the more interesting and innovative part of the new 917 range, so there are different weights 12grms, 8grms etc. of the neutral, draw and fade bias tubes.

JON PON says:

buying the 915 brand new and saving a TON of money, and imo it looks better a win win

Brain Choi says:

taylor made m1 vs titleist 917~~~~

Christopher Croucher says:

Crossfield has got the weight pack!!

EVH Fan says:

If only you could hit balls so consistently out at an actual course and round of golf. Goes for all us actually. All these stats coming from hitting 100 balls non stop can be deceiving sometime.

Jesus Guerra says:

Great Job Mr Shiels. Big fan. All the way from Texas

Therandomchannel 2.0 says:

Head to head?

Ren May says:

Your comment that your carry distance is a bit less than the M1, but the shaft is a half inch shorter on the 917. You get the 917 fitted and dialed in your dispersion is going to be better than what we just saw. 290 in the fairway is better than 300 in the rough!

Jun Woo Park says:

The reason why his drives are short is because the driver is only 45inches most of the other driver are 45.5 or 46inches

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