PGA GOLF Professional Rick Shiels tests the new 2019 TAYLORMADE M5 DRIVER and the new 2019 TAYLORMADE M6 Driver using GCQuad launch monitor and taking both the TAYLORMADE M5 DRIVER and the TAYLORMADE M6 Driver out onto the golf course. Rick Shiels also compared the TAYLORMADE M5 DRIVER and the TAYLORMADE M6 Driver against last years TAYLORMADE M3 DRIVER and the TAYLORMADE M4 Driver


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Aidan Weinrot says:

Why does your m5 look so much different to all the ones that taylormade has been teasing and the ones that the taylormade players have been getting fitted with

ellisonn66 says:

Great review Rick! Not too keen on the looks of either of this years TM additions. Keep up the good work buddy!

Rick Shiels Golf says:

*Thanks for watching, if you enjoyed the review smash that LIKE button*
*Q* – What do you think of the new TaylorMade drivers? Also what do you look for most when choosing a new driver?

Rob Gleason says:

Taylormade is already among the worst in terms of reliability with the heads cracking, and the fact that they’ve made their new driver with even less metal and thinner face scares me.

solveig marie smith says:

What do they sound like? Is it closer to a loud crack or a dull thud?

JL Law says:

TM selling snake oil….

PT Suksawas says:

Hey rick I’m 14 years old and I don’t have much money what driver would you recommend me?

Conroy King says:

Buy a discounted M3 or M4

Hung Victor says:

I need a Robot test.

Randy Mahony says:

Rick you really have a beautiful swing, that’s what I need hell with the driver. Haha. Good review.

Robert Montgomery says:

Sounds like the new Callaway is going to be the “hot” driver again this year. They actually do increase ball speed. My question is, is the average golfer with a swing speed around 100mph going to benefit from the new technology?

metamurph says:

interesting review, I like the M5 from top, M6 bottom. I get their premise, I wonder over time (the break in effect) how things change. More than everyone gets faster..we get more consistent if every club is individually filled to just meet the limit vs. we make a face we know goes to limit but doesn’t push it. I wonder with (the idea the face flexes more) is it as durable or more prone to cracking? limits are limits and of course to drive people to buy new stuff either the old thing has to wear out or somehow is better in golf — that is hard — for the average guy making people more consistent probably is the easier place to go but we are all obsessed (at least men) with longer…down the middle 80% of the time but 10 yards shorter…who wants that….so we push the vendors into a tiny space for their marketing message.

nigelcobalt says:

I think the coolest thing about these drivers is the price. I mean I bought a new 2017 m1 not that long ago. It’s worth $100 now! I think a 1 year product cycle is too long. I’d like 6 weeks. That way I’d be hitting it longer every 6 weeks instead of having to wait an entire year to get better.

2007zodiac says:

New Drivers all at £500 now?????
Are the Golf manufactures under the illusion, we’ve all had big pay-rises??

TROC Vailima says:

Thanks for the honest review Rick
Cheers from Samoa

pcbmastbbxq says:

I bet anyone that can hit a driver 280-300yards that if they use this which will ” make them hit it further ” like ever club does can’t outdrive me because I got it 320. It has nothing to do with the club after a certain point and we got to that point years ago…. it’s all down to your swing. go buy a driver that’s 2+ years old for 100 quid and you won’t see a diffence I’m performance

Tryson Mook says:

I cant wait to see the review for the Ping G410

eduardo torres says:

Would it make a difference in ball speed if you tested the Taylor-made Drivers with a TP5 or TP5x.

Peter Rowe says:

Wot a lot of bull shite !!!!!

Brian Knight says:

I like your reviews the most because they are legitimate and can be trusted. When it comes to drivers I’m looking for that little cobra on the top of the club head.

Brenda Lea says:

Hey Rick you are inspiration and someone that I look up to. I’m about to start golf college in the States and would be honored to win a club. I’ve been following you for years and keep up the GREAT work. My name is Evan Bolling and I’ll be praying that I can get lucky and win. I have never won any of your give aways and hopefully now is the time. Also would love to meet you and get lessons. Any info on how to do that would be great. Thanks and keep up the good work!!!

Arlington Russell says:

Would like to see p790 8i vs p730 7i. Both 35° players vs distance

Conor Barry says:


charles ellender says:

I’ll stick with my M2 for now

Daniel Coleman says:

Drivers look great, not worth £500 .
Did you do the testing at Clitheroe Golf club?

Mus Deb says:

You heard it from the horse’s mouth,they look fast!!

Morten Bech says:

I wan’t my 2019 to be like Rick’s. Killer swing and pearly whites looking like 3 boxes of new pro v1. Nice video Rick.

kevin blenkhorn says:

Every new driver SHOULD be borderline illegal or they are falling behind.

dan says:

They look awful.

Conor Dunne says:

I’ll be keeping my 2017 M1 thanks. These are hideous looking drivers. All TM marketing bollocks

kevin blenkhorn says:

LOVE those launch numbers on the M6. I am a longdriver and spin is my #1 concern, then launch angle , then ball speed. Ball speed doesn’t mean shit if your launch numbers are bad!!

Nathan Tilley says:

Good thing about the M5 and M6 is that the M3 and M4 will be cheaper now

William Ormonde says:

Taylormade doing as they always do. Trying to con you into buying a new driver every 6 months for an extra 2 yards!! £250 a yard! NoThanks! When will they get it that We want forgiveness not 2 yards!! I will stick to my Ping G400 Max.

Martin T says:

Where did you film the on course testing?

Chris Pankow says:

Had an M4 driver in a set of hire clubs. Really liked its muted sound and powerful feel. Rick, is the M6 comparable in that regard?

GrayMatter4tw says:

Those drivers sound awful

Thomas Pillion says:

Anyone know what that “legal limit” for face speed is..?

Gavin Kelly says:

The quality of the these videos does not go unnoticed it is impeccable quality and very honest

Personally I’d stick with your titliest

Rob Gleason says:

1.432 smash?????

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